Dancing For The Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult Documentary Series Explained In Detail

Dancing For The Devil - The 7M TikTok Cult Interviewees, Summary, Ending and Story Explained
Dancing For The Devil - The 7M TikTok Cult Interviewees, Summary, Ending and Story Explained

“Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult” is a three-episode documentary series directed by Derek Doneen, which came out on Netflix on May 31, 2024. It explores the 7M Films controversy, with episodes running for 58 minutes, 53 minutes, and 49 minutes.

Plot Summary

“Dancing with the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult” is a show about a group called 7M Films and Shekinah Church. They tell young people they’ll be famous on TikTok, but some members say they’re being used and tricked.

The show tells stories of people who joined 7M Films and Shekinah Church, thinking they’d be famous. Instead, they had to work a lot, lost their freedom, and stopped talking to their friends and family.

The leaders of the group have a lot of control over the members. They make people scared and guilty to keep them in the group. Some people even had to give away their money and things. The show also tells how some people found the courage to leave and start over. They tell their stories to warn others about the dangers of 7M Films and Shekinah Church.

The show is a warning about what can happen when people are controlled. It shows the dark side of wanting to be famous and why it’s important to be careful about who you trust.


  1. Dean Wilking is Melanie and Miranda’s dad. He talks in the documentary series about being worried about 7M Management and Shekinah Church, especially because his daughter is involved. Even though the church stops him from seeing Miranda, Dean keeps trying to reach out to her, hoping to bring her home and rebuild their relationship.
  2. Kelly Wilking is Miranda and Melanie’s mom. She’s a strong woman who’s determined to reconnect with her daughter. She’s patient and willing to do whatever it takes to bring their family back together.
  3. Melanie Wilking: She’s Miranda’s sister and feels sad about Miranda’s life now. They used to be very close and even got famous together as the “Willing Sisters.” But Miranda changed after joining 7M Films and Shekinah Church. Her behavior got strange, and it worried her sister a lot. In the documentary about Miranda, she’s like the main support.
  4. Konkrete: James Derrick’s close friend and ex-member of 7M management, Konkrete, joined James in the World of Dance Championships in 2018. In the documentary series, he talks about the controversies linked to 7M and Shekinah Church, even calling them a cult.
  5. Kailea Gray: Meet Kailea, Konkrete’s girlfriend, joining the interview lineup. She shares her unexpected experience at a dinner party with Robert Shinn and other 7M members. Thinking it was just a casual dinner party, she dressed up and went to Robert’s house. But Robert announced, “We’re all in this church together,” which wasn’t the vibe she was expecting at all.
  6. Kylie Douglas: Kylie, Aubrey Fisher’s girlfriend, and a former member of 7M, talks about her relationship with Aubrey and their connection to Robert Shinn’s company. She shares a lesson from Shekinah Church: “You have to ‘die’ to your family to save them.” This means, that even if your family doesn’t attend church regularly, by disconnecting from them, you can still lead them to heaven. 
  7. Melanie Lee: One of the central figures in the docuseries. Alongside her sister Priscylla, she’s found some healing by moving on from her past. They were young Korean immigrants drawn into Shekinah Church, seeking hope.
  8. Priscylla Lee: Melanie’s sister, opens up about their experience in the 7M TikTok world. She admits to missing it despite the pain it caused, as the trauma still lingers.

Who Started Shekinah Church And 7M Films? What Does He Say In His Sermons?

Robert Shinn Founder of Shekinah Church
Robert Shinn Founder of Shekinah Church

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Robert Shinn is the pastor and founder of Shekinah Church, based in Los Angeles. He also founded 7M Films, an entertainment company. According to audio recordings, Miranda’s family began a campaign on Instagram, calling them a cult. An article even claimed a TikTok star joined their supposed cult. Media and production companies are interested in making documentaries about them because they’re quite famous. In the audio, we can hear people laughing and cheering as Shinn talks about their popularity. It’s worth noting that this Shekinah Church is independent and not connected to other churches with the same name.

What Are 7M Films And Shekinah Church, And What Do They Do?

7M is a talent management company
7M is a talent management company

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7M Films is a company that manages social media influencers, especially on TikTok. Shekinah Church is a religious group connected to 7M Films. They promise to help young people become famous and successful online. However, some former members say 7M Films and Shekinah Church are very controlling and manipulative.

Many of 7M’s 11 dancers have millions of followers on TikTok and Instagram. Some have been on “So You Think You Can Dance” and have toured with Janet Jackson and Madonna. Now, they are popular in viral videos online. One woman claims that the leaders of this group live in mansions and drive expensive cars. She also says that the church services are very secretive. Another woman says that some members have stopped talking to their families. A man mentions that 7M tells viewers they are not a cult but just a management company.

Former members say there is a lot of exploitation of mental health, money, and fame in 7M Films and Shekinah Church. The people in 7M Films get famous, but their money is taken and misused. They are also pressured to cut off their families and friends. According to these statements, the people in 7M Films and Shekinah Church are being brainwashed.

Is 7M Films A Cult, And What Evidence Exists To Support This Claim?

Evidence that support the 7M Films a cult
Evidence that support the 7M Films a cult

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Some former members and outsiders call 7M Films a cult because it controls and manipulates its members. Kevin Konkrete Davis, Aubrey Fisher, Kylie Douglas, Melanie Lee, Priscylla Lee, and Kailee Gray, who used to be part of 7M Films and Shekinah Church, share their stories. They were recruited by Pastor Robert Shinn with promises of fame and success.

As articles about 7M Films being a cult spread, Aubrey Fisher remembers Shinn telling them not to believe everything they see or hear. Aubrey started investigating because he couldn’t believe all the articles were saying the same thing. Kailee Gray felt confused and on high alert after reading the articles.

