Thank You, Next Ending Explained, Who Does Leyla Choose In The End, Ömer Or Cem?

Thank You Next Plot and Ending Explained
Thank You Next Plot and Ending Explained

“Thank You, Next” is a Turkish TV show that came out on May 9, 2024. It’s a funny and romantic show. Ece Yörenç wrote it, and Bertan Başaran directed it. You can see it on Netflix. There are 8 episodes in total.

Plot Summary

Leyla, a successful lawyer, is hired to handle the divorce case of Cem, a charming and wealthy man who has been married three times in 15 years. As she works on the case, Leyla finds herself falling for Cem, despite her efforts to resist. Meanwhile, she’s still recovering from a painful breakup and trying to navigate the dating world with the help of her best friends. Will Leyla be able to keep her professional and personal life separate, or will she find herself falling into another complicated relationship?

Leyla’s Fresh Start: Leaving Heartache Behind

Leyla's Fresh Start - Leyla meets Feyyaz
Leyla’s Fresh Start – Leyla meets Feyyaz

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We have Leyla, a successful lawyer who went through a tough breakup with Ömer after discovering his infidelity with Balim. But as fate would have it, Leyla meets Feyyaz during a vacation with her friends, and sparks start to fly between them. She’s swept off her feet, especially when she learns that Feyyaz is not just any guy but a talented chef. However, just when things seem promising, Feyyaz suddenly disappears, leaving Leyla feeling disappointed and confused.

But love’s journey is never straightforward, right? Leyla and Feyyaz reconnect later, and they share some beautiful moments together. However, Leyla begins to notice signs that Feyyaz may not be ready for a committed relationship, which leaves her questioning their future. Eventually, Leyla bravely confronts Feyyaz about his past mistakes and his reluctance to fully commit to her.

This leads Leyla to a moment of realisation – she deserves better. By letting go of Feyyaz and breaking free from toxic relationship patterns, Leyla embarks on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. And just when she least expects it, she crosses paths with Cem, who happens to be her client in a divorce case.

Their initial encounters are filled with tension, with Cem’s charm mixed with a hint of dismissiveness. But as Leyla delves deeper into Cem’s world, she discovers a more vulnerable side to him. They share intimate moments, like romantic dinners and heartfelt conversations, which only deepen their connection.

Yet, both Leyla and Cem grapple with their past hurts and fears, making it difficult for them to fully accept their feelings for each other. Leyla tries to focus on the professional aspect of their relationship, while Cem struggles with opening up due to his fear of vulnerability.

However, as they navigate through their emotions and vulnerabilities, Leyla and Cem eventually come to terms with their growing affection for each other. Leyla acknowledges her attraction to Cem, while Cem gradually opens up and expresses his feelings for her.

First Wife’s Shadow: Tuba’s Shocking Claims – Is Cem Still In Love?

Leyla with Cem's Wife
Leyla with Cem’s Wife

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Leyla finds herself embroiled in a complex divorce settlement case involving Cem and his wife, Tuba. Tuba’s primary desire is to obtain ownership of a hotel, but Cem is reluctant to grant her this request. Delving deeper into the situation, Tuba reveals that the urgency for divorce stems from Cem’s ongoing relationship with another woman named Defne Seyhun Richards, who resides in the US but frequently travels to and from Turkey. Tuba insists that Cem’s connection with Defne has persisted despite their marital troubles, and she even attributes the failure of Cem’s second marriage to this extramarital affair. Adding another layer to the intrigue, it’s discovered that Defne is directly involved in the renovation efforts at the hotel in question.

Analysing Tuba’s perspective, it’s evident that she sees Defne as a significant obstacle in her quest for a fair divorce settlement. Tuba’s portrayal of Defne suggests that she holds considerable influence over Cem, possibly complicating negotiations and leading to further legal entanglements. The revelation that Defne is overseeing renovations at the hotel adds a strategic dimension to the case, raising questions about her vested interest in the property and potential conflicts of interest.

This intricate web of relationships and conflicting interests underscores the complexity of divorce proceedings, where emotions, personal histories, and external influences can significantly impact the outcome. As Leyla navigates through these murky waters, she must carefully assess the evidence, consider each party’s motivations, and strategize accordingly to achieve a resolution that is equitable and just.

