Crash Cast, Characters, Plot, Ending Explained: How Did The Overlooked TCI Team Become The Best Crime Solvers In The Police Department?

Crash Korean Drama Cast, Characters, Plot and Ending Explained
Crash Korean Drama Cast, Characters, Plot and Ending Explained 2024

“Crash” is a Korean drama consisting of 12 episodes that aired from May 13 to June 18, 2024. Directed by Park Joon-Woo and written by Oh Soo-Jin, the series blends comedy, crime, and investigation genres. You can watch this K-drama on platforms such as HiTV, Disney+Hotstar, and Dramacool.

Cast With Characters

  • Lee Min-Ki as Cha Yeon-Ho: He is a brilliant mathematician and TCI investigator who is good at figuring out when accidents might happen. He’s perfect when it comes to analyzing things, has high focus, and is dedicated to his work but he finds it hard to socialize and he can’t drive.
  • Kwak Sun-Young as Min So-Hee: She is the determined leader of TCI known for her skills in martial arts and driving. She has a bold, loud, outgoing personality and is known for her direct and transparent nature.
  • Heo Sung-Tae as Jung Chae-Man: He is a detective with lots of experience and leads the TCI team. He started the team to deal with serious traffic crimes. He’s known for being persuasive.
  • Lee Ho-Cheol as Woo Dong-Ki: Lee Ho-Cheol as Woo Dong-Ki: He’s a police officer with extensive knowledge of cars. Woo Dong-Ki’s ability to recognize vehicles and their modifications by sight and sound is enhanced by his imposing stature, which proves advantageous for the team.
  • Moon Hee as Eo Hyun-Kyung: She is the youngest member of TCI and is skilled in taekwondo, judo, and boxing. Her physical abilities are a big asset to the team.

Plot Summary

With their unique skills and Cha Yeon-Ho’s sharp mind, the TCI team is ready to tackle tough traffic crimes. But they face many challenges, often overlooked and underestimated by other teams. These obstacles will strengthen their bonds and make them a stronger team. Will they stay ahead of the evolving criminals? How will Cha Yeon-Ho grow in his role? And will the TCI team finally get the recognition they deserve? 

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What Led Cha Yeon-ho And Min So-hee To Start Working Together?

Cha Yeon-ho And Min So-hee
Cha Yeon-ho And Min So-hee

Cha Yeon-ho and Min So-hee began working together on a case involving the death of Grandmother Bongsoon, who was hit by a car driven by Jung Honkyu, a 32-year-old man without a stable job. Two years ago, Jung had a bad credit score and began acquiring driver’s insurance policies, now totaling five. Further investigation revealed all his victims were elderly women with no close family members. The court ruled the incidents as accidents, placing Jung on probation, with settlement amounts ranging from 3 to 5 million won, while he collected 120 million won from his insurance policies.

Despite neither of them being on the murder team—Cha Yeon-ho is in the insurance division and Min So-hee is in the traffic division—they both aligned to work on this case. Before this, Min So-hee was working on a different case involving a fight, during which she unknowingly punched Cha Yeon-ho, mistaking him for a perpetrator. Cha Yeon-ho was investigating Grandmother Bongsoon’s accident and handed over his findings to Min So-hee, leading her to join the case.

Did Cha Yeon-Ho Leave His Job To Join The TCI Team?

Cha Yeon-Ho joins the TCI team
Cha Yeon-Ho joins the TCI team

Lieutenant Cha Yeon-Ho was introduced to the team with curiosity all around. As his new colleagues looked into his background, they found out he had graduated from KAIST with a maths degree. He had worked as an investigator for insurance fraud, traffic accidents, and damage estimation. He was also certified as a transportation engineer and a fire and explosion investigator.

In casual conversations, Cha Yeon-Ho mentioned he got into an insurance investigation because it paid well, even though he wasn’t sure why he chose to become a detective and leave his previous well-paying job. He eventually resigned from his previous workplace after being labeled a whistleblower.

Did Cha Yeon-Ho Tragically Cause A Car Accident Resulting In The Death Of A Newly Married Lady?

