“The Bequeathed” Ending Explained In Detail

The Bequeathed Ending Explained In Detail
The Bequeathed Ending Explained In Detail

“The Bequeathed” is a six-episode Korean drama, blending thriller and suspense genres. It’s written by Yeon Sang-ho, Min Hong-nam, and Hwang Eun-young, with direction by Min Hong-nam. The series premiered on January 19, 2024, and is available for streaming on Hitv and Netflix

Plot Summary

Introducing the main character 'Yoon Seo-ha', who gets a call from police station that her uncle has died.
Introducing the main character ‘Yoon Seo-ha’, who gets a call from police station that her uncle has died

This is a drama revolving around a lady named Yoon Seo-ha and her relatives, whom she had no idea existed, gradually surfacing one by one after the death of her uncle, Mr. Yoon Myung-gil. She had never heard of him, yet he turns out to be her father’s younger brother, leading to her inheriting the family gravesite along with her husband. They are the sole heirs to the property as no other blood relatives could be found. Soon, she discovers her husband’s affair, leading to arguments about divorce, and eventually, his mysterious death. This marks the beginning of a series of terrible and eerie deaths among acquaintances. Yoon Seo-ha’s half-brother, Kim Young-Ho, suddenly appears, intensifying her fear as he contends for the inheritance due to their shared blood. His extremely odd, unsettling behavior adds to her apprehension.

The string of deaths prompts an exhaustive investigation by the police, who delve deep into the case. As the episode unfolds, the truth gradually emerges. It is revealed that Yoon Seo-ha shares the same father with Kim Young-Ho, although they never lived together; instead, Kim Young-Ho lived with their father. Additionally, it comes to light that Kim Young-Ho’s mother is the main culprit behind the murders. The peculiar behavior of Kim Young-Ho and his mother is attributed to their ritualistic tendencies, adding suspense for the viewers. In the end, we witness a fire erupting in the old hut-like structure, with the mother tragically walking towards the flames, ultimately leading to her demise. Yoon Seo-ha and Kim Young-Ho’s mother assist Kim Young-Ho as they hastily escape from the burning building, resulting in the mother’s fatal encounter with the fire. Meanwhile, Yoon Seo-ha is depicted conducting an art class with her students, and Choi Sung-Jun meets his son, Choi Jun-Hyung, in prison. Following the burial of Myung Gil and Myung Ho, the narrative concludes with a poignant image of her, her husband, and son, with Yoon Seo-Ha bearing witness.

  • Yoon Seo-ha discovers unknown relatives after the death of her uncle, leading to inheritance conflicts and a series of eerie deaths.
  • Police investigation uncovers the truth: Yoon Seo-ha and Kim Young-Ho share the same father, and Kim Young-Ho’s mother is the culprit behind the murders.
  • The drama concludes with a tragic fire, revealing the ultimate fate of characters as Yoon Seo-ha witnesses the aftermath.
A shocking scene from ep 1 where Kim Young-Ho aggressively approaches towards Yoon Seo-Ha and tells that he is her younger brother
A shocking scene from ep 1 where Kim Young-Ho aggressively approaches towards Yoon Seo-Ha and tells that he is her younger brother

In the first episode, it’s revealed that Yoon Seo-Ha and Kim Young-Ho have the same father. This comes as a surprise to Yoon Seo-Ha when Kim Young-Ho suddenly appears during their uncle’s funeral. Yoon Seo-Ha is shocked and frightened by his sudden arrival, as he aggressively approaches her, causing a disturbance at the funeral.

Throughout the drama, Kim Young-Ho’s character appears oddly pitiful. Right from the beginning, his behavior is unsettling. He introduces himself to Yoon Seo-Ha in a strangely creepy manner, smiling as he grabs hold of her and exclaims, “We finally meet.” This behavior is likely influenced by his upbringing and his mother’s peculiar rituals.

Who Is The Mysterious Killer In The Drama?

A Ep5 scene where Kim Young-Ho's mother is seen committing murder
A Ep5 scene where Kim Young-Ho’s mother is seen committing murder

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In the drama, it’s revealed at the end that Kim Young-Ho’s mother is the mysterious killer. Throughout the story, everyone suspected her son of being the killer, but it turns out it was actually his mother committing the murders. There were several reasons why no one suspected her. Firstly, there was no apparent connection between her and Yoon Seo-Ha. Additionally, she presented herself as just a regular neighbourhood resident, appearing old and frail, which led no one, not even the police, to consider her as a suspect.

