‘The Impossible Heir’ Ending Explained, Who Becomes the Heir of the Kang Oh Group?

The Impossible Heir Ending Explained
The Impossible Heir Ending Explained

The key drama, “The Impossible Heir,” was released between February 28 and April 3, comprising 12 episodes. The director of this drama is Min Yeon-Hong, and the writer is Choi Won. This drama falls under the genres of thriller, political and business.

Plot summary

This drama revolves around three main characters: Han Tae Oh, who comes from a rough background where his father killed his mother when he was young, leading to him being mocked throughout his life; Kang In Ha, whose background is opposite to Han Tae Oh’s but shares the common experience of being looked down upon, as despite being from a wealthy family, he is not their blood relative. These two characters come together to pursue their desires despite the challenges they face. Kang In Ha’s goal is to become the heir of the Kang Oh Group despite being illegitimate, while Han Tae Oh desires a successful life. As they plan, another main character, Na Hyewon, enters the picture. She is known for her intelligence and beauty, but her life is not smooth due to her mother’s debt, which she struggles to free herself from. Na Hyewon becomes involved with Han Tae Oh and Kang In Ha’s plans, facing challenges, betrayal, evil plots, and dirty politics along the way as each character strives for success in life.

  • Three main characters: Han Tae Oh, from a troubled past, Kang In Ha, facing discrimination despite wealth, and Na Hyewon, burdened by her mother’s debt.
  • Han Tae Oh seeks success, Kang In Ha aims to inherit despite being illegitimate, and Na Hyewon strives to overcome financial struggles.
  • Together, they navigate challenges, betrayal, and dirty politics as they pursue their individual goals amidst intertwined fates.

Do all three main characters in “The Impossible Heir” achieve success in their goals?

characters achieved success in 'The Impossible Heir'.

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No, only two managed to achieve success in their goals. From the beginning, we witness the planning of the three characters, each with different objectives. Amidst their goal-setting and planning, they encounter challenges. Along with these challenges, misunderstandings and jealousy emerge.

Kang In Ha stands out as the most evil and motivated character, but in the worst possible way. His ambition to become the heir of the Kang Oh Group made him extremely greedy and selfish. He endangered people’s lives without any regard for their well-being, exploiting even his loved ones for his gain. His actions reached a heinous extent when he killed his brother, Kang In Joo, and attempted to murder the chairman, his father. Although his crimes are uncovered, lack of evidence prevents his capture.

In contrast, Han Tae Oh employs the right tactics and intelligence to bring justice. He convinces a person who had previously taken the fall for Kang In Ha’s misdeeds to cooperate. This individual once misled into doing Kang In Ha’s dirty work under the guise of friendship, eventually sees through the deception. With the evidence uncovered, Kang In Ha receives a life sentence in prison and eventually takes his own life.

On the other hand, Han Tae Oh earns the trust of the chairman, positioning himself to become the next leader of the Kang Oh Group. This trust is rooted in Han Tae Oh’s demonstrated loyalty and dedication to the company’s welfare. Na Hye Won, who married Kang In Ha, may have harbored genuine affection for him, but it’s evident that her actions were also driven by personal motives and a desire for gain. Ultimately, she finds success in her professional endeavors by prioritizing her own well-being for the first time.

Does any betrayal happen between Han Tae Oh and Kang In Ha?

A scene from 'The Impossible Heir' where 'Kang In Ha' faces and official test from his father
A scene from ‘The Impossible Heir’ where ‘Kang In Ha’ faces and official test from his father

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Yes, the betrayal between the two begins, and its root lies in impatience and trust issues. In-ha faces an official “test” from his father, involving a high-profile business negotiation aimed at selling one of the Kangoh companies. This marks one of the first instances of antagonism between In-ha and Tae-oh. In-ha reaches a tipping point where he can’t trust in Tae-oh’s long-term strategy. Instead, he resorts to a cheap trick to secure the sale in his favor. Although it succeeds and In-ha isn’t heavily criticized for it, it’s the first time he blatantly circumvents Tae-oh to achieve his goal. As In-ha begins having one-on-one meetings with his father, he appears to rely on Tae-oh less and less. This could also be attributed to their involvement in a love triangle.

One night, after meeting In-ha on a basketball court, Tae-oh stays behind for a few minutes on his own. Watching him shoot hoops in a dress shirt was my favorite scene this week. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end well as he’s ruthlessly attacked and left to bleed out in the street. Tae-oh barely survives the assault. Thanks to Tae-oh’s hacker friend, he discovers that In-joo’s right-hand man was behind the attack. He confronts him, looking quite dashing in a leather jacket. He even goes to the extent of temporarily releasing Tae-oh’s psychopathic father from jail to provoke him. Betrayal in friendship and love for power is a central theme in this drama, which generates the most tension.

How does the coming of ‘Na Hyewon’ impact the lives and friendships of ‘Tae Oh’ and ‘Kang In Ha’?

A scene from 'The Impossible Heir' where Na Hyewon marries Kang In Ha.
Na Hyewon marries Kang In Ha

The arrival of Na Hyewon had a big impact on the lives and friendships of Tae Oh and Kang In Ha in many ways. At first, they were all friends, helping each other plan their way to success. But as feelings grew, a love triangle began. Han Tae Oh and Na Hyewon’s feelings were aligned, but their goals came first. Na Hyewon married Kang In Ha more for her own needs than for love. This love triangle led to big fights filled with jealousy and betrayal, especially between Tae Oh and Kang In Ha, who used Na Hyewon as leverage, knowing there was something between her and Tae Oh. It’s clear that Na Hyewon truly has feelings for Tae Oh. Eventually, Tae Oh realizes they must set aside their emotions for each other for the greater good.

What’s the biggest surprise or unexpected turn in the story?

The scene from 'The Impossible Heir' where Kang In Ha goes to jail and ends his life.
Kang In Ha goes to jail

The biggest surprise in the story happens when Kang In Ha faces lifelong consequences for his greed and bad actions, which put many people in danger. He ends up in jail for life and later takes his own life there There isn’t a romantic ending between Na Hyewon and Han Tae Oh. Instead, they decide to stay friends just like before. Finally, the title “Impossible Heir” becomes clear as Han Tae Oh becomes the heir of the Kang Oh group. He achieves this because of his hard work, loyalty, trustworthiness, and honesty towards the chairman.

Will there be a Season 2 of this drama?

We don’t know if there will be a Season 2 of this show. It might not happen, or it might. If it does, there could be more drama about who gets to be the chairman or maybe another romantic storyline involving Han Tae Oh, Na Hye Won, and Kang Hee Joo. There’s no official news about Season 2 yet.

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