‘Dreaming Of A Freaking Fairy Tale’ Cast, Characters, Plot Summary & Ending Explained

'Dreaming of a Freaking Fairy Tale' Cast, Characters, Plot Summary & Ending Explained
'Dreaming of a Freaking Fairy Tale' Cast, Characters, Plot Summary & Ending Explained (2024)

“Dreaming of a Freaking Fairy tale” is a Korean drama with 10 episodes that aired from May 31 to June 28, 2024. Written by Yoo Ja and directed by Kim Min-Kyung, this romantic comedy series is inspired by the classic Cinderella fairytale. It is available for streaming on TVING, Hitv, Dramacool, Viu, and Paramount+ in selected regions.

Plot Summary

Shin Jae Rim is a bright and ambitious young woman stuck in poverty. She works multiple jobs to support her family, but her dreams of a better life seem out of reach. One day, she meets Moon Cha Min, a charming and wealthy businessman who changes her life. As they fall in love, Jae Rim’s world transforms, but she soon realizes that her new life has challenges. 

Will Jae Rim’s dreams of a better life come true, or will reality crush her fairy tale romance?

Cast with Characters

  • Pyo Ye Jin as Shin Jae Rim – A kind and hardworking young woman dreaming of escaping her current life and finding her Prince Charming.
  • Lee Jun Young as Moon Cha Min – A charming and wealthy businessman who becomes Jae Rim’s love interest.
  • Song Ji Woo as Ban Dan A – A rival of Jae Rim who works at the same social club and envies her relationships with wealthy men.
  • Baek Joo Hee as Hwang So Ra – Jae Rim’s stepmother who favors her daughters more than Jae Rim.
  • Kim Chae Eun as Kang Su Jin – Jae Rim’s spoiled stepsister. 

What Happens During The First Encounter Between Shin Jae Rim And Moon Cha Min?

First Encounter Between Shin Jae Rim And Moon Cha Min
First Encounter Between Shin Jae Rim And Moon Cha Min

Shin Jae-rim and Moon Cha-min’s first meeting is both funny and meaningful. Following her late father’s advice to marry a rich man to escape poverty, Jae-rim hurries to an interview at the fancy Heaven social club, hoping it will change her life. As she nervously climbs the grand staircase, one of her worn-out shoes slips off and flies through the air, hitting Cha-min, the club’s important and reserved heir, on the head.

At first, Cha-min is annoyed and confused by the unexpected hit, ready to scold the person responsible. But when Jae-rim quickly grabs her shoe and sincerely apologizes, her genuine concern and honesty surprise him. In the flustered exchange, Jae-rim’s determination and sincerity stand out, especially compared to other applicants’ polished yet shallow behavior.

Cha-min, known for his picky taste and cold demeanor, finds himself unexpectedly interested in this unique woman who stands out in a world of fake appearances

Does Jae-rim Land The Job At Heaven Social Club?

Cha-min imagines Jae-rim presence everywhere
Cha-min imagines Jae-rim presence everywhere

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After their accidental meeting, when her shoe slipped off during her interview at Heaven Social Club, Shin Jae-rim finds herself in an unexpected situation. Despite a small argument and misunderstanding with Moon Cha-min, she manages to secure the job. However, during the interview, it becomes awkward as she realizes she’ll be working closely with the same person she had clashed with earlier. Her bold statements initially create tension, almost threatening Cha-min not to mess with her.

In response, Cha-min surprises her by apologizing, emphasizing that only kind-hearted people can serve as the company’s “angels,” tasked with connecting people. This revelation leaves Jae-rim speechless. When given a chance to speak freely, she challenges him about their previous conversation where he mentioned his fear of death and his desire for a short but eventful life. Jae-rim bluntly prays that Cha-min never finds happiness with his immense wealth, arguing that life isn’t fair if he’s content while she struggles.

Despite their intense exchange, Cha-min can’t shake thoughts of Jae-rim from his mind. He imagines her presence everywhere and eventually decides to reach out to her regarding the job, intrigued by her boldness and determination.

Why Does Cha-min kiss Jae-rim Publicly, Sparking A Commotion?