They describe how Shinn acted like a mentor and father figure but soon controlled their every move, manipulating and isolating them. Kevin felt trapped, and Kailee experienced gaslighting and emotional abuse. They eventually left the group after realizing Shinn’s controlling behavior.

Their stories show how Pastor Shinn and the 7M Films/Shekinah Church leadership used emotional exploitation to recruit and keep members. Andrea Marks, a journalist from Rolling Stone, first heard about 7M when Miranda Wilking’s family went live on Instagram, causing a flurry of reactions. There were allegations that the dancers weren’t in control of their finances and were forced to donate large portions of their income. Andrea approached the matter with healthy skepticism, reaching out to dancers and commenters for more information. Former members said people had been suffering in the church for decades, with control starting small and growing over time.

How Are People Fighting Back Against 7M Films And Shekinah Church, And What Did The Groups Say In Response?

People Fighting Back Against 7M Films And Shekinah Church
People Fighting Back Against 7M Films And Shekinah Church

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People have accused 7M Films and Shekinah Church of emotional manipulation, taking advantage of people financially, and acting like a cult. Some former members say they had to work long hours, lost personal freedoms, and were forced to cut ties with friends and family. However, 7M Films and Shekinah Church deny these claims, saying they are a legitimate business and religious group.

Despite the increasing pressure, audio recordings of sermons show the group’s leaders joking about the situation and using it to boost their fame. They can be heard laughing and cheering about how much attention they are getting.

How Do 7M Films And Shekinah Church Recruit And Retain Members, And What Tactics Do They Use?

Melanie and Priscylla Lee
Melanie and Priscylla Lee

7M Films and Shekinah Church often recruit young people looking for fame and success on social media. They promise training, support, and industry connections. Once people join, they must follow strict rules, attend religious services, and join group activities. Some former members say they were pressured to stay through emotional manipulation and fear.

Former members Melanie Lee and Priscylla Lee have shared more details. Melanie, who left 11 years ago, is just now confronting her past after seeing it resurface on social media. Priscylla spent 23 years in Shekinah and sometimes misses it despite the pain. She says Pastor Robert made them believe leaving Shekinah meant disobeying God and facing curses. Priscylla also shares that Pastor Robert claimed her sister Melanie was cursed, preventing contact.

Melanie explains that Pastor Robert targeted young people for labor, keeping their earnings for himself. These young people, lacking job experience and seeking spiritual fulfillment, worked long hours for little pay. Melanie worked from Monday to Saturday, 7 am to 7 pm, for just $100 a week. She reveals that Pastor Robert owned multiple businesses, including cafes, mortgage and real estate companies, and flower shops, employing church members at minimal wages.

What Is The Shekinah Trend?

Melanie explains Aubrey how Shekinah is fooling new members
Melanie explains Aubrey how Shekinah is fooling new members

Melanie explains to a guy named Aubrey a pattern she observed at Shekinah. She describes how new members are slowly integrated into the community. Once they are more involved, the church deposits $100,000 into the member’s bank account. However, shortly after, the church withdraws this money, claiming that the member is now making a generous donation to Shekinah Church. This tactic not only creates a false sense of wealth and generosity but also ties the member’s financial resources directly to the church, reinforcing their control and influence over the member.

What Actions Are Former Followers Taking Against Pastor Robert And 7M Films?

Former Followers Takes Action Against Pastor Robert And 7M Films
Former Followers Takes Action Against Pastor Robert And 7M Films

Melanie, her sister, and other former followers and family members come together to take action against Pastor Robert and his associates. They aim to address the alleged abuses and manipulations within 7M Films, a management company closely tied to Robert’s Shekinah Church, and move forward from their past. They file a cross-complaint accusing them of serious offenses, including fraud, forced labor, human trafficking, and, in Robert’s case, sexual battery. The episode likely explores their efforts to expose the truth and seek justice for the wrongs they experienced. It’s a powerful narrative of overcoming adversity and striving for closure from a troubling chapter in their lives.

Is The Case Of Melanie Wilking Still Unresolved?

Miranda’s case played a crucial role in the campaign against 7M Films and Shekinah Church. Her sister and parents initiated this campaign. When Miranda became involved with these groups, her behavior changed. She gradually severed ties with her family, causing them great concern.

Despite Miranda’s social media activity portraying normalcy, the reality is quite different. She has cut off communication with everyone she was once close to. Her sister believes that 7M Films and Shekinah Church have brainwashed her.

The documentary depicts Miranda’s parents making earnest attempts to reconnect with her. However, 7M Films and Shekinah Church have purportedly obstructed their efforts to see her. Despite numerous viral livestreams highlighting the situation, Miranda eventually met with her family, albeit during a live-streamed encounter. Miranda even requested to record their conversation, which her mother found peculiar.

Despite their persistent efforts, Miranda’s situation remains unresolved. While she occasionally shares content featuring her family, these interactions appear forced and lack genuine connection. This is deeply saddening for her parents and sister, who long for a genuine bond with her.

Is “Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult” Child-family friendly? 

Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult” is not child-friendly or family-friendly due to its mature themes, including allegations of manipulation, exploitation, and emotional abuse. It also discusses cult-like behavior and psychological control and contains mature content related to the influencer and content creation industry. However, the series can be educational for mature audiences as it raises awareness about the potential dangers of predatory behavior in the industry. It explores the importance of critical thinking and research when joining organizations or signing contracts and provides insight into the experiences of those affected by alleged cult-like behavior. The series suits viewers 18+ who are interested in true crime documentaries, investigative journalism, and social issues.