Cem's Attorney Falls For The Opposition
Cem’s Attorney Falls For The Opposition

In the midst of the heated battle over their divorce settlement, Cem and his ex-wife found themselves tangled in a surprising turn of events. As tensions soared between their attorneys, something unexpected blossomed – Cem’s attorney fell in love with one from the opposing party, Sarp. Amidst the chaos of legal wrangling, this unexpected romance seemed like a flicker of hope, especially for Leyla, Cem’s ex-wife.

Miraculously, as the attorneys’ personal lives intersected, the professional standoff began to soften, and deals were suddenly struck with ease. Adding to the intrigue, attorney Beliz Temur made a surprising move by joining Leyla’s legal team. Then, during a joyous gathering with friends, Leyla shared another piece of news – she was pregnant. This whirlwind of personal and professional developments added layers of complexity to an already tumultuous situation, offering glimmers of resolution and new beginnings amidst the chaos of divorce negotiations.

Battle Of The Exes: Leyla Takes On Auctions For Cem’s First And Second Wives

Leyla Takes On Auctions For Cem's First And Second Wives
Leyla Takes On Auctions For Cem’s First And Second Wives

Leyla found herself entangled in a web of intrigue when she took on a case involving a wine auction, unaware that the owner of the cellar in question was none other than Cem. Despite her initial hesitation upon discovering Cem’s involvement, she was committed to seeing the case through. The auction, featuring an impressive collection of 3000 bottles, was a long-awaited event for Cem, set to take place in Urla. Leyla, with a desire to surprise Cem, decided to attend the auction, but her plans took an unexpected turn when she learned from her colleague that Cem’s second wife, Defne, would also be present.

Defne’s presence complicated matters, as Leyla discovered that Nil Katmanoglu, Cem’s second wife, harboured a deep aversion towards Defne. Nil’s mere sight or mention of Defne had the potential to drive up auction prices unnecessarily. Leyla found herself in a precarious position, pressured to secure a victory for Cem while navigating the delicate dynamics between the two wives. To further complicate things, Nil was unaware of Cem’s ownership of Sirena Winery, the very establishment hosting the auction.

Defne, recognizing the challenge Leyla faced, advised her to keep a close eye on Nil, cautioning that Nil would stop at nothing to achieve her objectives. Leyla soon realized that Nil’s firm, Habernero Winery, was Cem’s fiercest competitor in the auction. Just when Leyla thought she was gaining ground and securing the winning bid, she received a text from Defne instructing her to halt her efforts.

Confusion and frustration overwhelmed Leyla as she confronted Defne about the sudden interference. It was then revealed that the last bidder in the auction was none other than Defne herself, orch

Unexpected Guests: The Entrance Made By Cem’s 2nd And 3rd Wife Of Cem’s Auction Party

Entrance Made By Cem's 2nd And 3rd Wife
Entrance Made By Cem’s 2nd And 3rd Wife

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After the auction’s conclusion, Cem’s team threw a celebratory bash, extending their gratitude to all involved. The atmosphere was electric with the presence of important guests, including Cem’s first wife, who, despite their marriage being over, continues to work alongside him. Adding a twist to the affair, Leyla, Cem’s ex, arrived with her new flame, Feyyazz. But the real surprise came when Cem’s second and third ex-wives teamed up and made an appearance together. It was a scene ripe for speculation, leaving everyone wondering what the next headline might be. Surely, it wouldn’t be anything positive. Let’s dive deeper into this intriguing gathering and explore the dynamics at play.

Cem’s first wife’s continued involvement in his professional life despite their personal history speaks volumes about their relationship and professionalism. The presence of Leyla, his ex, alongside her new partner Feyyazz, adds a layer of complexity to the situation. One can’t help but wonder about the dynamics between Cem and Leyla, especially with the added element of Feyyazz’s presence.

However, the most intriguing aspect of the party was the unexpected appearance of Cem’s second and third ex-wives, arriving together. This unprecedented move hints at possible collaboration or shared interests between the two women, despite their past with Cem. It raises questions about their motivations for attending the event and what message they intend to convey.

