The Atypical Family Cast, Characters, Plot, Ending Explained, What Unexpected Twists Await In The Fate Of Bok Gwi Ju?

The Atypical Family Cast, Characters, Plot, Ending Explained 2024
The Atypical Family Cast, Characters, Plot, Ending Explained (2024)

“The Atypical Family” is a Korean drama that premiered on JTBC on May 4, 2024, and was fully released on June 9, 2024. It combines the genres of Psychological, Romance, and Fantasy across its 12 episodes. You can watch it on Netflix and HiTV in selected regions. The drama is directed by Jo Hyun Taek and written by Joo Hwa Mi.

Plot Summary

“A Typical Family,” tells the story of the Bok family, who possess extraordinary powers. The protagonist, Bok Gwi-ju, can travel back in time to relive his happiest memories. However, his ability becomes useless when he loses his wife, along with his joy. The family’s supernatural powers start to fade due to modern afflictions like chronic diseases and lifestyle incompatibilities. Then, Do Da-hae, a mysterious woman, enters their lives, bringing unexpected changes that stir both hope and new challenges. As the Bok family struggles with their diminishing powers and Da-hae’s enigmatic presence, the question arises: What secrets does Da-hae hold, and how will they change the Bok family’s fate?

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Cast With Characters

  • Jang Ki Yong as Bok Gwi Ju: The main male lead.
  • Chun Woo Hee as Do Da Hae: The main female lead.
  • Go Doo Shim as Bok Man Heum: Gwi Ju’s mother.
  • Kim Su Hyun as Bok Dong Hee: Gwi Ju’s sister.
  • Park So Yi as Bok I Na: Gwi Ju’s daughter.
  • Oh Man Seok as Eom Soon Gu: Gwi Ju’s father.
  • Kim Geum Soon as Baek Il Hong: Da Hae’s mother.
  • Ryu Abel as Grace Kang: Da Hae’s sister.
  • Choi Kwang Rok as Noh Hyung Tae: Da Hae’s uncle.

What Is Da-hae’s True Motive?

Do Da-hae and Bok I-Na
Do Da-hae and Bok I-Na

Do Da-Hae’s true motive is malicious. At first, she seems to be a hero, saving Bok Gwi-Ju from drowning. But soon, we learn she is a scammer with a sad past, targeting rich families to steal their money. She plans to marry into these families, gain their trust, and then take their wealth. The Bok family, who have superpowers, are her latest target. Da-Hae wants Gwi-Ju to fall in love with her so she can rob the family.

During her plan, she meets Gwi-Ju’s reserved daughter, Bok I-Na. Somehow, Da-Hae manages to get close to I-Na, who then uses her mind-reading ability to discover Da-Hae’s true intentions. This terrifies Da-Hae, making her realize she has messed with the wrong family. However, she is already entangled with the Bok family, complicating her scheme. This twist makes the story more interesting, as viewers wonder how her plans will clash with the Bok family’s special abilities.

What Powers Does The Bok Family Have?

The Bok family is unique because they possess special superpowers, yet they face ordinary problems that make them feel powerless.

Bok Gwi-ju

Role: He can travel into the past.

Struggles: Gwi-ju lost his power because of depression, especially after his wife passed away. This loss makes him feel helpless and sad because he can no longer change or go back to the past. His journey is about overcoming his depression and learning to move forward without his lost ability.

Bok Man-heum

Role:She can see the future in her dreams.

Struggles: Man-heum has insomnia, which stops her from using her superpower. Even though she can see the future, her lack of sleep makes her anxious and stops her from acting when she wants to. Her situation shows how having power doesn’t always mean being able to use it well.

Bok Dong-hee

Role: She could fly.

Struggles:Dong-hee lost her ability to fly because she gained weight. She pushes herself hard to lose weight again, which makes her criticize herself and feel stressed. On top of that, she lost her lover, making her emotional struggle even harder. Her story shows how hard it is to accept yourself and reclaim what you’ve lost

Bok In-a

Role: She can read minds by looking in the eyes of a person.

Struggles: In-a feels alone around her family and classmates because she’s introverted and still grieving her mother’s death. She blames herself for what happened, which stops her from using her power in a positive way. Instead, the guilt and trauma hold her back, showing how they can affect someone’s abilities and personal development.

