Goodbye Earth Plot and Ending Explained, Does Asteroid Collide with The Earth?

Netflix's Goodbye Earth Ending Explained
Netflix's Goodbye Earth Ending Explained

“Goodbye Earth” is a captivating Korean drama comprising 12 episodes. This gripping sci-fi dystopian series is penned by Jung Sung-joo and skillfully directed by Kim Jin-min. Released on April 26, 2024, it’s now available for streaming on Netflix, promising viewers an enthralling journey through its thought-provoking narrative.

Plot Summary

In this series, everyone’s worried because the world is going crazy before a big disaster. They say an asteroid will hit Earth in 300 days! With all the chaos, there’s lots of crime and everything’s closing down. Some folks are running away, but others are trying to enjoy their last days. Among them is a special school teacher Jin Se-kyung, who fights to keep her loved ones safe, no matter what.

What news caused chaos, and what was the situation like?

Goodbye Earth Web Series Scene
Goodbye Earth Web Series Scene

The news shook the world: an asteroid was on a collision course with Earth. Scientists said it would likely hit within 300 days. Some people believed the prediction, while others remained sceptical. Nevertheless, everyone focused on increasing their chances of survival. People everywhere did whatever they could in the time they had left.

Police forces worked tirelessly to defend and protect, undergoing intense training to prepare for the impending disaster. At Sejong International Airport, there was a frenzy of activity. Flights bound for countries deemed safe were causing delays as passengers rushed to board. Some individuals protested, holding up banners and causing disturbances. The presence of numerous police officers at the airport underscored the gravity of the situation.

In essence, as the threat of the asteroid drew nearer, people mobilised to ensure their safety, with law enforcement playing a crucial role in maintaining order amidst the chaos.

What happens when some people protest to stop others from believing false rumours?

A scene from Netflix series 'Goodbye Earth' where Woman leads a team and shouts against false rumours
A scene from Netflix series ‘Goodbye Earth’ where Woman leads a team and shouts against false rumours

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In the chaos of the streets, a woman leads a team, shouting against false rumours and selective migration. People respond with banners demanding child protection and migration plans. A young boy streams live from the heated scene, identifying it as the Woongcheon Citizen Peace Rally. Another woman urges the crowd not to succumb to despair or lies. Ms. Jin, a teacher and protester, joins the fray. Soon, violence erupts. People clash with police and each other, setting vehicles ablaze and committing unthinkable acts. Amidst the mayhem, Ms. Jin searches desperately for her students from Cheondong Middle School, class 2-2. She spots a group of people loading students onto a truck and tries to intervene, but is overcome by flames and collapses.

Later, the police discover the truck, but it’s too late. Many students are dead. Ms. Jin, distraught, searches through the aftermath, finding only lifeless bodies.

What does Miss Jin do when the police can’t catch the person who killed the students?

Ha-yul gives letter to Miss Jin
Ha-yul gives letter to Miss Jin

Ha-yul, one of Miss Jin’s students, giving her a letter at the airport before she leaves. In the letter, Ha-yul asks Miss Jin to read it when she’s alone. Ha-yul writes about a new neighbour who moved in recently. Sometimes there are fancy cars parked outside, and it gets noisy with loud music. Ha-yul also mentions remembering a man who harmed her classmates.

Miss Jin decides to take action. She goes to an army base to meet a female friend who works in the police department, In-a. Miss Jin’s friend tells her that the joint investigation unit won’t do much about the situation. Instead, In-a advises Miss Jin to watch out for the kids. Unfortunately, In-a can’t do much more because her unit doesn’t have enough power, and their firearms aren’t even loaded most of the time.

Feeling helpless, Miss Jin takes matters into her own hands. She goes to the man’s house and suffocates Bae Jong-su. Then, in a moment of panic, she holds back from stabbing him when she sees he’s already been shot dead. In the chaos, a candle holder falls over and starts a small fire, so Miss Jin flees the scene.

Does the asteroid actually collide with Earth in the end?

Air balloon scene from tv series 'Goodbye Earth'
Air balloon scene from tv series ‘Goodbye Earth’

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In the drama’s conclusion, we witness the asteroid nearing Earth, but the story doesn’t delve into what occurs upon its arrival or the aftermath of its impact. Throughout the narrative, Miss Jin, also known as Jin Se Kyung, remains resolute in safeguarding her students from harm. The tension heightens with E-kyung’s visit to the leader’s club, leading to a touching moment as she bids farewell through her inner thoughts. The episode wraps up with symbolic imagery, showcasing her loved ones experiencing moments of happiness and her students joyfully floating away on a hot air balloon.

The final scene depicts Se-kyung facing off against a thug with a gun, Yoon-sang rushing to the docks where cargo ships await, and the imminent threat of the asteroid hurtling towards Earth, emphasised by the sound of a gunshot.

Why was Jin Se Kyung taken by the JIU, and what unfolds afterward?

With only 151 days left until the asteroid crash, the JIU swoops in and arrests Jin Se Kyung, accusing her of murdering Bae Jung-Su and Lee Jae-Min. This shakes up her boyfriend, Ha Yoon Sang, who freaks out. He turns to Woo Sung and Kang In Ah for help. Ha Yoon Sang informs Sung Jae that Se Kyung got taken by the JIU, and he lets Kang In Ah know about it too. Then, Ha Yoon Sang leverages his connections and research data to get Jin Se Kyung freed.

Does the story conclude on a positive note?

The drama wraps up with a bittersweet conclusion. It’s undeniably sad with the predicted asteroid strike happening in the finale, but there’s also a poignant strength in it. While it’s heartbreaking that the anticipated disaster unfolds, there’s a sense of fulfillment in Miss Jin’s (aka Jin Se Kyung) actions, she fulfills her long-held wish of protecting the children until the very end, just as she had intended.