She is depicted as extremely ritualistic, believing fervently in various rituals. Her primary motive for the killings was to clear the path for her son to inherit the burial ground instead of Yoon Seo-Ha. She wanted her son to have a fresh start in life. The deaths of Yoon Seo-Ha’s husband and Kang Hong-Sik bore strikingly similar scars, which only became evident to the viewers towards the end, serving as a hint towards the true identity of the killer.

What Actually Happened To Detective Choi Seong-Joon ‘s Son?

What actually happened to Detective Choi Seong-Joon 's Son?
What actually happened to Detective Choi Seong-Joon ‘s Son?

Detective Park Seong-Joon had a son like any other father. However, something significant happened in the past that changed their relationship. On the day of the boy’s mother’s death, an incident occurred. The son was listening to loud music and was unaware of what happened, which made Detective Choi Seong-Joon very upset. This anger led him to distance himself from his son emotionally, mentally, and physically. The son also blamed himself all throughout in guilt.

As the son grew up, this lack of attention had a big impact on him. He didn’t receive the care and guidance he needed, and he fell in with a bad crowd. This ultimately led him to spend five years in jail during his high school days. Even after serving his time, the consequences lingered, as he continued to struggle with the aftermath of his actions.

The trouble began when he associated with the wrong group of friends. They involved him in a dangerous situation where Detective Park Sang-Min was targeted. The boy was coerced into stabbing Detective Park’s leg, resulting in serious injury and permanent damage, causing him to limp throughout the drama.

However, in the end, there was a glimmer of hope. Detective Choi Seong-Joon realized the error of his ways and decided to mend his relationship with his son. He visited his son and promised to spend more time with him. He even resigned from his detective job to prioritize his son. This gesture brought immediate brightness to the boy’s face, suggesting that there was still hope for their relationship to improve.

What Happens To Kim Young-Ho’s Mother At The End? Does The Police Catch Her For The Crimes She Committed?

A scene where Kim Young-ho's mother bravely walks back to burning hut ultimately takes her own life.
A scene where Kim’s mother bravely walks back to burning hut ultimately takes her own life

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In the final scene, the hut-like structure catches fire with Yoon Seo-Ha, Kim Young-Ho, and his mother inside. Despite the danger, they join forces to help Kim Young-Ho escape since he’s injured. As they emerge from the hut, the police arrive just in time. Kim’s mother then bravely walks back toward the burning hut, ultimately taking her own life. It’s possible she did this because she believed justice needed to be served for the crimes she committed.

Are There Any Plot Twists In This Korean Drama?

Indeed, this k-drama is filled with unexpected twists. The primary suspect for the killings isn’t Kim Young-Ho as initially thought, but rather his own mother. Towards the end, there’s a tense moment where his mother confronts the police, even threatening to harm them. However, the police are clever enough to pick up on subtle cues and decide to take action against her.

At the beginning of the movie, we witness Kim Young-Ho’s anger towards his step-sister. But as the story progresses, he has a change of heart and pleads with Gun Mool-Joo’s Group to spare her. The group then intervenes in the final confrontation, trapping Yoon Seo-Ha and Kim Young-Ho in a confined space where a fire breaks out. In this intense moment, Yoon Seo-Ha, Kim Young-Ho, and his mother must work together to escape the perilous situation or face being burnt alive.

Is This Korean Drama A Happy Ending?

This Korean drama doesn’t neatly fit into the category of a happy ending; instead, it offers a mix of emotions. The conclusion is satisfying in some ways, as it resolves major tensions. Detective Choi has hope for rebuilding his relationship with his son, and the bond between old friends Choi Seong-Joon and Park Sang-Min appears to be restored.

However, there are also elements of sadness. The death of Yeong-Ho’s mother is a poignant moment, particularly as she walks towards her own demise, leaving her son to cry in despair. Yeong-Ho’s fate, on the other hand, is left somewhat open-ended, leaving viewers to speculate about his future and what might happen to him.