The Life You Wanted Cast, Plot, Characters And Ending Explained: Did Gloria Reunite With Her Son?

The Life You Wanted Cast, Characters, Plot, Ending Explained
The Life You Wanted Cast, Characters, Plot, Ending Explained (2024)

Netflix’s Italian drama series, ‘The Life You Wanted’ (‘La Vita Che Volevi’) has finally arrived. The series is written by Ivan Cotroneo and Monica Rametta. When a transgender woman is visited by her friend from the past, her life takes an unexpected turn. The six-episode series explores the complexities of relationships, the consequences of past actions, and the unpredictable nature of life. The narrative delves into themes of love, loss, and redemption, ultimately leaving the audience to ponder the intricacies of human existence.

Cast With Characters

  • Vittoria Schisano as Gloria. She is the protagonist in the film whose life turns upside-down when her friend/ex-lover from the past returns. 
  • Pina Turco as Marina. She is Gloria’s ex-lover and her friend. 
  • Giuseppe Zeno as Sergio. He is Arianna’s dad. He comes to Gloria looking for his daughter. 
  • Nicola Bello as Andrea. He is Marina and Andrea’s son. 
  • Alessio Lapice plays Pietro. Marina’s ex-husband and the antagonist in the series.
  • Bellarch as Eva. She is Gloria’s assistant and comes to her aid when she is caught in the mess. 

Plot Summary

‘The Life You Wanted’ narrates the tumultuous tale of Gloria, a transgender woman whose life is turned into a mayhem by the unexpected arrival of her ex-lover Marina and her children. The revelation that Andrea is Gloria’s son only adds to the complexity of the situation. As tension mounts with the arrival of Peitro, who is searching for Marina, Gloria’s peaceful existence is shattered.

In a twist of fate, Gloria outsmarts Peitro and finds herself embroiled in a physical altercation. However, she is eventually rescued by Sergio. The plot thickens as Andrea meets an accident, when he learns that Gloria offered a substantial sum of money to his mother to keep him at bay. 

The discovery of Marina’s illness adds another layer of sorrow and anxiety to Gloria’s already overwhelming situation. Reflecting on their past together, Gloria grapples with a range of emotions as she is faced with the responsibility of convincing Marina to undergo surgery.

Marina is eventually killed by Pietro. He follows Gloria to get to his son and offers her the ultimate exchange but it involves her son Andrea. Will Gloria risk her son’s life to save the baby? Let’s find out.

What Is The Real Reason Behind Marina’s Visit?

Maria, Sergio and Gloria
Maria, Sergio and Gloria

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Gloria’s former lover, Marina, suddenly visits her friend and begins to look for the fathers of her kids. Marina, pregnant with Peitro’s baby, gives birth to a baby boy. After Marina’s delivery, her gynaecologist reveals the hidden secret about Marina’s health to Gloria. On hearing the shocking news, Gloria confronts her friend about the truth and she learns that Marina has been suffering from Brain cancer when she was pregnant with the baby. When Sergio and Gloria question Marina as to why she kept it a secret, she yells at them and says she does not need anyone’s empathy. Marina later informs her son about her health who is utterly shocked to hear the news as well. 

Where Does Marina Escape To?

Marina escaped from hospital to lighthouse
Marina escaped from hospital to lighthouse

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Gloria and others come to know about Marina’s cancer post her delivery. Doctors ask Marina to be careful and that she will have to undergo a complex surgery for the removal of the brain tumour. One unfortunate night, Marina faces a seizure. The next day, doctors tell her to shift to another hospital, as the tumour is growing and they need to operate as soon as possible. Scared to face the operation, Marina escapes from the hospital. Her sudden disappearance from the hospital creates panic among the doctors as well as among her family members including Gloria. So, Andrea and Gloria decide to convince Marina about the surgery only to find she has left. They search for her in possible places. Later, Gloria receives a call from Marina who informs her that she is at the lighthouse. Gloria convinces Marina who is scared to death and brings her children to her before she goes for the surgery.

What Happens Between Marina And Pietro?

Pietro pushes Marina from the terrace
Pietro pushes Marina from the terrace

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Marina decides to talk to her ex-husband, Pietro about her health. She calls him up and they agree to meet on the terrace. When Pietro learns about Marina’s surgery, he inquires with her about their son. Marina lies about her son and tells him that he is at the hospital. On hearing this, Peitro offers to pay a visit to Marina on the day of the surgery along with their son, but Marina tells him she might not make it as it will be a complex surgery. She asks him to leave before anyone finds out. Suddenly, Marina receives a message from Sergio and Peitro who had been hiding, rushes back to snatch her phone, and sees the family photo which includes Gloria and Sergio along with the three kids. Infuriated with the scene, he thinks Marina is lying and pushes her from the terrace in a jiffy. Marina is killed and this worsens the situation. Meanwhile, Gloria tries hard to find out the perpetrator with the help of a detective. 

Why Does Sergio Lie To Gloria About Marina’s Last Wish?

When Andrea starts to yell at Gloria and call her names, Sergio steps in between them to stop the issue from escalating. He lies to Gloria about Marina’s last wish that she wanted Andrea to stay with Sergio as she didn’t believe that Gloria could be a good parent to him as Andrea never liked her. Sergio admits that he made a terrible mistake and apologises to Gloria for lying about Marina’s wish. He told Gloria that Maria made him promise that Andrea would always be a part of her life. He admits that he got scared when he saw the intense situation between the two of them. Gloria listens to Sergio’s explanation with a mixture of anger and confusion. She struggles to comprehend why he would go to such lengths to manipulate the situation, especially when it involved the well-being of her son. Despite feeling betrayed by Sergio’s actions, she can see the fear and desperation in his eyes as he speaks. Slowly, she begins to understand the depth of his insecurity and his need to hold on to the memory of Marina. 

Who Rescues Andrea?

Pietro kidnaps Andrea to get to his son. He calls Gloria and asks her to bring his son in exchange for Andrea and threatens her that if she informs anyone, he will kill her son. A scared Gloria runs to her car with her son to meet Pietro. While exchanging her son, Gloria tricks Pietro and brings a baby doll instead of the baby and asks Andrea to run for his life. Pietro grabs Gloria and tries to kill her, but Sergio comes to save her life. He gets into a brawl with Pietro and in the middle of it, Sergio shoots him. Finally, Sergio and Gloria become one start to live together as a family.