Does Bok Dong Hee Regain Her Powers?

Bok Dong Hee Regain Her Powers
Bok Dong Hee Regain Her Powers

Yes, Bok Dong Hee finally gets her powers back and loses weight too. But it takes time for her powers to come back because she hasn’t used them in a long time. So, she has to relearn how to use them.

Then, something happens: she finds out that her partner is cheating with Do Da Hae and Grace Kang. There’s a big fight, and during the fight, she falls out of a window. But with all her courage and strength, she jumps out and saves her friend.

Will The Distant Relationship Between Bok I-Na And Bok Gwi-Ju As Father And Daughter Improve?

Bok I-Na And Bok Gwi-Ju As Father And Daughter
Bok I-Na And Bok Gwi-Ju As Father And Daughter

Bok I-Na and her father, Bok Gwi-Ju, have a very distant relationship. Gwi-Ju, who drinks heavily after his wife’s death, repeatedly tries to connect with his daughter but often fails. I-Na feels deeply lonely. Aware of his absence, Gwi-Ju buys her new shoes as a gesture to mend their bond. He gives her gifts, plans outings like trips to the zoo, and listens to her feelings. However, I-Na, grappling with her sorrow and missing her mother, finds it difficult to respond. Their failed attempts only widen the gap between them.

The turning point arrives when I-Na decides to read her father’s mind to understand him better. Through this, she discovers his true intentions and his profound love for her. This moment of insight helps I-Na comprehend her father on a deeper level. She opens up about her sadness and feelings of being unwanted, which brings them closer together. This honest exchange marks a significant change in their relationship, allowing them to begin healing together.

What Causes The Strained Relationship Between Bok Dong Hee And Grace Kang, And How Does It Improve?

From the start, Grace tries to keep Dong Hee away from her fiancé. She does this because she doesn’t want Dong Hee to get the Bok family’s valuable building, which is worth 5 billion won. Grace and Dong Hee are always competing with each other and don’t get along well. They both have big egos and strong personalities. They both like to be in charge.

However, their relationship starts to get better when Grace helps Dong Hee by telling her about her fiancé’s cheating. This stops Dong Hee from getting into an unhappy marriage. This act of kindness changes their friendship and sisterhood a lot.

Does ‘Ko Hye Rim’ Betray Bok I Na’s Trust In Their Friendship?

Bok I Na has always been very quiet and shy wherever she goes because of her introverted personality. She doesn’t like to be the center of attention. When she meets a classmate named Ko Hye Rim and they become good friends, Bok I Na trusts her new friend, thinking it’s for the best intentions. However, things fall apart when she reads her friend’s mind one day. Bok I Na starts feeling like Ko Hye Rim is using her in some way. One day, there’s an incident where Ko Hye Rim takes off Bok I Na’s glasses without asking, and Bok I Na realizes she can read minds without them. This makes Bok I Na feel like Ko Hye Rim has betrayed her trust. Bok I Na decides to push her away and runs off. Even though Ko Hye Rim continues to act friendly, people in school start saying mean things about Bok I Na because of how she reacted. But in reality, Bok I Na knew all along that their friendship wasn’t genuine.

Later on, there’s a big problem at school when Bok I Na gets locked in a room. Students find out that Ko Hye Rim was the one who locked her in there. This reveals Ko Hye Rim’s true nature to everyone, and they realize she’s been causing trouble.

What’s The Surprising Twist About Bok Gwi Ju’s Predicted Death By Her Grandmother?

Here’s the big surprise: at first, Grandma predicted that Bok Gwi Ju would die, and her predictions are always right. So it seemed like Bok Gwi Ju’s death was going to happen no matter what. But then, something unexpected happened. Five years later, we jump into the future and find Da-hae raising a son who has inherited Bok Gwi Ju’s special abilities. Da-hae comes up with a clever plan to bring Gwi Ju back to life by sending her son back in time. And amazingly, it works! Gwi Ju returns to the present, happy and healthy.

Is This K-drama Suitable For Children And Families?

This Korean drama explores mature themes like complex relationships and realistic issues, which may not be suitable for young children. While it’s beautifully crafted, it’s a thought-provoking drama dealing with family conflicts, infidelity, mental health, grief, loss, and themes of identity and self-discovery.