“Machhli” Ullu Web Series Summary, Cast and First Impression

Machhli Ullu Web Series
Machhli Ullu Web Series

Ullu has released its latest thriller title ‘Machhli’, featuring Priyanka Chaurasia (as Palak), Rani Pari and Gaurav Singh in the lead roles.

In the unveiled trailer we got a glimpse of a couple who runs away from their home and asks help from a friend. Who seems hesitant at first, however, gives them an address of a hostel where the couple like them (in the similar situation) could stay.

Upon reaching the hostel, the receptionist (male) allows them to stay with a condition, which is not disclosed in the trailer.

The scene shifts to the bedroom where Palak seems to be conversing with her boyfriend that she doesn’t get good vibes from the hostel. However, her boyfriend (Tanmay) took it lightly and the couple started to romance.

Later, the scene shifts to a dining table where some girls are heard discussing the other couple who happened to be staying in the same hotel.

The girl tells her friend that the guy beats her girlfriend when she doesn’t follow his instructions. Right after that frame, the focus shifts to the couple’s room, where the guy (Gaurav Singh, Real Name) is shown beating his girlfriend.

Palak hears the screams, goes straight to her room and introduces herself to the girl. While she tries to comfort her, she discloses that she has arrived at the hostel a couple of months back.

Right after that scene, we hear a girl’s VO narrating how 3-4 couples disappeared in the last 3 months. 

Thereafter, focus shifts to Palak who gets a shock after seeing several ids. She curiously asks her BF (Tanmay), why all ids are of Girls? Why none of the boys have left any Ids? Learning about the girls only IDs, Tanmay gets shocked, as he doesn’t have any clue either.

Later in the scene, we get a glimpse of the receptionist watching Palak and Tanmay’s private moments. When Palak confronts him he blackmails her in return for a physical favor.

What happens next is kept suspense which will be revealed soon, when the series gets released later this month on Ullu Ott app.

First Impression

From the storyline the plot is not yet clear, however, the receptionist looks quite suspicious. Probably he is the one behind the disappearance of other couples.

Speaking of the cast, Priyanka Chaurasia, the bold and talented actress has appeared in Ullu’s last release ‘Haveli’. Gaurav Singh Rajput has appeared in several popular Ullu series such as Mohan Chabiwala, Kitty Party, However, Rani Pari is the only actress we haven’t seen before on the platform.

Therefore, it would be interesting to see if she will be able to leave her charm on the viewers or not.

Machhli’s first season will be released with 3 episodes in Hindi and other regional languages such as Telugu, Tamil, Bhojpuri etc.

Machhli Cast with Photos & Other Details

Web SeriesMachhli
Main CastPriyanka Chaurasia, Rani Pari, Gaurav Singh
GenreSuspense, Thriller, Drama
Release DateApril 2024 (Tentative)
LanguageHindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bhojpuri
Production HouseUllu Digital Ltd

Priyanka Chaurasia (as Palak)

Priyanka Chaurasia as Palak in Machhli web series.
Priyanka Chaurasia

Tanmay (Character Name)

Tanmay (character name, real name not known)
Tanmay (character name, real name not known)


The guy playing the role of receptionist in Ullu web series Machhli