Doctor Climax (2024) Plot, Characters and Ending Explained: How Does Nat Save Himself From MP Pornchai? 

Doctor Climax Cast, Characters, Plot, Ending Explained
Doctor Climax Cast, Characters, Plot, Ending Explained 2024

“Doctor Climax” is a newly released Thai drama series on Netflix set in the 1970s. Directed by Apichatpong Weerasethakul (“Cemetery of Splendor”), it features Sukrit Wiwatakanon and Apinya Sakuljaroensuk in the lead roles. The series revolves around Dr. Nat, a quiet dermatologist, who secretly pens a scandalous advice column called “Dr. Climax.” As his alter ego gains popularity, the series humorously explores taboo topics, sexual freedom, and the challenges of fighting a prejudiced politician.

Cast with Characters

  • Nat Muangnon (Ter Chantavit Dhanasevi): A young and reserved dermatologist specializing in venereal diseases. He eventually writes a sexual awareness column under the pseudonym “Doctor Climax.”
  • Thong Tien (Tob Chaiwat Thongsang): A popular novelist and journalist at Bangkok Express. Initially unimpressed with Nat’s writing, Tien later helps Nat get involved in the newspaper’s new column on sexual awareness.
  • Choosak Jaithon (Somchai Sakdikul): The editor of Bangkok Express who faces pressure to boost the newspaper’s sales.
  • Linda (Goy Arachaporn Pokinpakorn): The head of the art department at Bangkok Express.
  • MP Pornchai (Bobby Nimit Lugsamepong): A conservative politician and new member of parliament who opposes the sexual awareness column, believing it to be immoral and harmful to society.
  • Captain Pao (Thiti Phum Orn): A corrupt police general who assists MP Pornchai in his efforts to uncover the identity of Dr. Climax and stop the column.
  • Tukta (Praew Chermawee Suwanpanuchoke): Nat’s wife, who is pressured by Nat’s mother to have a child.
  • ML Kruwait – Nat’s father, a renowned surgeon who is revealed to be gay. 
  • Plern (Jukkoo Salita Klinchan): A reader of the column who becomes romantically involved with Thong Tien.
  • Permpol (Tonhon Tantivejakul): An ally of Nat and Choosak, who warns them about Pornchai’s plans to expose Thong Tien.

Plot Summary

In the story “Doctor Climax,” Nat is a dermatologist who aspires to be an adventure novelist and accidentally becomes a popular sex advice columnist. Many people read his column “The Climax Question” because of its explicit answers, but it also invites unwanted attention from the paper’s owner and the enforcers who want to unmask him. Nat’s fame and popularity become even more complicated when he falls in love with one of his colleagues. His writing is driven by the dissatisfaction of everyday life, while its effect leads him through personal trials as well as self-discovery. The show follows Nat’s journey from being a reserved dermatologist into an influential columnist that is full of comedic and heartening moments. 

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Who Is Nat And How Did He Become Doctor Climax?

Nat becomes Doctor Climax
Nat becomes Doctor Climax

Nat Muangnon, a young and reserved dermatologist who has a specialization in venereal diseases, is the main character of “Doctor Climax.” His real love is writing novels, and he only became a doctor because he was forced to do so by his family. With the aim of becoming a writer, Nat befriends Thong Tien, a bestselling author and journalist at the Bangkok Express newspaper. When Nat brings his manuscript to Thong Tien for appraisal, it turns out that it resembles some of his works. In the meantime, Nat goes on treating patients who often consult him on sexual issues, although open discussion about those subjects remains taboo in Thailand. 

Things change when Choosak Jaithon, editor of Bangkok Express, must bolster sales and compete with Siam Herald under pressure from his boss. In an editorial board meeting held within the office premises, there was a proposal for a column about sex to attract readership, which some employees were against, like Linda, who runs the art department. As a result, they launched a column fully focused on sexual education as well as awareness, whereby representatives responded to questions sent by its readers. Due to his medical background and creative acumen concerning this matter, Thong Tien suggests Nat should take up such a role.

