“Rebel Moon” Recap and Part 2 “The Scargiver” Ending Explained

Rebelmoon Part 2 - The Scargiver
Rebelmoon Part 2 - The Scargiver

Zack Snyder’s directional “Rebel Moon: The Scargiver” is a sequel of “Rebel Moon: A Child of Fire,” which came out in 2023. The part 2 is said to be a Sci-Fi adventure film, released on April 12, 2024 on Netflix. The total runtime of the film is about 2 hours and 3 minutes.

Plot Summary

The story of the film centered around a woman named Kora, whose true name is Arthelais. She is the adopted daughter of Regent Balisarius and was once an assassin sent to kill Princess Issa. However, after being betrayed by her father, Kora rebels against him and his faction, known as the Motherworld. Seeking refuge, she stays to protect a small village, where she gathers a team of skilled warriors to aid in their defense. As the story unfolds, we discover that Princess Issa, whom Kora believed she had killed, is actually alive, a revelation brought to light by General Titus.

  • Kora, also known as Arthelais, is the adopted daughter of Regent Balisarius and was once an assassin tasked with killing Princess Issa.
  • Betrayed by her father, Kora rebels against his faction, the Motherworld, and seeks refuge in a small village, where she leads a team of skilled warriors to defend against threats.
  • General Titus reveals that Princess Issa, whom Kora believed she had killed, is actually alive, adding a new layer of complexity to Kora’s journey.

Recap Of “Rebel Moon: A Child of Fire” Part One

In the first part of the story, we meet Kora, a tough lady who has found refuge in a village community after a big disaster. One day, a large aircraft arrives, bringing danger in the form of soldiers led by Admiral Atticus Noble. He wants the villagers to be supply ports for his army, but the village leader, Sindari, refuses. The Admiral kills Sindari, leaving the villagers terrified.

That evening, Kora defends a girl from the soldiers and decides to gather warriors to protect the village. With the help of Gunnar, she seeks out General Titus, a former hero turned rebel. Along the journey, she shares her past with Gunnar, revealing her training under Balisarius and her involvement in battles for the mother world.

They recruit fighters like Tarak and Nemesis before finding General Titus. With Gunnar’s help, they persuade a team he used to provide grain to join their cause. However, they are betrayed by Kai, who hands them over to the enemy. In a struggle, Gunnar injects one of the enemy with a serum, leading to a chaotic fight where many are killed.

In a final showdown, Kora defeats Admiral Atticus Noble, causing him to fall from a structure. But then, we see the Admiral’s body undergo a strange procedure, where he communicates with Kora’s father, Balisarius, revealing Kora’s whereabouts. Balisarius wants Kora captured alive to face punishment. The Admiral wakes up shocked, realising he’s been revived.

The technician administers a shock to bring him back, but there’s no sign of brain activity. With a powerful surge, the Admiral awakens.

What happens in the beginning of Part 2 of ‘Rebel Moon: The Scar Giver’?

The scene from Rebel Moon Part 2 where General Noble is connected with tubes
The scene from Rebel Moon Part 2 where General Noble is connected with tubes

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Part 2 of “Rebel Moon” begins with an introduction with a brief recap of Part 1 to a small village where humble farmers live a simple life, close to nature. This village is located on the outer edges of a gas giant called Mara. It used to be a quiet moon called Veldt until the shadow of a warship darkened their fields. Admiral Noble, the commander of the ship, demanded more than the people of Veldt could give.

In response, a woman named Kora and a man named Gunar left the village to gather warriors to stand against the Dreadnought. Meanwhile, a technician reports to Commander Cassius that General is alive but still recovering. The extent of his injuries remains uncertain until they bring him out of the chrysalis, a scientific device covering his body with tubes.

When General Noble speaks to Commander Cassius, he refers to Kora as “the scar giver,” indicating her importance. Meanwhile, Kora and her team return to their village, where they meet Hagen and Den, who welcome them warmly. Another young survivor from the mother world, despite appearing to be a soldier loyal to Commander Cassius, does not report Kora’s return to the Commander, suggesting his dual loyalties and his bond with the village.

Commander Cassius orders the soldier to ensure the harvest is brought in as planned for his arrival in five days. Kora informs Hagen that Admiral Noble is dead, unaware that her enemy may not be entirely human. As confusion arises about a message regarding the harvest, General Titus addresses the people, warning them of dark days ahead and the need for unity and trust.

He emphasises the importance of grain as a powerful weapon for survival, urging them to bring it in quickly for both trade and protection. Now, the villagers prepare for the challenges ahead, united in their resolve to face whatever comes their way.

What factors contribute to Kora’s betrayal of her father?

Kora shoots princess Issa
Kora shoots princess Issa

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Kora, as the bodyguard to the main princess Issa, found herself in an extraordinary situation. The princess possessed a unique healing power, which began to alter Kora’s perspective. Amidst preparations for the dedication of the last dreadnought class battleship, symbolising the end of an era, tradition dictated that the king perform the ceremony. However, this time, it would be the princess’s inaugural royal duty, marked by the christening of the vessel “Peacemaker” with her royal seal.

Kora, deeply loyal to her adopted father, struggled with conflicting loyalties. Though torn, she couldn’t betray or defy him. Her father insisted that the princess Issa must die, fearing her intentions to dismantle the war machine for which soldiers had sacrificed so much. Trusting in her father’s judgement, Kora believed he would protect both her and the beloved empire. Yet, in a shocking turn, he exposed her to danger by naming an assassin of the royal family—an off-worlder, seen as a threat due to their ethnic impurities and past crimes. And therefore, she has been living as an outlaw ever since.

How do the villagers begin to prepare their defence?

