Lovely Runner Ending Explained: A Time-Travelling Romance With A Twist 

Lovely Runner Plot Summary and Ending Explained
Lovely Runner Plot Summary and Ending Explained

“Lovely Runner” is a South Korean drama that premiered on April 8, 2024, with 16 episodes. Written by Lee Shi Eun and directed by Yoon Jong Ho and Kim Tae Yub, the show stars Byeon Woo Seok, Kim Hye Yoon, Song Geon Hee, Lee Seung Hyun, Jung Young Joo, and Sung Byung Sook. The romance drama with science fiction elements follows Im Sol, a huge fan of musician Ryu Sun-Jae, who travels back in time to prevent his death. You can watch “Lovely Runner” on TVN, TVING, U-Next, Vidio, Viki, Hitv and Viu.

Plot Summary

This drama follows the journey of Im Sol, an ardent fan of idol Ryu Sun-jae. Sol, a once-promising film director whose dreams were shattered by accident leaving her paralyzed, finds solace in the music of Sun-jae. Still, tragedy strikes again when Sun-Jae dies in a tragic accident, leaving Sol devastated. However, fate has other plans as Sol wakes up in a classroom, 15 years in the past, before both her and Sun-jae’s accidents, and wearing a mysterious watch that allows her to travel through time. Seeing this as a chance from the heavens, Sol vows to change the course of destiny for both of them, and she sets out to prevent Sun-jae’s death, while also trying to uncover the truth behind her accident and the mysterious watch that has given her a second chance. But will she be able to alter the course of fate, or will her actions lead to even more heartbreak and tragedy?

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Sol’s Unconventional Approach To Time Travel – How Will She Use Her Unique Gift To Make A Difference?

Im Sol’s attempts to reveal the truth about the present scenario or share factual information are met with a peculiar phenomenon where everyone around her freezes, and time appears to stop. This “time freeze” occurs due to her being a time traveller from the future, with her actions bound by the rules of the timeline she’s trying to alter. The first time this happened, she was trying to warn Ryu Seon-Jae about the potential dangers of an upcoming swimming competition. Confused at first, she soon discovered that every time she tried to disclose future events, time halted, allowing her to move freely while others remained frozen. Realising she could use this to her advantage, Im Sol began slipping away unnoticed from dangerous situations and avoiding awkward conversations. This comedic twist adds a lighthearted layer to the story, showcasing her resourcefulness and quick thinking as she navigates time travel and the complexities of altering the timeline, ultimately turning potential disasters into opportunities for growth and adventure.

Sol’s Race Against Time – Can Sol Change Her Fate And Avoid The Accident?

Im Sol, having traveled back in time from 2023 to 2008, knew that she was destined to meet a terrible accident on a rainy day, which would leave her paralyzed. Despite this knowledge, she couldn’t help but be drawn to Ryu Sun Jae, a young and talented swimmer and musician, whom she had grown to love. On the fateful day, Sol tries to avoid the accident by staying indoors, but she can’t resist the urge to meet Sun Jae, who had messaged her to meet him at the park. As she rushes to the park in the heavy rain, she is kidnapped by the menacing taxi driver, who had been stalking her. Using her quick thinking, Sol manages to escape from the moving car, jumping out to freedom despite suffering injuries. Luckily, Sun Jae, who had been searching for her everywhere, finds Sol lying on the road and rushes her to the hospital, providing crucial care and support until she recovers. His timely intervention changes the course of events, saving Sol from the tragic accident that originally occurred, and paving the way for a new future filled with hope and possibility.

Time’s Cruel Twist: Can Sol Escape The Clutches Of Fate And Save Sun-jae?

Im Sol realises her future has changed due to her actions. In a flashback, she sees Ryu Seon Jae’s repeated attempts to save her at the cost of his own life. To save Sun-jae from his tragic fate, Im Sol pretends to have returned to the future and gets off the train. They return to a few days before their journey, celebrating her birthday at an arcade, exchanging playful banter, and making future plans. Sun-jae gifts her a necklace and birthday cake, but she remains fearful, knowing she’s defying fate. Im Sol remembers that Young-soo will attack her on May 6th at 5 am, so she waits for him with detectives ready to catch him. However, Sun-jae calls the local police, alerting Young-soo, who then flees. Sun-jae pursues him alone, leading to a tragic confrontation where Sun-jae is stabbed in the stomach. The police arrive too late to prevent this. Beside the woods, Sun-jae stands bleeding at the edge of a cliff, echoing his earlier ominous line: “There are choices you make even though you know the consequences, because you like it.” Despite Sol’s efforts, fate remains unyielding, leaving us heartbroken as Sun-jae’s sacrifice unfolds.

Hero Of Fate: Kim Tae-Sung’s Selfless Sacrifice Saves The Day!

In a breathtaking turn of events, Kim Tae-Sung emerges as an unexpected hero! Driving at breakneck speed, Kim Tae-Sung spots the imminent danger posed by the taxi driver, Kim Young Soo, hurtling toward Ryu Seon-Jae, who is stranded in the middle of the street, his eyes clenched shut in pain with something lodged in his head.

Without hesitation, Kim Tae-Sung takes decisive action, sacrificing his vehicle to intervene. With nerves of steel, he accelerates and collides with Kim Young Soo’s taxi, bringing it to a screeching halt just inches away from Ryu Seon-Jae’s vulnerable form.

As the impact jolts through the vehicles, Ryu Seon-Jae slumps, overcome by the intensity of the moment. Yet, thanks to Kim Tae-Sung’s brave maneuver, disaster is averted, and Ryu is spared from further harm.

Kim Tae-Sung quickly moves to capture Kim Young Soo, wrestling him out of the taxi. However, Kim Young Soo fights back fiercely, injuring Kim Tae-Sung in the struggle. Despite his injuries, Kim Tae-Sung refuses to let the killer escape easily. Kim Young Soo manages to break free and runs, desperate to evade capture.

Determined, Kim Tae-Sung gives chase, his resolve unwavering despite the pain. As Kim Young Soo attempts to cross the street in his frantic bid for freedom, he is struck by a large truck, the force of the impact sending him over the edge and into a nearby river, ending his life instantly.

With Kim Young Soo’s demise, the threat is finally neutralised, and justice is served. Kim Tae-Sung’s daring rescue and relentless pursuit stand as a testament to the power of courage and quick thinking in the face of adversity. His selfless act not only saves Ryu Seon-Jae’s life but also brings an end to a dangerous killer, showcasing the profound impact one individual can make in a critical moment.

Will Sun Jae Proposal Plan Succeed? 

Sun Jae plans a grand proposal, but first, he attends Sol’s nephew’s first birthday party to meet her family. After winning them over, he proposes to Sol on a romantic Han River cruise, but delays it when he discovers her dream of becoming a director. Finally, as Sol submits her film, they stroll through a cherry blossom-filled area, where they make a wish, and Sun Jae proposes. They share a kiss, seeing a glimpse of their future together, where they tie the knot, bringing a satisfying and happy conclusion to the series.