“Thank You, Next” 2024 Review: Netflix’s Glitzy Rom-Com With A Turkish Twist

Thank You Next Review
Netflix's Thank You Next Review 2024

The Netflix series “Thank You, Next” is a Turkish-language romantic drama. The show is directed by Bertan Başaran (“Şeref Meselesi”) and stars the spellbinding Serenay Sarıkaya as Leyla, an accomplished lawyer dealing with a bad break-up. “Thank You, Next” embraces funny and easily relatable storyline about love and relationships in the late twenties as well as ups and downs of modern day dating. It also stars Metin Akdülger, Hakan Kurtas, Boran Kuzum and Zeynep Tugçe Bayat among many more. 

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The Story

The story starts with a woman driving an expensive car on a peaceful road. She stops at a mansion and stealthily enters through its window. Inside, she finds her dog and sees a wedding dress which makes her feel sad.

That woman, Leyla Taylan (Serenay Sarıkaya), is an attorney having fun with pals at an open air club. While there, she starts to talk to Feyyaz (Boran Kuzum) and dances with him too as one thing leads to another. Consequently, Leyla writes her number on his bare chest thereby signalling that they may have something together in future.

In addition, Leyla had been presented with another divorce case in Istanbul featuring Cem Murathan (Hakan Kurtas), a wealthy real estate magnate with notoriety for short marriages. This becomes more complicated by Leyla’s own personal troubles including the recent break-up from Ömer (Metin Akdülger). 

As the case unfolds intricacies of it; Leyla also struggles against her unresolved emotions for Ömer who appears unexpectedly to get back his things from her possession. However, despite his plea for forgiveness and reunion on their broken marriage Leyla is determined to move forward highlighting her desire to take back custody of their favourite pet dog named Buddy.

The next day, Leyla is on a video call with her colleagues and it’s then that she receives a message about Tuba wanting to take her life. It had been a night of heavy drinking for Tuba who Leyla helped knowing too well she was also under medication. Cem, who is seeing Leyla for the first time asks if she is going back to finish the job without any regard as to what he meant. While discussing with Leyla’s boss and meeting Tuba, they hear that she has changed her mind and wants a long drawn out divorce not the quick one expected by Leyla’s boss.

Meanwhile, Feyyaz, who’s returned to Istanbul, invites Leyla to dinner. He surprises her with his culinary skills, preparing a tasting menu that impresses her. They spend the night together, but a mistakenly sent text by one of Leyla’s friends reaches Ömer, causing a drunken confrontation when he returns the friend to Leyla, who’s just getting out of Feyyaz’s car. What follows is a season of love, drama and betrayal. 

Directional and Technical Aspects

“Thank You, Next” is about a romantic drama that is set in the present era of relationships. The narrative revolves around Leyla, who is a lawyer and is trying to come to terms with her first love gone sour.  Leyla gets involved with three guys: Ömer, Feyyaz, and Cem, while her friends act as a Greek chorus around her relationships. It becomes predictable when Leyla breaks up with Ömer, navigates an inconsistent Feyyaz, or argues but wants to be with Cem. However, she ended up with none of the guys and chose herself, which was empowering to watch after everything she went through.

The director has managed to bring together both humor and sentiment in the same way as he has been able to make sure that his series flows smoothly without any haste so that viewers have no reason not to be satisfied with their watching experiences. Through the storytelling, Basaran shows the ups and downs of modern dating, deftly depicting the obstacles people face in such relationships. Every scene feels real, as it ranges from laughter to introspective moments that connect with audiences on a deep level.

I did enjoy the majority of episodes, but there was a clear distinction between lighter, more humorous early ones and later, more intricate ones with the use of flashbacks as well as adding depth. I questioned whether this contrasting tone managed to make it not only Leila’s personal journey but also just another love story about two people who were meant for each other at some point. Though satisfying as an ending, I did find some of the exposition near its end highly unnecessary. Maybe 8 episodes was too much when there’s no complicated plotline.

This show has beautiful Turkish scenery and stars, top-notch production values, and a story that keeps you glued. Despite its light-hearted tone, it explores meaningful themes that resonate with viewers, touching on aspects of life and relationships. One such high point in this series is how Buddy creates an affectionate bond with his owner, Leyla, which is deep and heartening. The inclusion of modern terms like “ghosting” and “love bombing” makes this storyline realistic, thus making it relevant to today’s audience.

Actors Performance

As Leyla Taylan, Serenay Sarikaya sparkles, bringing a touch of grace mixed with strength while healing broken hearts and enduring funny dating flops. This is where her acting comes in when she shows how Leyla gradually changes from a timid girl into an independent woman who occupies every space in her life. On the other hand, Sarikaya’s perfect timing for comedy makes this TV show even more desirable because there is some humor amidst all these emotions, thus making you empathize with Leyla throughout her journey. Indeed, it is through her genuine portrayal on screen that Sarikaya’s natural talent is noticeable, allowing other actors to enjoy being a part of it. This camaraderie between the cast members is obvious. Some of the performances from the supporting cast could’ve been better, but it all ties up in the end.

Audience Appeal

Viewers who want a fun-loving romantic comedy with a Turkish twist will find “Thank You, Next” a top pick. The series follows the journey of modern dating in your late twenties, including all the awkward encounters, hilarious mishaps, and heartwarming connections that come with it. Those who enjoyed shows like “Emily in Paris” or “Sex and the City” would also enjoy this show as it emphasizes female friendship, personal growth, and finding love in unexpected places.

Even so, viewers who prefer deeper emotional exploration or a slower pace may not appreciate the light-hearted tone of the series or its focus on comic situations. Furthermore, its suggestive content and themes about adult relationships make it unsuitable for younger viewers. This is not a family-friendly show.

Final Thoughts

In “Thank You, Next” everything is stunning—the apartments are stunning, the houses are stunning, and most of all, the office where Leyla and her friends work is extremely beautiful. The scenery, clothes, and actors are all breathtaking. Despite this visual appeal, however, the story feels a tad empty. The performance of Serenay Sarikaya as Ley was truly good. She brought out the depths and genuineness in the character, making Leyla seem real with her ups and downs.

There is no denying that the show looks great. Serenay Sarikaya fittingly reflects Leyla’s character by wearing a cocktail dress one minute and hiking attire the next, showing confidence in both outfits. It is Sarikaya who brings out whether this story seems clichéd or newly vibrant once again. The show’s focus on a successful, independent woman navigating the dating world offers a refreshing take on the genre. With its blend of humor, heart, and cultural exploration, “Thank You, Next” is a show that will leave viewers entertained and eager for more of Leyla’s journey in future seasons.