‘FLEX X COP’ Plot Twist and Ending Explained in Detail

Flex X Cop Ending Explanation, Summary and Plot Twist
Flex X Cop Ending Explanation, Summary and Plot Twist

“FLEX X COP” is a 2024 Korean drama in the genres of action, comedy and crime with 16 episodes in total. It is written by Kim Ba-da and directed by Kim Jae-hong. IMDb rates it as 7.9/10. You can watch it on HiTV and Disney+ Hotstar.


  • The truth revealed of Jin Yi Soo’s mother’s death case of the past, along with the death case of the chairman.
  • Consequence of the evil doings.
  • Jin Yi Soo finds peace and love from his police department. 

Jin Seung Joo’s Sole Motive Towards His Younger Brother, Jin Yi Soo

Jin Seung Joo's Sole Motive Towards His Younger Brother, Jin Yi Soo
Jin Seung Joo’s Sole Motive Towards His Younger Brother, Jin Yi Soo

Jin Seung Joo, the elder brother of the main character in this K-drama, also holds the position of vice chairman at the Hansu Group. Right from the beginning of the movie, he’s depicted as a caring older brother always looking out for his younger sibling, Jin Yi-Soo.

Jin Yi-Soo becomes the part of the investigation team
Jin Yi-Soo becomes the part of the investigation team

Jin Seung Joo is instrumental in helping Jin Yi-Soo become a part of the investigation team, allowing him to work alongside the police. This is made possible through their influence and power. It all begins when Jin Yi-Soo gets into a violent altercation one night, defending his friend and injuring someone in the process. Fortunately, Lee Kang Hyun, a police officer, arrives on the scene just in time to apprehend them both.

The attacker, identified as Lee Changhyun, had prior convictions for robbery and had evaded capture by the police until this incident. Taking advantage of Jin Yi-Soo’s act of capturing a long-sought criminal, Jin Seung Joo takes the opportunity to push his brother to pursue some allotted time career with the police, knowing well of Jin Yi-Soo’s passion and liking towards the police field, which he often indulges in, playing police during his free time. Throughout the series, Jin Seung Joo consistently protects and supports Jin Yi-Soo, despite facing criticism from their family. However, a plot twist unfolds as we delve into the past and discover Jin Seung Joo’s involvement in the murder of Jin Yi Soo’s mother.

In the final episode, a confession reveals Jin Seung Joo’s true intentions towards Jin Yi Soo. His love and care were genuine, but driven by pity towards his younger brother, rather than solely by affection.

Why did ‘Jin Seung Joo’ kill Jin Yi Soo’s Mother and his father, Jin Myung Chul, the Chairman ?

Jin Seung Joo’s act of killing Jin Yi Soo’s mother and his father, Jin Myung Chul, the chairman of their company, is rooted in a series of deeply personal and troubling events. 

It all began when Jin Seung Joo saw his mother, feeling desperate and helpless, and began thinking about taking her own life by consuming pills. She feared that Jin Myung Chul, her husband, would kick them out of their home because his real son had come into the picture. Witnessing his mother’s distress, Jin Seung Joo, as a young boy, intervened by taking away the pills and hiding them in his pocket. This action reveals his caring nature towards his mother and his unwillingness to lose her. Later on, Jin Seung Joo stumbled upon some shocking information while exploring his father’s office.

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A scene where Jin Seun Joo poisons Jin Yi Soo's mother with the pills
A scene where Jin Seun Joo poisons Jin Yi Soo’s mother with the pills

He discovered that his father was planning to divorce his mother, which filled him with fear and anguish at the prospect of losing his mother. This witness of the divorce papers drove him to take drastic measures to protect his mother. Jin Seung Joo goes to Jin Yi Soo’s mother late at night. However, consumed by fear and desperation, he made a tragic decision. He poisoned Jin Yi Soo’s mother with the pills he had previously hidden, causing her death. In a bid to cover up his crime and make it appear as though she had taken her own life, he moved her body to the bathtub, staging the scene to mimic suicide.

Simultaneously, Jin Seung Joo grappled with the influence of his mother’s teachings and expectations. His mother instilled in him a sense of duty to inherit and control the Hansu Group, the family company, at any cost. This pressure instilled by his mother clouded his judgment and fueled his actions.

