‘My Lady Jane’ Plot, Cast, Characters And Ending Explained: Dudley’s Secret Spells Trouble For Jane

My Lady Jane 2024
My Lady Jane Cast, Characters, Plot, Ending Explained 2024

‘My Lady Jane’ is Prime Video’s latest romantic series released on 27th June 2024 on the OTT platform. The show is based on a book written by Brodi Hoston, Jodi Meadows and Cynthia Hand with a similar title. Directed by Jamie Babbit and Stefan Schwartz, it revolves around the character of Lady Jane Grey who is forced to marry prince Guildford Dudley, and crowned as the queen against her will. This unfolds a series of chaotic events that put her life in jeopardy. The eight episode series is inspired by the events of the Tudor dynasty during the reign of England’s first and ‘Nine-Days’ queen Lady Jane. However, it certainly plays with the actual historical facts as it has a kick of fictional elements in it. The blossoming romance between Jane and Guildford makes it even more appealing and one of the best series on Prime Video. 

Cast With Characters

  • Emily Bader as Lady Jane Grey. She is sharp-witted and an intellectual rebel. She takes special interest in healing people using medicinal herbs. She is wedded to Lord Guildford Dudley. 
  • Edward Bluemel as Guildford Dudley. He is Jane’s lawfully wedded husband and an Ethian who is unable to control his transformation and is in desperate search for a cure.
  • Jordan Peters as King Edward VI. He is being poisoned by his sister Mary so that she could conquer his throne and rule England.
  • Anna Chancellor as Frances. She is Jane’s mercenary mother who is always concerned about securing wealth for her family such that she sells Jane to the highest bidder.
  • Kate O’Flynn as Princess Mary. She is the evil sister to King Edward. She desires to become the Queen of England at all costs. She has the blood of many people on her hands.
  • Dominic Cooper as Seymour. He is Mary’s right hand and her secret lover who conspires to exterminate Jane. 
  • Abbie Hern as Princess Bess. She is King Edward’s kind-hearted sister who wants the Will to be handed over to a right person and not Mary, her obnoxious sister. 
  • Rob Brydon as Lord Dudley. He plays Guildford’s cunning father for whom only wealth and power matters.
  • Henry Ashton as Stan. He is Dudley’s other son and ‘so-called’ lover of Frances. 
  • Isabella Brownson as Katherine Grey. She plays Jane’s younger sister who also falls in love with Lord Seymour’s son. 
  • Robyn Betterridge as Margaret Grey. She plays Jane’s youngest sister. She is a naive young child who is easily swayed and spells trouble for Jane. 

Plot Summary

Lady Jane Grey is a noblewoman who resides with her small family including her mother and two sisters. Her life turns upside down when she is used as a political pawn by her family and is forced to marry Lord Guildford Dudley, who is a human by night and an Ethian by day. What is an Ethian you ask? Well, the story shows a terrific clash between Ethian and Verities which is symbolic to the historical clash between Catholics and Protestants. Coming back to the story, after learning the truth about Dudley’s son, Jane appeals for a divorce. She confronts her husband who tells her if she succeeds in finding a cure for him that would stop him from being an Ethian, then he would gladly divorce her. So, Jane sets out on her mission to find a cure. On the other hand, King Edward who is almost on his deathbed, decides to name his cousin, Jane as the next Queen of England instead of his own sisters. Mary is infuriated by his decision and plots to murder Jane by any means. Will Jane get to save her life from the insidious Mary? Will she run the show as the Ruler of Britain? Well, you’ll find your answers soon.

Who Was After Jane’s Life And Why?

Jane (left) and Mary (right) in Prime Video series 'My Lady Jane'
Jane (left) and Mary (right) in Prime Video series ‘My Lady Jane’

Mary is extremely vexed to know that Jane is crowned as the Queen of England. Her plan fails to interchange Edward’s Will in which she named herself as the rightful heir to the throne. Her right hand, Lord Seymour made her a fake Will but before he could hand over the fake will a real one is dropped by Edward’s pet, Petunia. Mary is enraged by the sudden change in events and plots to murder Jane by herself. It has been seen that the wicked Mary was the only one who was slowly poisoning Edward too. All she thought about was to become the next queen of England at all costs. When Jane discovers Mary’s truth she confronts her and Mary attempts to choke her to death. 

What Did Ethians And Verities Reflect?

Ethians and Verities
Ethians and Verities

According to Jane’s knowledge, Ethians were said to be dangerous abominations sent by Satan to disrupt human life. But in reality Ethians looked like humans and had the power to transform themselves into an animal. They couldn’t choose their animal form but can switch back and forth whenever one wants to do so. They have been suffering at the hands of Kings for centuries and banished from the land to stay in the jungle. Verities were just normal human beings without any magical powers. They represented the historical conflict between the Catholics and the Protestants. The creators used them to show marginalised groups and the oppression faced by them in the past. 

How Are Gilford And Jane Saved?

Sussanah saves Jane
Sussanah saves Jane

Queen Mary cunningly conquers the throne when she learns that Jane is set to abolish the division laws (the laws giving Ethians their freedom so that they could live happily among verities). She also comes to know that Dudley is an Ethian and Jane continued to be his wife despite knowing that it might bring disaster for her. As a result, Mary orders Jane to be beheaded. She also orders to kill her husband. When the day arrives, Edward and his Ethian friend try to convince Ethians to save Jane’s life. They first reject but just when she was about to be beheaded a hawk pokes into the eye and saves Jane’s life. A swarm of birds attack the palace and the royal couple escapes. The hawk was none other than her friend, Sussanah. Jane then rushes to save Dudley who unties himself when he finally transforms into a horse on his own will. Together, they escape the scene. Towards the end we are left with many questions. Will Mary spare the lives of Jane’s family who are still at the court? Will Edward return to replace her as the king? The compelling epilogue leaves us anticipating the second season.