Cha Yeon-Ho Tragically Cause A Car Accident
Cha Yeon-Ho Tragically Cause A Car Accident

In the past, Cha Yeon-Ho was involved in a car accident at Eudong Junction in Eunseong-gu, Daejeon. According to the police report, the accident occurred when Cha, a 24-year-old KAIST graduate, was returning to his dorm to pack for his upcoming study abroad trip. Tragically, he struck Lee Hyun-Soo, a woman crossing the road.

This incident deeply affected Cha, leading him to visit Lee Hyun-Soo’s memorial regularly. It also left him unable to drive and impacted his ability to socialize. The parents of Lee Hyun-Soo were heartbroken, and Cha Yeon-Ho’s parents tearfully apologized, feeling helpless in the face of the tragedy.

Did Jungwook Hit Min So-Hee’s Father With His Car?

Jungwook from K-Drama Crash
Jungwook from K-Drama Crash

Jungwook, high on drugs and alcohol, drove out from a party late at night and hit Min So-Hee’s father. Using his wealth, he managed to evade consequences initially. However, DNA evidence eventually revealed the truth. The situation was further complicated because Jungwook wasn’t just any ordinary person; he was the son of a powerful man. The TCI team focused all their efforts on the case. Min So-Hee barged into a club room where Jungwook and his friends were drinking and yelled at him, but Jungwook mocked her, leaving Min So-Hee enraged. She lost her temper and threw glass cups at him, thankfully not hurting him. We also see that Jungwook’s father was furious with him over the incident, straining their father-son relationship. To cover up his guilt, Jungwook even manipulated a guy into falsely confessing to the crime.

Was Cha Yeon-Ho The Culprit In Lee Hyun-Soo’s Death, Or Was It Someone Else?

Jung-Wook gets arrested for Lee Hyun-Soo's Death
Jung-Wook gets arrested for Lee Hyun-Soo’s Death

A decade ago, Hyun-Soo tragically died in a traffic accident. For years, Cha Yeon-Ho believed he was responsible and lived with the burden of guilt. However, it was eventually uncovered that the true culprit was Jung-Wook, the son of then-police chief Pyo Myung-Hak. Myung-Hak exploited his power to manipulate the situation, hiding his son’s involvement and framing Yeon-Ho for the accident.

As the case unfolded, the truth about Jung-Wook came to light, and he was finally sent to jail. With court hearings one after the other, it was ultimately decided that he would be imprisoned for 20 years. His father, Pyo Myung-Hak, remained selfish, prioritizing his reputation over his son’s well-being. However, it was justified in this instance, as Jung-Wook deserved to be imprisoned for his crime.

Why Was Jeong Chae-man The First To Suggest A Traffic Crime Investigation? Was There A Specific Reason?

Jeong Chae-man admits that during his 30 years as a police officer, one case has haunted him: a hit-and-run that killed his wife. He had often neglected his family, using the excuse of being busy. His wife frequently visited the police station to look after him. On that fateful day, she was bringing him a change of clothes when the accident occurred. Jeong investigated the case for a year but couldn’t find the culprit. The driver might still be on the road somewhere in Korea, possibly causing more accidents.

Every year, close to 3,000 people die on the road, a number far exceeding deaths from the five most common crimes combined. People don’t view vehicular homicide as murder. “I didn’t know,” “It was a mistake,” “It wasn’t intentional”—to them, it’s just an accident. Every single day, Jeong sees his wife on the road: crossing the street at a green light, sitting behind the wheel, changing lanes, riding a bicycle on the shoulder. Jeong Chae-man hopes for a future with no accidents, and no deaths. This is his reason for carrying on.

Is The Korean Drama “Crash” Suitable For Kids And Family Viewing?

The 2024 Korean drama “Crash,” released with a content rating of 15, is tailored for viewers aged 15 and older. This classification is a signal that the series could contain elements like moderate violence, language, or mature themes that may not be suitable for younger audiences. As such, “Crash” may not be considered entirely kid- or family-friendly, necessitating parental guidance for younger viewers to navigate its content responsibly.

Are There Any Love Stories That Develop Among The Main Cast In This K-drama “Crash,” Or Is Romance Absent?

For the Korean drama “Crash,” romance takes a back seat. Instead, the series delves into themes of crime, corruption, and the complexities of adult life in the political world.