Cha-min kisses Jae-rim Publicly
Cha-min kisses Jae-rim Publicly

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Cha-min kisses Jae-rim publicly, causing a stir despite them not being in a relationship. The kiss is triggered by Jae-rim being mocked by Ri-na for her social status, leaving her feeling humiliated and questioning her self-worth. Overwhelmed with tears, Jae-rim walks away, feeling like a perpetual loser in life. As she tries to suppress her anger and maintain her composure to earn a living, Cha-min notices her distress and asks what’s wrong. Initially avoiding his gaze due to her tear-filled eyes, Jae-rim shares her frustrations about enduring a lifetime of being looked down upon. Cha-min reassures her that he values her and encourages her not to hold back her emotions just to earn money, asserting that he never expected her to endure such treatment on his behalf. Moved by his empathy, Jae-rim begins to open up about her struggles. Cha-min offers to help her change her situation and suggests closing her eyes if she desires to change. They lock eyes, and Jae-rim bravely tells him to do as he pleases.

How Does Cha Min Confess His Feelings For A Girl To His Trainer?

Cha Min Confess His Feelings For A Girl To His Trainer

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Cha Min was in the middle of his usual taekwondo training session, but on this day, he seemed determined to push his body beyond its limits with extra sparring matches. Sensing something was off, his trainer asked him to open up, but Cha Min remained silent. Growing frustrated, the trainer forcefully grabbed Cha Min’s neck, demanding he share what was bothering him. Cha Min then admitted there was someone he liked, but he didn’t believe he could have her.

This revelation left the trainer puzzled, prompting him to release his hold and ask if the girl was married. Cha Min replied that she wasn’t. He explained that her dream was to transform her life like Cinderella, which the trainer found strange. Cha Min then shared that this girl reminded him of his mother, who also pursued a dream of a better life, ultimately leaving his father heartbroken after a divorce and taking a fortune with her.

Cha Min confessed he didn’t want to end up like his father. The trainer remarked that Cha Min was just like his father, but Cha Min disagreed. He expressed his plan to help the girl find the kind of man she wanted, believing that letting her go and missing her would be better than resenting her after being abandoned. In his view, this would be a win-win situation for everyone involved.

What Challenges Does Jae Rim Face Being In A Love Triangle With Moon Cha Min And Baek Do Hong?

Moon Cha Min And Baek Do Hong
Moon Cha Min And Baek Do Hong

Caught in a tricky love triangle, Jae-rim feels a storm of emotions that confuses her. This situation puts her in the spotlight, making her the talk of the town. The fight between Cha Min and Do Hong for her love creates tension and conflict, adding to her stress. Misunderstandings and poor communication often happen in love triangles, leading to hurt feelings and strained friendships. Cha Min is determined not to end up like his father and makes it a priority not to get romantically involved with Jae-rim. Instead, he tries to find someone else for her, but this becomes very hard over time, especially with Baek Do Hong in the way. Because of how Cha Min acts, Jae-rim believes he is not romantically interested in her. This makes it even harder for her to think clearly and make good choices. In the end, she faces the tough task of choosing between the two men, a choice that affects not only her happiness but also the feelings of Cha Min and Do Hong, and the results of her decision.

Does Jae-rim Get kidnapped?

Jae-rim Gets kidnapped
Jae-rim Gets kidnapped

Ban Dan A’s uncle kidnaps Shin Jae Rim, who is supposed to marry Cha Min not out of love but for family power. Dan A is incredibly jealous of Jae Rim, especially because of how much attention she receives from Cha Min compared to herself. Jae Rim manages to call a friend while Cha Min sits anxiously by their side, overhearing Jae Rim’s distress. Cha Min demands to know Jae Rim’s location, but she doesn’t have precise information except that she’s at a rundown factory that smells like makgeolli.

Cha Min rushes to rescue her, haunted by his memories of being kidnapped. Meanwhile, Jae Rim is interrogated by Dan A’s two large-sized uncles. They don’t physically harm her but tie her up, realizing they may have kidnapped the wrong girl. They argue about appearances, mocking Dan A’s plastic surgery and criticizing Jae Rim for supposedly seducing their future nephew-in-law. They express anger at Jae Rim and contemplate involving Moon A, knowing Dan A would retaliate if they did.

