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aakhri sach web series cast details

Aakhri Sach cast features Tamanna Bhatia, Abhishek Banerjee in the main lead. While the other prominent characters in this web series are Sanjeev Chopra, Nishu Dikshit, Danish Iqbal, Shivin Narang, Sunny Saini, Salim Siddiqui and Kriti Vij.

The web series is directed by Robbie Grewal and produced by Nirvikar Films.

Aakhri Sach official trailer was released on 11th August 2023 and web series will be released on 25th August 2023 on Disney plus Hotstar Ott app.

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Aakhri Sach Web Series Story

Aakhri Sach is a crime thriller investigation series where Tamanna Bhatia is playing the cop who tries to unfold the mystery of 11 murders. The web series is a work of fiction however, it is inspired from the Delhi’s burari kand case. Where 3 generation of the family members died during the same night.

Honesty, the story isn’t very unique because we have previously watched similar series ‘House of Secrets’ on Netflix.

So what’s new in Aakhri Sach? The ‘House of Secrets’ was told in documentary style, however, Aakhri Sach will be told from police’s point of view.

The web series is ‘A’ rated and only for the mature audience because it can include violent and suicide scenes.

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More About Aakhiri Sach

Watch all the episodes of Aakhri Sach to know the complete story, told from the police’s point of view.

Aakhri sach web series- the 11 members photo along with their names

Aakhri Sach Cast with Photos and Release Date

Check out the entire star cast of Aakhri Sach along with the actor names, roles, photos and release date.

Web SeriesAakhri Sach
Main CastAbhishek Banerjee, Tamanna Bhatia
Supporting CastSanjeev Chopra, Nishu Dikshit, Danish Iqbal, Shivin Narang, Sunny Saini, Saleem Siddiqui, and Kriti Vij
Additional CastAkshat Rajput, Karnik Jain
Estimated No. of Episodes7
GenreThriller, Mystery, Crime
Release Date25 August 2023
OTTDisney + Hotstar
DirectorRobbie Grewal
ProducersNeeti Simoes, Preeti Simoes
WriterSaurav Dey
Casting DirectorMukesh Chabbra
Casting AssociatePorush Nagar

Tamanna Bhatia as Anya (Cop)

Tamannaah Bhatia as Anya in disney hotstar web series Aakhri Sach

Abhishek Banerjee

Abhishek Banerjee in web series Aakhri Sach

Sanjeev Chopra

Sanjeev Chopra in disney hotstar web series Aakhri Sach

Nishu Dikshit

Nishu Dikshit in disney hotstar web series Aakhri Sach

Danish Iqbal

Danish Iqbal in disney hotstar web series Aakhri Sach

Shivin Narang

Shivin Narang in disney hotstar web series Aakhri Sach

Kriti Vij

Kriti Vij in upcoming web series Aakhri Sach - Streaming soon on Disney Hotstar

Sunny Saini

yet to be updated

Saleem Siddiqui

yet to be updated

Aakhri Sach Web Series Trailer

aakhri sach web series trailer

Where can I watch Aakhri Sach?

You can watch it on Disney Hotstar app.

Is Aakhri Sach a real story?

Aakhri Sach web series is inspired from the popular Burari Kand case happened in New Delhi. Where 11 members of the same family died.

Is Aakhri Sach free to watch?

No, you need paid subscription on Disney Hotstar app to watch this web series.