Ultimately, Jin Seung Joo’s actions were driven by a mix of varied emotions of love, fear, desperation, and the weight of familial expectations. His decisions to kill both Jin Yi Soo’s mother and his father were tragic consequences of a troubled family dynamic and the deep-seated emotions that plagued him.

Does Jin Yi Soo Lead the Hansu Group or Does he Return to the Police Department?

Does Jin Yi Soo Lead the Hansu Group or Does he Return to the Police Department?
Does Jin Yi Soo Lead the Hansu Group or Does he Return to the Police Department?

With Jin Yi Soo’s brother’s wrongdoing exposed, his father deceased, and his stepmother hospitalized due to severe mental health issues, Jin Yi Soo finds himself in a very important position. As he thinks about taking over as chairman of the company, he reflects on all the events that have unfolded. Ultimately, he decides to honor his father’s will and entrusts the role of chairman to Mr. Choi, a trusted and loyal individual who has always had the best interests of the Hansu Group at heart. Jin Yi Soo places full confidence in Mr. Choi, believing that he will uphold the company’s reputation and make sound decisions. Throughout the narrative, Mr. Choi emerges as more than just a trusted advisor; he serves as a paternal figure to Jin Yi Soo. Always looking out for Jin Yi Soo’s well-being, Mr. Choi provides guidance and counsel, guiding him toward the right path. After handing over the position of chairman, Jin Yi Soo returns to his beloved team at the Homicide Department. His colleagues eagerly welcome him back, having missed his presence during his absence. With a renewed sense of purpose, Jin Yi Soo resumes his duties as a detective, ready to contribute to the team once again.

Does the Korean Drama “Flex X Cop” Conclude with a Happy Ending?

In the end, Jin Seung Joo goes to Jail for killing his stepfather and Jin Yi Soo's mother
In the end, Jin Seung Joo goes to Jail for killing his step father and Jin Yi Soo’s mother

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Yes, this K-drama ends happily. Jin Yi Soo’s brother, who is the bad guy in the story, goes to jail. Jin Yi Soo’s stepmother, who mistreated Jin Yi Soo, struggles with mental health issues after learning about her son, Jin Seung Joo’s actions. Instead of becoming the chairman of the company, Jin Yi Soo gives the role to Mr. Choi. He returns to the police department, where his team cares for him deeply. He enjoys working there a lot, as we see from the beginning when he plays the police. He discovers the truth about his mother’s death, which brings him peace after searching for a long time. In the end, we see him change for the better, becoming more open-minded and humble, though still cheerful and happy. 

Does this K-drama have any Romantic Scenes?

The romantic scene in this K-drama is special because it happens slowly. It doesn’t show the characters as a couple right away. What’s interesting is that this scene isn’t the main focus of the show, but more like a side story. At the start, Lee Kang Hyun might seem like someone who gets annoyed easily and is not very warm. This might make viewers not like her at first. But as the story goes on and she starts showing her true feelings to the main character, viewers start to like her more. The way their feelings unfold feels just right, and whenever they show even small bits of affection, it makes viewers very happy. Their relationship seems perfect at every stage, which leaves viewers feeling satisfied and happy.

Plot Twist in “Flex X Cop”?

In “Flex X Cop,” there are many interesting twists. At the beginning of the series, we see how the main character ends up joining the police department. He gets into a fight with a man, not realizing that the man is involved in many crimes. Later on, he becomes suspicious of his stepmother regarding his mother’s death. However, it turns out that his own step brother who cares deeply for him killed his mother.

In the ending scene it is revealed that Jin Seung Joo (stepson) poisoned his father
In the end it is revealed that Jin Seung Joo (stepson) poisoned his father

Then, a shocking revelation occurs: his father is poisoned by his stepson, whom he dearly loved. This unveils the dark truth about the death of Jin Yi Soo’s mother. It’s discovered that her death was not a suicide as previously believed, but rather a murder committed by Jin Seung Joo. Surprisingly, it wasn’t out of jealousy, as one might expect, but because Seung Joo was frightened of losing his mother to suicide.