Kora and team train villagers for fight
Kora and team train villagers for fight

They started by moving the grain into the village, making sure attackers couldn’t shoot them from space without risking harm. Also, the weapons left by the Imperium would help the villagers defend themselves. They carefully collected and counted every hunting rifle, knife, and bullet in the village. Then, they dug defensive positions to surprise any attackers. Kora and her team trained the villagers well, teaching them how to shoot, basic attack and defence tactics, and how to turn farming tools into weapons. They also showed the villagers how to use knives to quickly stop attackers. Using Kora’s drop ship, which was still in the mountains to the east and hadn’t been moved, the villagers and the team worked together to bring it back, knowing it could be one of their most powerful tools.

What is the story of General Titus?

General Titus tells his story
General Titus tells his story

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As they prepare their defence, the team leaders sit and talk while he stands, conceding his truth. In the past, Regent Balisarius had sent him and his ship as a show of force to hover above the Parliament of Sarawu, hoping to influence the choice of whether or not to vote for independence from the realm. However, the brave people of that world defiantly voted for freedom. In response, he was ordered to open fire on the capital, but he refused, and his ship was shot down.

Crawling from the wreckage, his team fought the forces of the mother world until their guns ran dry. He knew his men would fight with him to the death. So he struck a deal: his men’s lives for his surrender. He pleaded for mercy from Regent Balisarius to spare them, but mercy is not known to the Regent. To punish him, his men were executed before his eyes. The decision to defy Balisarius had been his alone. Not a day passes that he doesn’t think of those men who died for him, how his surrender betrayed their courage and condemned them to their fate. Never again, he resolved to never surrender.

What is the story of Nemesis? 

Story of Nemesis
Story of Nemesis

Her village used to be a small fishing village. The Imperium troops came and destroyed everything and everyone. Though her village was once home to peaceful people, it hadn’t always been so. In the past, they were a people of war. She had never taken a life before, never seen bloodshed until she wounded herself. Using a blade, she cut her own hand and replaced it with a robotic one. Her pain turned into anger, and her anger fueled her desire for revenge. The ancient gauntlets of her ancestors still carried the thirst for bloodshed. Her blood awakened them, and they taught her how to fight. She was reborn through their guidance. However, since that moment, she has been consumed by a quest for vengeance.

After the commander arrives in the village for the harvest, what unfolds next?

Kora comes face to face with Admiral Noble

As the villages were preparing their defence, soldiers arrived alongside many ships from the motherworld, causing the villagers to rush to finish their tasks quickly. Kora came face-to-face with Admiral Noble, whom she thought she had killed, but who was actually alive. She tried to convince him that no blood needed to be shed, offering him a chance to avoid slaughter. Admiral Noble mentioned what King Balisarius would grant him if he brought Kora to her knees: a seat in the senate. Feeling threatened, Kora sacrificed herself, agreeing to go back with Admiral Noble. She hugged Gunner, telling him she wouldn’t let the village die for her and that she knew what she was doing. Gunner tried to hold her back, but she left. In doing so, he fired a shot, igniting a big fight.

Kora and Gunner rushed to her ship. The villagers managed to kill most of the soldiers from the other world, but many villagers were wounded or killed. Nemesis also died. The villagers rejoiced, thinking all the soldiers from the other world had perished. However, another group of soldiers arrived with ships, firing shots at the village and its people. Kora and Gunner managed to get into the main aircraft ship of the other world by pretending to be dead. When the soldiers checked Kora, they couldn’t see any wounds.

She quickly got up and killed the soldiers. The soldiers from the other world were well-equipped with various machinery, almost overpowering the villagers. Kora had to reach the control room quickly before things escalated further. Kora faced Admiral Noble again. She had already planted a bomb somewhere, which detonated, causing the aircraft to shake and burst. Inside the airship, Kora fought with Admiral Noble. Another soldier was beside the Admiral, but Gunner shot him. In return, the Admiral shot Gunner. The aircraft was about to crash, and the fight intensified as everything was destroyed and caught fire.

Admiral grabbed Kora’s neck, yelling at her to look at him. From behind, Gunner stabbed Admiral with a blade. Admiral staggered, trying to hold on with his remaining strength. Kora took the sharp sword from Gunner’s hands and killed Admiral, causing his head to shatter. She managed to escape from the big ship with her ship and landed on the village grounds. However, Gunner was badly injured. The Blood Axe team helped kill the remaining smaller aircraft ships from the other world.

The village people rejoiced in victory, but Kora cried as Gunner died. Later, the village, alongside General Titus, held a funeral ritual for those who had passed, honoring them by remembering their names. They vowed to carry on in their memory, ensuring their legacy would endure for generations to come.

Does Kora reveal her true identity to the villagers?

Kora reveals her real identity to villagers
Kora reveals her real identity to villagers

In the midst of the villagers honouring the dead, she insists that people shouldn’t mention her when they speak of honour and bravery because she wasn’t truthful. She declares herself as Arthelais, a revelation that Titus already knew. She then questions Titus if he knew she was the adopted daughter of Regent Balisarius and the assassin of Princess Issa. Titus confirms knowing her name.

The Sister of the Bloodaxe pledges her support to Kora, and others join her. James, the robot, steps forward and acknowledges that if what they say is true and the princess is alive, then he has no choice but to serve the line of the slain king. He expresses it’s his honour to fight alongside them.

Will there be a Rebel Moon Part 3?

There may be a continuation of Part 3 that picks up where Part 2 left off, leaving viewers in suspense. At the end of Part 2, we witness Titus confirming that he knows Kora’s name but clarifying that she is not the princess’s assassin because the princess is still alive. This revelation makes Kora turn to General Titus, who questions her, “Did you really think she could be easily killed?” and asserts that he’s more powerful than death itself. Kora admits she’s unsure of what to do next, to which Titus responds, “Now you have a reason to find her and fight.”