Nat was hesitant at first, but soon he took up the job because he thought that it would help him become a novelist. Choosak and his team first suggested that the column be published under Nat’s name, but Linda proposed the alias “Doctor Climax,” which will conceal Nat’s real identity and make the article more attractive. The column was named “The Climax Question, and it took off dramatically, hence increasing sales for the newspaper and allowing readers to ask private questions without being identified. While dealing with this changeover, Nat faced some obstacles and slowly began to develop romantic feelings towards Linda, making it more complicated for him to handle.

Why Is MP Pornchai Bent on Stopping Nat’s Column?

MP Pornchai
MP Pornchai

Pornchai was a newly elected Member of Parliament who has been very vocal about his disdain for any form of sexual content in print. He was determined to put an end to Nat’s column by whatever means necessary. Pornchai criticized the column and the Bangkok Express newspaper as they kept getting popular. He represented conservative views, insisting that open discussions about sex issues will infringe upon morals in society. According to him, such a column is like circulating pornographic material to minors.

The truth was that the popularity of the column showed that people were interested and entertained by its content; it helped many readers genuinely through Nat’s advice and recommendations. Even government sex education programs do not reach this level of sexual sensibility. Nevertheless, Pornchai does not consider these benefits but zeroes in solely on their potential limitations. This indicates a broader ideological conflict between conservatives and modernists, where Pornchai vehemently opposes any liberal changes or adjustments.

Despite his attempts to ignite public opinion against the Bangkok Express’ column, he keeps quiet about Bangkok Express’ rival publication, Siam Herald, a paper that enhances its sales using provocative images. Pornchai pays no heed when Choosak and his team attempt to justify their column by claiming it has educational value. The show hints at the possibility of a business deal between Pornchai and the Siam Herald, which would explain his selective outrage.

Pornchai will stop at nothing until he knows who exactly “Doctor Climax” is. In order to achieve this, he conspires with Police General Captain Pao to bring down Nat. Nat’s colleagues in the newspaper realize that the police are unfairly targeting one of them as a columnist and do everything possible to hide her personal details. To confuse Pornchai and his men, they tell them that Thong Tien is Doctor Climax, so as to make them think he has been caught.

Thong Tien starts frequenting an adult club after falling in love with one of the readers of the column. This gives Pornchai and Captain Pao an excellent chance to expose the author of these articles. They draw up a plan: Tien should be caught red-handed doing something immoral in the club thus revealing himself as Climax Doctor and destroying this last hope for saving face through discrediting all notes made by him all together.

Why Does Nat Avoid Questions About Homosexuality? 

Nat receives an overwhelming number of letters from readers as a result of his work as a columnist at a popular newspaper, which makes requests for advice on various topics. The letters are sorted according to urgency, reflecting the column’s huge impact on its audience. However, one thing seems obvious: Nat never seems to answer questions about homosexuality. In spite of its original aim being guidance and education, Linda, one of his colleagues, confronts him about his indecisiveness in tackling these matters. She underlines the importance of fighting social prejudices and demystifying myths about homosexuality that some still consider a disease.

Through Nat’s private life, we can see how rich he is. His family is referred to by titles and has influential connections with royalty. Despite this, there are problems within Nat’s family unit. He lives together with his mother, who does not stop pressuring him and her daughter-in-law, Tukta, so much regarding giving birth to a child immediately. Their father, who was a widely recognized medical practitioner in Thailand, seems not to be around them anymore, hence his very conspicuous absence. Initially thought dead, Pornchai MP reveals that ML Kruwait, Nat’s dad, is alive, but due to his gay status, their family has ceased communication with him since then.

For Nat, this disclosure comes as a shock, reminding him of some unpleasant events in his teenage life when he once stumbled on his father in a compromising position with another man. This feeling left Nat bewildered, scared, and nursing grudges against his father, further aggravated by the anti-homosexual propaganda that was prevalent at the time.

ML Kruwait eventually chose to live honestly, leading to the estrangement between him and his family, such that he now hides away in a secluded life free from the eyes of society. In spite of the absence of his dad, Nat is still troubled by unrequited loathing and ignorance about queerness that are reinforced by his mother’s persistent demands for grandchildren. She wrongly believes that homosexuality may be inherited due to societal myths.