The uncles demand Jae Rim sign a paper agreeing to leave Chungdam Heaven to secure her release. Jae Rim refuses, citing the difficulty of finding a job these days. One uncle threatens to shave her head as punishment, but Jae Rim defiantly states her goal is to marry this year. As the uncle threatens with a shaving blade, Jae Rim prepares to sign out of fear. However, before she can do so, Cha Min arrives with an umbrella, furious. The uncles attempt to subdue him, leading to an intense fight and Cha Min eventually knocks them out, hugs her, and rescues Jae Rim.

How Does Cha Min’s Meeting With His Birth Mother And His Talk With Jae Rim Affect His Feelings About Love And Trust?

Cha Min meets his birth mother
Cha Min meets his birth mother

Cha Min’s birth mother, now a prominent figure in the film industry, seeks out Shin Jae Rim’s assistance to reconnect with her long-lost son. During their conversation, she expresses a heartfelt desire for Jae Rim to facilitate a reunion with Cha Min, who she has been longing to see after many years apart.

When Cha Min finally meets his mother, his emotions run high. Tears flow freely as they embrace, but Cha Min is overwhelmed with conflicting feelings. He tells his mother that he doesn’t need her in his life and considers leaving. His mother explains that she thought only she could undo the pain she caused by leaving him. She clarifies that Cha Min was neither abandoned nor kidnapped, but rather suffered due to her shortcomings and misguided love for him. She apologizes sincerely, prompting Cha Min to share his side of the story—expressing anger and recounting the hardships he and his father endured.

Feeling deeply hurt and betrayed, Cha Min confronts Jae Rim, questioning why he had to endure lies because of his mother’s actions. This encounter resurfaces unresolved feelings for Cha Min, who harbors resentment and struggles with trust due to his mother’s past abandonment. He blames her, believing that someone who truly loves another would never leave them, further complicating his emotions.

Does Jae Rim Continue to Live In Her Imaginary Cinderella World, Or Does She Change?

After a series of events, Jae Rim realizes that living like Cinderella isn’t going to work out for her. She is filled with so much sadness in her life. One day, she wakes up and starts crying. In the meantime, a delivery arrives. To her surprise, it’s an envelope. Opening it, she finds one of her old drawings that was thrown away and a letter from Cha Min. In the letter, Cha Min tells her that she is more like a warrior than a princess. This boosts her up, but she is left crying again, filled with mixed emotions. As she reflects on how she became like this, we see a brief glimpse of her past and how her mother left her and her father. These events lead her to reflect deeply on herself and reach significant insights.. She understands that she couldn’t admit her love for Cha Min because she hated herself more than anything. She was in pain because she couldn’t love herself. This realization brings her boldness and confidence. She understands that the only Prince Charming in her life is herself—the very self who will love herself and live courageously, no matter what.

Is This Korean Drama ‘Dreaming Of A Freaking Fairy Tale’ A Happy Ending?

In the final episode, Jae Rim boldly confesses her feelings to Cha Min, sparking a blossoming relationship between them. Despite Cha Min’s company going bankrupt, Jae Rim’s feelings remain unchanged, and she confidently steps up to be the breadwinner. Cha Min, in turn, loves and cares for her even more deeply.

Cha Min’s parents call him back to the company, but he declines. His father expresses a desire to rest, prompting Cha Min to suggest that he be offered a contract as the ultimate boss. Meanwhile, Jae Rim’s stepmother gives birth to a newborn, surrounded by her three other kids. Jae Rim continues to draw and earn a living.

Ultimately, Jae Rim, Cha Min, and Baek Do Hong join forces on a fresh project, collaborating with their team.

Is This Korean Drama Kid/Family Friendly?

“Dreaming of a Fairy Tale” (also known as “Fairy Tale of Love”) is a Korean drama rated 15+ in South Korea, suitable for viewers aged 15 and older. It includes mature themes like complex relationships, love triangles, and adult issues, strong language, suggestive dialogue, romantic scenes, and mild violence. However, it also explores positive themes such as friendship, loyalty, self-discovery, personal growth, and the importance of education.