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Amir Hussain Lone armless cricketer
Amir Hussain Lone

Who is Amir Hussain Lone?

Amir Hussain Lone is a differently abled (armless) cricketer who represents India in International cricket. Since he started his professional cricket journey in 2013, he has gained attention of big names in India like former Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and Industrialist Gautam Adani who has assured Amir to provide “every possible support.”

Amir Hussain Lone is currently playing Indian Street Premiere League (IPSL) with Sachin Tendulkar under the franchise of Srinagar Ke Veer. Sachin Tendulkar is so much impressed from him that he wore his name’s T-shirt during the T10 series. IPSL is streaming on SonyLiv ott app and Sony Sports Ten 1 channel.

Amir Hussain Lone Biography

Amir was born in the 1990 at Bijbehara village in Jammu & Kashmir. As of now he is 34-years old who play for India para cricket team and is also the captain of Jammu & Kashmir para cricket team.

Real NameAmir Hussain Lone
Date of Birth1990
Place of BirthIndia
Age34 years old
HometownBijbehara Village, J&K
SchoolLocal school in Bijbehara
Professional Debut2013
International Debut2018

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Personal Life

Amir has revealed that his family supported him a lot. His father Bashir had his own bandsaw where he used to make furniture items and bats. His parents used to work outside while his grandparents took care of him.  

In one of the interviews, he mentioned that his grandmother encouraged him to go to school after he lost his arm. Her encouragement led to him becoming what he is today. Amir also has a brother named Yasir.

Early Life

Amir Lone Hussain lost his arms in an accident when he was just 8-years old. His family had a sawmill where he was helping his family friend to saw wood during which his jacket got caught in the machine and the machine sucked him in immediately. Before he could realise, both of his arms were cut off and he got thrown into some ditch.


It was difficult to take him to hospital as villagers didn’t own cars. Few of those who had cars refused to help. One of the girls from the village then visited the nearby army camp and informed them about his injury. The army, after learning about the incident offered to help him.

During those days, the situation in Kashmir was distressing, despite that, the army took him to the hospital in Srinagar. The army somehow managed to stop a citizen’s car and asked them to give lift. Amir was accompanied by his aunts.

Amir spent three days in the hospital. Many people who would visit him in the hospital used to say to his parents that he is as good as dead and they should poison him. However, his grandma became a pillar of his life and said that she will take care of him as long as she is alive. Amir’s father sold the family land to pay for medical expenses.

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School Life

Later on, his grandma insisted him to go to school. He mentioned his struggles as a differently abled student to BBC. He said that at school he was the only student with a disability, so he always had to compete with able-bodied children for everything.

Many people said that Amir had no reason to be at school and that education was not for differently abled people and hence he should just stay at home. When Amir’s grandmother learned about this situation, she said that he doesn’t have to do anything and just have to sit through the class and learn.

Amir Hussain Lone Cricket Journey

Amir Hussain Lone wasn’t interested in cricket until the accident. It was after the accident that he found his keen interest and enthusiasm in the sport. He would go to his neighbour’s house to watch cricket games as his family didn’t have a TV set. While in school, one of his teachers discovered his cricket talent and introduced him to para cricket.

Later on, while studying in college, para cricketers asked him to play for their college team. He grabbed this opportunity and never looked back.

In a match, the regular players were conceding runs and hence the captain asked him to bowl, there was a question on how he would bowl without arms, but he defied all the odds and took the ball in his feet, got wicket on his first delivery. 

He holds the ball in his feet and swings his legs to deliver the ball to the batter. As far as batting is concerned, he holds the bat between his neck and shoulder.

Amir Hussain Lone Professional Career

In 2013, Amir played his first professional match against Kerala in Delhi. As a captain, he batted at no.7 and scored 25 runs without losing his wicket. The Kerala players lifted him on their shoulders and cheered for him along with the audience. In 2018, He made his international debut against Bangladesh and went onto play in Nepal, Dubai and Sharjah. His highest score in professional cricket is 28.

Amir Hussain Lone’s Success

Amir’s favourite cricketers are Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli. His grit, determination and hard work didn’t go unnoticed and his idols noticed him, thanks to social media. In 2016, Virat Kohli tweeted about him and appreciated his passion. 

In Feb 2024, his dream of meeting Sachin Tendulkar came true. Sachin not only met him but also gifted Amir his autographed bat. Industrialist Gautam Adani too, in awe, praised him on social media and promised to provide support for which Amir expressed his gratitude.

Amir also revealed that Pickle Entertainment would make a biopic on him. 

Amir Hussain Lone’s Social Media Profile

Instagram: @amir_hussain_lone