‘The Chairman Of Class 9’ Cast, Plot, Ending Explained, How Does Na Yi Soo Navigate His Father’s Legacy At Balhae High School?

The Chairman of Class 9
The Chairman of Class 9 Cast, Characters, Plot, Ending Explained 2024

The Korean drama “The Chairman of Class 9,” written by Choi Ryong and directed by Hong Chung Gi, aired from April 29, 2024, to June 3, 2024. This 12-episode series spans across genres including Highschool Life, Action, Youth, and Drama. Notably, the episodes are short, with the longest running at just 25 minutes. You can watch it on Hutchison and Dramacool as well. 

In addition, “The Chairman of Class 9” is also known as “Chairman of Level 9” in some contexts.

Plot Summary

“The Chairman of Class 9” is a 2024 Korean drama focusing on Na Yi Soo, a rebellious second-year student who becomes the board chairman at the prestigious Balhae High School. Despite his privileged upbringing, Na Yi Soo resents his father deeply. He enrols at Balhae High, a school his father valued, solely to seek revenge.

The drama follows Na Yi Soo, who has faced more hardships than most, as he interacts with elite students who have lived more sheltered lives. As they get to know each other, their perspectives and lives change, and new friendships and bonds form, adding depth to the story. Will Na Yi Soo’s quest for revenge lead to his own growth, or will it lead to his downfall?

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Cast with Characters

  • Moon Sung Hyun as Na Yi Soo –  He is the main character of this Korean drama. Spoiled, bold, fearless, stubborn, and short-tempered, he becomes the new chairman of the school, though his identity is kept a secret.
  • Kim Shi Kyung as Han Ba Tang – She comes from a struggling background but is one of the top students in academics at the school, known for her hard work.
  • Lee Chang Ho as Mr. Hwang [Attorney] – He is the one who guides Na Yi Soo from the start, after the passing of his father. He leads him every step of the way, watching his every move.
  • Kim Kyung Min as Na Joon – He is Yi Soo’s uncle, with whom Yi Soo has a strained relationship.He is Yi Soo’s uncle, with whom Yi Soo has a strained relationship. He tries to take the chairman’s position into his own hands and does everything for selfish motives.

What Was Na Yi Soo’s Father’s Legacy At Balhae High School?

Na Yi Soo
Na Yi Soo

Na Yi Soo’s father plays a vital role in this drama as the former chairman of Balhae High School. He took the school very seriously, caring deeply about its operations, reputation, and overall well-being. His dedication to the school—investing significant time, effort, and money to build it into one of Korea’s most prestigious institutions—ultimately distanced him from his son. This led to a deep and growing resentment in Na Yi Soo.

After his father’s passing, Na Yi Soo suddenly becomes the owner and chairman of Balhae High School under the requirement that he has to graduate. His father’s death came unexpectedly following an accident and subsequent surgery, leaving everyone hopeful for his recovery. Despite these hopes, he quietly passed away as he had wished, without any formal announcement of funeral arrangements.

Can Han Ba Tang Fight and How Did It Lead To Misunderstandings Between Han Ba Tang And Na Yi Soo?

Han Ba Tang fights for Na Yi Soo
Han Ba Tang fights for Na Yi Soo

On Na Yi Soo’s way home from school, he encounters a group of guys he recently knew, one of whom was his close friend. The guys charge at him, but Yi Soo tries to leave, not wanting to fight. Meanwhile, Han Ba Tang and her friends arrive and resolve the situation. Yi Soo, annoyed at Han Ba Tang, tells her not to get involved. However, Han Ba Tang, being bold and confident, ignores him and fights the guys herself, impressing Yi Soo with her fighting skills.

The next day, on the way to school, Han Ba Tang asks Yi Soo why the guys wanted to beat him up. He explains that they were old classmates and tells her not to worry about it. Han Ba Tang misunderstands, thinking he was bullied at his previous school and is now safe at Balhae High School. This offends Yi Soo’s ego, as he is actually a great fighter. Han Ba Tang further tells him he doesn’t have to act strong, leaving him even more speechless.

Why Is The Relationship Between Na Yi Soo And His Uncle Na Joon Strained?

Na Yi Soo And His Uncle Na Joon
Na Yi Soo And His Uncle Na Joon

The root cause of the strained relationship between Na Yi Soo and his uncle, Na Joon, is not explicitly mentioned, but it is evident that Na Joon looks down on Na Yi Soo and mocks him indirectly. Na Yi Soo’s attitude problem further fuels the tension. This is clearly seen when Mr. Hwang and Yi Soo have a conversation, and after Yi Soo leaves, he encounters his uncle in an office room, leading to a rough exchange.

