‘Parasyte: The Grey’ Ending Explained, What happened to Jung Soo-in In the End?

‘Parasyte: The Grey’ Ending Explained
‘Parasyte: The Grey’ Ending Explained

“Parasyte: The Grey” is a Korean sci-fi horror drama, with 6 episodes, directed and co-written by Yeon Sang-ho. It was released on April 5, 2024, inspired by the Japanese manga “Parasyte” by Hitoshi Iwaaki. The series is currently streaming on Netflix.

Plot summary

The Korean drama revolves around a parasite that falls from above in a virus-like shape. Upon reaching its target, it emerges, resembling insects with legs, and enters humans through the ear, taking over their brains. They control the mind and the body’s functions. When attacked, their true colors are unleashed; their heads split into two with octopus-like appendages, some having two, others three, and so forth.

the scene where parasite enters Jung Soo In's body and kills the man
The scene from the series where parasite enters Jung Soo In’s body and slashed the man from chest to head

Our main protagonist, Jung Soo In (29 yrs), is attacked one night by a man while she’s on her way home from work. He stabs her, but despite her attempts to flee, she collapses. As she loses consciousness, the parasite enters her body and kills the man. She is then taken to the hospital. Upon awakening, she’s unaware of what happened. Her situation differs from others because she coexists with the parasite; it couldn’t fully take over her brain.

Afterward, she and the parasite communicate through a diary. Here, we see that Jung Soo In isn’t conscious when the parasite takes over, and the parasite is only able to take control for certain minutes or hours. And everyday it must take over some period of time for the parasite to exist as well. The police attempt to kill these human parasites, while Kang Won Seok who works in the police department collaborates with their parasitic organisation from the behind. Another character, Kim Cheol Min, who plays the role of Jung Soo’s father figure, suspects her and tries to protect her at all cost, In an attempt to find out more, he is killed, and the parasite enters his body, fully transforming him. Eventually, all parasites are eliminated. Jung Soo collaborates with the police alongside her friend, Seol Kang Woo, who assists her throughout as a mediator between the parasite and Jung Soo.

  • Parasitic organisms invade humans through the ear, taking over their brains and controlling their actions.
  • Jung Soo In coexists with a parasite that couldn’t fully take over her brain, leading to a unique communication through a diary and periodic control by the parasite.
  • Kang Won Seok collaborates with a parasitic organisation within the police department, while Kim Cheol Min, Jung Soo’s father figure, tries to protect her but falls victim to the parasite himself, leading to a dramatic transformation.

How does Jung Soo In’s unique relationship with the parasite differ from others infected?

A scene from web series when Parasite communicates to Jung Soo In through a diary.
Parasite communicates to Jung Soo In through a diary

Jung Soo In’s connection with the parasite sets her apart from others infected. Unlike typical cases, she and the parasite, named Hiedi, share a unique bond where they coexist harmoniously within her body. Hiedi serves as a healer, alleviating Soo In’s pain and aiding in her physical recovery, while also ensuring its own survival through her. This mutual assistance forms a symbiotic relationship between them. Over time, they develop a means of communication, primarily through a diary maintained by Soo In. It’s revealed that when the parasite takes control, Soo In loses consciousness. With the help of her newfound friend, Seol Kang Woo, the parasite gains insights into Soo In’s inner world, leading to a change of heart regarding trust in the police, ultimately cooperating with them. This dynamic differs significantly from other infected individuals, whose parasites solely prioritize self-preservation, often resorting to violence. In contrast, Hiedi’s survival depends on protecting Soo In, highlighting the intricacies of their interdependence.

What are the motives and goals of Kang Won Seok in collaborating with the parasitic organization?

Parasite leader Pastor killed Kang Won Seok’s wife in the past
Parasite leader Pastor killed Kang Won Seok’s wife in the past


We observe Kang Won Seok collaborating with the human parasites, leading one to assume he desires to become one of them. However, the truth behind his actions is revealed in Episode 6, where a glimpse of Kang Won Seok’s past is shown. It turns out that among the human parasites, the pastor, who is their leader, had killed Kang Won Seok’s wife in the past. To avoid suffering the same fate at the hands of the human parasites, he agrees to work with them, providing them with all the information they need.

What role does Seol Kang Woo play in assisting Jung Soo In throughout the story?

The scene from ‘Parasyte: The Grey’: Seol Kang Woo is attacked by the parasite.
Seol Kang Woo is attacked by the parasite

Seol Kang Woo visits his sister, but she acts strangely, making him suspicious. One day, he follows his sister and sees her with another man, along with Jung Soo In. They question if Jung Soo In is like them, revealing their true intentions. This shocks and scares Seol Kang Woo to his core, but he stays, witnessing everything unfold. After the others leave, Jung Soo In is left under the control of a parasitic being, which attacks Seol Kang Woo. It offers to spare his life on the condition that he warns Jung Soo In about the parasite within her and advises her to stay away. Over time, as they continue to cross paths, Seol Kang Woo gets to know both the parasite, whom he nicknames Heidi, and Jung Soo In. He becomes a mediator between them, passing messages between the two. The parasite learns more about human nature through Seol Kang Woo and gains insight into Jung Soo In’s character. This plays a significant role in the parasite’s ability to gain Jung Soo In’s trust. Throughout it all, Seol Kang Woo remains by Jung Soo In’s side, protecting and watching over her.

How do the police attempt to eliminate the human parasites, and what challenges do they face in doing so?

Police officer covers her husband's head with a clever metal device which tracks the human parasites nearby.
Police officer covers her husband’s head with a clever metal device which tracks the human parasites nearby

The search for this parasite began when a group of police investigators from Seoul arrived to catch what they called human parasites. Among them was a leader, a woman whose husband had become one of these parasites. She protected him by fitting a scientific metal head covering on him to prevent attacks. It’s known that these human parasites can track others of their kind. By using her husband, she was able to track and kill other human parasites. After her husband’s death, she was left with no help except for Jung Soo In.


In the end, Police leader did not kill Jung Soo-in because she saved officer's life from other Parasite.
In the end, Police leader did not kill Jung Soo-in because she saved officer’s life from other Parasite

We understand her immense anger towards these parasites because not only do they kill people, but they also control her husband, essentially killing him. As they strive to eliminate the human parasites, many lives are lost, and they face immense stress and pressure to save lives. Only in the end does the police leader give Jung Soo In a chance, realizing that the parasite inside her is different, after Jung Soo In saves her life.

Who is Shinichi? Will there be a Season 2 of this Korean drama? 

As we delve back into the manga series that inspired this, we encounter a main protagonist named Shinichi. Returning to the Korean drama, at the conclusion of the movie, following the final confrontation at the office, a visitor arrives to meet Captain Choi Jun-Kyung. This individual identifies themselves as an investigative journalist, claiming to be an expert on parasites with vital information to share. This information is relayed to Captain Choi Jun-Kyung by one of the office workers. Upon entering the office, she encounters the man who introduces himself in Japanese as Shinichi Izumi, extending his hand in greeting. This scene leaves viewers in suspense, pondering what might unfold next. It hints at the possibility of another confrontation or perhaps a collaboration to combat further malevolent human parasites. While the official announcement for the next season has yet to be made, the conclusion suggests promising prospects for a Season 2.