Twists and Turns: Leyla and Ömer’s Reunion Shattered By Unexpected Revelations!

Leyla and Ömer's Reunion
Leyla and Ömer’s Reunion

Amidst the whirlwind of events surrounding her, Leyla found herself adrift, more lost than ever before. Meeting with her parents, they finally unveiled the scars of their past, sharing their hardships in a raw and vulnerable exchange. This poignant moment ignited a realisation within Leyla, challenging her preconceived notions about people and the depth of human resilience. Love, she understood, encompasses a multitude of forgiveness.

This newfound understanding led her back to Ömer, realizing that perhaps her expectations had been too lofty. As they engaged in heartfelt conversation following their reunion, Ömer opened up about his past with Balim, shedding light on how their relationship began and the complexities therein. Through these revelations and discussions, Leyla found herself navigating the intricacies of love, forgiveness, and the complexities of human relationships.

The Saga Of Cem’s Two Ex-Wives And Their Unexpected Retaliation!

Cem's Two Ex-Wives And Their Unexpected Retaliation
Cem’s Two Ex-Wives And Their Unexpected Retaliation

In Leyla’s office, everyone was chatting when their boss rushed in, asking about Tuba’s book. Leyla explained they postponed the release date because of a court order, and an expert would check it. The boss got really mad because Tuba was hosting an exhibition based on the book. Leyla asked about Cem, but he wasn’t answering his phone and wasn’t at the hotel either. She hurried to the exhibition and saw the sign with the names of Cem’s two ex-wives.

Leyla asked Beliz why the ex-wives were so angry with Cem. From a distance, Tuba explained that narcissists start relationships with lots of love and passion, but then they make you doubt yourself and manipulate you. Leyla remembered her own experiences with Cem. Suddenly, Cem arrived, looking all fancy with a suit and flowers, congratulating Tuba. This shocked Leyla and Beliz, and made the ex-wives even angrier because Cem managed to turn the situation around, which meant the lawyers wouldn’t be bothering them for a while.

Exploring Cem’s Son And Brother In Heaven: Understanding Who He Is

Leyla walking in a park, chatting with Cem’s mom. She learns about Defne and Cem, who got married three years ago and were about to graduate. Defne was almost eight months pregnant with a baby boy. Cem was working hard on his graduation project. The couple wanted a little adventure, so they decided to go for a drive with Cem’s younger brother Selim at the wheel. Tragedy struck that day. Cem lost both his brother and his son, and he and Defne have never really gotten over it. They decided to go their separate ways, but they still stay in touch as good friends, because they understand each other like no one else can.

Ömer’s Downfall: The Explosive Finale You Won’t See Coming

Two families meet for a wedding between Leyla and Ömer. Everything seems perfect, but Leyla is secretly seeing Cem, even though she’s with Ömer. Ömer finds out and leaves upset. At a party, Leyla accidentally calls out Ömer’s name while drunk, which upsets Cem. The next day, Leyla sneaks into her house through a window and finds her friend Sarp, who confesses his love for her through a video message. He also reveals that Ömer cried and Sarp texted Cem, and begged Cem to stay away from Leyla. Leyla’s phone rings, it’s Cem. Confused, she puts on her wedding dress.

Meanwhile, Ömer bursts in angrily suspecting Leyla and Cem. Cem’s ex-wife assures Ömer that nothing is going on between Leyla and Cem. Leyla arrives in her wedding dress, smiling but lost in thought about all the “ifs” that led to this moment. Ömer, enraged, tells Leyla she won’t fool him again. Leyla calmly asks him, “Truth or dare?” Cem’s arrival angers Ömer even more, but Leyla pulls Ömer back and challenges him to “truth or dare.” She whispers to him about June 8th and asks if he wants to confess.

Then she walks away, passing Cem who vows not to lose her again and gives Ömer a piece of jewellery.Leyla finds out that Omer had been cheating on her all along, she discovers that he had been in touch with his ex-girlfriend, Balim, even after they got back together.Leyla realises that Omer’s behavior is damaging and that she deserves better and decides to break up with him on their wedding day.