The uncle remarks that it’s been a long time since they last met and comments on how the uniform Yi Soo is wearing doesn’t fit him. He questions if Yi Soo has come to his senses after what happened to his father and adds that Yi Soo looks more like his mother than his father. In anger and annoyance, Yi Soo retorts that his uncle is still the same, saying whatever comes to mind, which is why he never received privileges as the eldest son. This angers the uncle, who responds that Yi Soo has become more rude since they last met. Yi Soo questions why his uncle didn’t receive any privileges, implying it is because he either can’t work or his private life is too dirty to cover up.

The uncle, furious, grabs Yi Soo’s collar. Yi Soo tells him that he got his position because his father’s life was cut short, not because of his own efforts. The uncle is left speechless, and Yi Soo storms out.

Was Yi Soo’s Father Really Deserving of His Son’s Hatred?

Yi Soo's Father
Yi Soo’s Father

The relationship between Na Yi Soo and his father is depicted as complex. The father is shown to be hardworking and devoted to the school, paying attention to every detail, from food and academics to helping the poor. However, he is very distant from his son. This emotional distance causes behavioural issues in Na Yi Soo, making him stubborn and short-tempered. The father feels that Na Yi Soo will never learn from him or listen to him. This duality in their characters makes it difficult to conclude that the father is truly deserving of Na Yi Soo’s hatred.

Adding to this complexity, an incident from Na Yi Soo’s past illustrates their strained relationship further. When Na Yi Soo was expelled from a school back in the days when his father was still alive, it was due to a fight. The altercation began when Na Yi Soo intervened to stop a bully who was harassing another student. Na Yi Soo did not start the fight until the bully insulted his mother. The matter was taken up with the school authorities, who decided to expel him. Surprisingly, it was his father who insisted on the expulsion, stating that Na Yi Soo and the bully were both at fault.

At home, Na Yi Soo confronted his father, claiming he was not guilty. His father admitted he knew this, prompting Na Yi Soo to question why he had supported the school’s decision. His father responded by telling him that everyone faces unfair treatment in life and that the truth would eventually come out, but patience was required—something he felt Na Yi Soo lacked. When Na Yi Soo asked how much he had to endure, his father told him to endure until he could no longer do so. This exchange highlighted the father’s belief in enduring hardship and Na Yi Soo’s struggle with understanding and accepting this philosophy.

The father’s handling of the situation with the school and the attorney further shows his care and love for his son, yet also reveals his inability to effectively communicate and make his son understand the complexities of the world. Na Yi Soo’s childish and stubborn nature prevents him from grasping the consequences of his actions, adding another layer to their troubled relationship.

How Does Na Yi Soo’s Act Of Saving Son Eun Bin From A Bully And Standing Up For Her Impact Their Relationship?

Na Yi Soo saves Son Eun Bin From A Bully
Na Yi Soo saves Son Eun Bin From A Bully

When Na Yi Soo was outside the school campus, he overheard a bullying incident and captured a video of it. Son Eun Bin was being bullied by three other girls, who had opened her makeup pouch and dropped its contents. Yi Soo confronted them, asking why they were bullying her. One bully replied dismissively, questioning if she even needed a reason. Yi Soo was taken aback by this response.

The bully explained that she didn’t like the way Son Eun Bin gazed at her and stated that if you don’t have much, you need to be humble. She added that whenever she told Son Eun Bin to do something, she always said no. Yi Soo bent towards the bully and told her he was starting to feel bad just looking at her. The bully’s friend stood up for her, asking if Yi Soo knew who she was. He replied that he knew she was the daughter of a chaebol, but so what?

The bully stood up and told him he couldn’t touch her, further stating she could do whatever she wanted. She patted his shoulder and left, saying “good job.” Yi Soo was annoyed but let them go since they were girls. He then helped Son Eun Bin, who hugged him in gratitude. Although he felt awkward, she began to cry out loud. They became quite close, at least for Son Eun Bin, who felt extremely happy knowing Yi Soo had her back.

Why Is Na Yi Soo Hiding His Identity As Chairman And How Does He Communicate With The School Principal?

Na Yi Soo is keeping his identity as chairman hidden for multiple reasons, primarily stemming from his hatred of his father and the fact that the position was handed down to him due to his father’s death. This negative association drives his secrecy. Additionally, he believes that his plans will proceed more smoothly if his identity remains concealed. His intention is to tarnish the reputation and dismantle what his father built. He communicates with the principal through an AI system that alters his voice and conceals his face, ensuring his anonymity. The principal follows the chairman’s directives without question. The entire school is unaware of the new chairman’s identity, with only his uncle and the attorney privy to this secret.

Has Na Yi Soo Undergone a Significant Change as He Begins to Perform Exceptionally Well?

Na Yi Soo and Han Ba Tang grew closer as the exams approached. Na Yi Soo began to worry about whether he would pass. Han Ba Tang supported him tirelessly, providing explanations and guidance, which helped Na Yi Soo understand the material better. With their assistance, Na Yi Soo started performing well in practice tests. Han Ba Tang consistently motivated him, both in and out of school, enabling Na Yi Soo to handle math assignments smoothly, much to his teacher’s surprise.