The turning point for Nat’s journey towards acceptance and understanding is when he reconnects with his biological father after estranging himself from him for years. At this meeting, Nat’s deeply rooted prejudice came out, and he started blaming himself as well as grappling with many other personal conflicts while realizing the importance of inclusivity and unconditional acceptance. Eventually, though not easily, despite public resistance and challenges faced in writing about it through ‘his column,’ he begins tackling problems affecting gay people gradually. Nat’s efforts to foster empathy and support for LGBTQ+ individuals elicit mixed responses, indicating a continued struggle against ingrained prejudice.

“Doctor Climax” (2024) Ending Explained: Did Nat Save Thong Tien From Pornchai?

During a crisis, Nat becomes an unwavering supporter of Thong Tien. When Captain Pao and MP Pornchai confuse Tien for Dr. Climax, the anonymous columnist, and they falsely accuse him of being involved in lewd conduct with Plern, Nat takes a stance against his friend’s false tarnishing.

The tale begins when Pornchai and Pao scheme to set up Tien at an adult club under their control by using Plern to stage a raid on it. Their plan is centered on Tien, as they suspect that he might be behind the controversial column written by Dr. Climax. Consequently, they foolishly overlook that Tien is not the writer whose identity they are trying to uncover.

Nat and Choosak respond quickly after discovering this trap laid for them, so as to rescue their friend from the evil hands of those men. Despite all efforts made to make his escape unnoticeable, Pornchai’s men catch Tien in compromising dressing while standing near suggestive props. Due to this, Tien faces possible public humiliation because of this vengeful act by the politician. 

To worsen the condition, Pornchai manipulates these things by circulating incriminating photos among other media houses, such as the Siam Herald, which immediately goes ahead to publish damaging news about him. The article implies that Tien was involved in some illegal activities, thus questioning his integrity, which may cost him his job at Bangkok Express, where he works as a novelist.

Nat, with a sense of justice and loyalty towards his friend, takes the initiative to clear Tien’s name. Based on information obtained through a private investigator paid for by his mother, Nat exposes damning evidence against Pornchai and Pao. The detective’s surveillance tapes reveal a plot directed at tarnishing the image of Tien, complete with pictures of the politician in question and his accomplices.

Bangkok Express makes the strategic move, as arranged by Choosak, to stage a press conference where findings from their investigation will be presented. The editorial team publishes an elaborate report that highlights how the politician abused authority, wasted public resources, and conspired to falsely implicate Tien. By doing so, they clear Tien’s name and make Pornchai and Captain Pao liable for gross misconduct.

Nat’s column as Dr. Climax continues even during all these difficult times because it is real, and that’s why many readers enjoy it. Despite his newfound fame as well as the duties bestowed upon him, Nat languidly moves between different facets of his public identity, being both down-to-earth and more dynamic as he keeps working to preserve his platform’s necessity of fostering dialogue that matters within society.

What Happens With Linda and Tukta?

Linda’s father had molested her mother, but her father’s family unfairly blamed her mother for seducing him. This led Linda to despise men who cheat on their wives. Heartbroken, Linda visits her mother in Hat Yai. Nat follows, apologizes, and admits he misses her and can’t work without her. Linda agrees to return but insists Nat supports his wife, Tukta. She also makes it clear she won’t sleep with him again. Back at work, Linda saves Sangjaan’s life but is shaken when Pol gets shot, leading her to quit. She then discovers she’s pregnant with Nat’s child. Nat confesses his love, saying she made his life enjoyable and he can’t live without her. Linda considers an abortion but struggles with the decision. 

When she tells Nat about the pregnancy, his reaction worries her, and she says she will have an abortion. As she walks away, she meets someone named Khomson, who might change her mind.

Tukta meets Tong, a lawyer, at a school reunion and tells him she would have been happier marrying him instead of Nat. Tong loved Tukta and named his daughters after her, but he can’t leave his family now. That night, Tukta drinks alone and ends up having a one-night stand, which turns into an affair. This relationship helps her become more confident and independent. Tukta’s life no longer revolves around Nat. She stops taking the pills he gave her and realizes she never truly loved him. She falls in love with her new partner and wants a divorce.

Tong warns her that if Nat proves her infidelity, she could lose everything. Tukta tries to reconcile with Nat, but it doesn’t work because Nat can’t accept her changes. Soon after, Tukta finds out she is pregnant, which upsets Nat. Feeling trapped in an unhappy marriage, she decides to have an abortion.