As the exams drew nearer, Na Yi Soo’s hard work and dedication made him nervous yet confident. This marked a significant change in his personality and character, revealing a resilient side that had never been seen before.

Does Han Ba Tang Collapse During the Exam, Scoring Zero and Facing Derision from the Bully?

In this situation, Na Yi Soo carries Han Ba Tang and rushes her to the hospital after she tragically fainted during the exam and scored zero points despite her diligent preparation. She felt deeply saddened but concealed her emotions to avoid worrying her mother. To make matters worse, the bully and her friends placed a large order from Han Ba Tang’s mother’s restaurant, which she delivered. They celebrated their academic success while mocking Han Ba Tang’s failure and financial status.

During their encounter, the bully boasted about ordering numerous items from the menu, all totaling less than 100,000 won, insinuating that Han Ba Tang would struggle to reimburse her. In that moment, Han Ba Tang was looked down upon for both her academic setback and her perceived lack of wealth.

How Does Yi Soo Threaten His Uncle To Reinstate Han Ba Tang At School While Revealing The Evidence?

Han Ba Tang was suspended from school, and Yi Soo did everything in his power to bring her back in the right ways. He collected petitions from students who provided honest testimonies about Ba Tang’s character and behaviour as a student. However, his uncle dismissed this effort, saying it might impact emoHan Ba Tang was suspended from school, and Yi Soo did everything in his power to bring her back in the right ways. He collected petitions from students who provided honest testimonies about Ba Tang’s character and behaviour as a student. However, his uncle dismissed this effort, saying it might impact emotional and immature kids like Yi Soo but his mind was made up.

Yi Soo then threw a flash drive on the table and questioned his uncle, “Did you think I only prepared this?” This demonstrated Yi Soo’s intelligence and determination. The flash drive contained a recording of Se-Ra, the bully, explaining why she hated Ba Tang. In the recording, Se-Ra was at a party with Yi Soo’s frenemy, Phi Dae Hee, and others. She admitted that just as Phi Dae Hee couldn’t defeat Yi Soo, she couldn’t push Ba Tang away with her own strength. Phi Dae Hee suggested that she might not have used all possible methods. She laughed and responded, “You think I haven’t tried? I did everything I could to push her away.” Phi Dae Hee had recorded the entire conversation, providing crucial evidence.

How Does Yi Soo Prove His Worth as Chairman of Balhae School Amidst Controversy and Opposition?

It is finally revealed that Yi Soo is the real chairman of Balhae School. However, doubts arise because he is young and perceived as incapable. A voting session takes place, pitting Yi Soo against his uncle. Just as his uncle is about to be chosen as the leader, Yi Soo interrupts, revealing that he is the chairman. A second voting session is then held to decide on the chairman’s dismissal.

During the session, both the uncle and Yi Soo present their speeches. The uncle questions the school’s heads, asking, “Can you leave a place like this to an 18-year-old chairman? No matter how much the world changes, running a school is like running a business. Leave it to a management expert to stop the big spending by the foundation causing problems for all of us.”

Yi Soo, in a suit, addresses the concerns, saying, “I know many of you are worried about entrusting this school to an 18-year-old. Maybe that’s why my father wanted me to graduate from high school as a requirement for the chairman position. Yes, I am still immature and inadequate. Many things happened while I ran the school for several months. Because of my ambition, I faced setbacks. But as you said, a school is responsible for a person’s life. So where did you learn that at schools, the rich have privileges and the poor have nothing? The chairman, his uncle, is responsible for management. That is right. But at the same time, we are also educators who must develop good character in our students. We know that business at school is important. We also know that a school’s reputation is determined by grades. But is it true that schools only exist for business? At school, students spend a lot of time with friends, and sometimes they fight. Yi Soo believes they can share daily lives, experiences, and emotions from society. I won’t say that I am a great educator, but even a guy like me, with only a 9th-grade education, was able to avoid failing with the help of my friends and teachers. I think Balhae High School is a place where less fortunate students can work hard and succeed. It doesn’t matter if I am dismissed as chairman, but I hope these aspects of Balhae High School are maintained.”

Another woman, Baek Joo-hee, introduces herself as a former contract teacher at Balhae High School who recently became a full-time teacher. She admits that after receiving President Na-jun’s suggestion, she made the wrong decision. The acting chairman, Yi Soo’s uncle, told her to ignore what happened to Teacher Yoo that day, and in return, she received the full-time position. Everyone is shocked by her statement. Mr. Na-jun, Yi Soo’s uncle, is furious, but this revelation significantly impacts the decision-making process for the chairman’s position. It also exposes that he used the school foundation to raise a slush fund, with evidence presented by Attorney Hwang, who stands as Yi Soo’s lawyer.