Die Hart 2: Die Harter Plot, Characters And Ending Explained: Does Kevin Get His Revenge?

Die Hart 2: Die Harter Cast, Characters, Plot, Ending Explained 2024
Die Hart 2: Die Harter Cast, Characters, Plot, Ending Explained (2024)

The action-comedy “Die Hart 2: Die Harter,” debuted on Prime Video recently, featuring Kevin Hart in the lead role. Kevin, caught up in a sinister plan, strives to figure out who is controlling his life and for what reason. Eric Appel is the film’s director, and it comes with a stellar cast. This is the second volume of the “Die Hart” series, which had its Quibi premiere in 2020.

Cast With Characters

  • Kevin Hart as Kevin Hart the comedian and actor. He is the protagonist of the story. The whole film revolves around his life. 
  • Ben Schwartz as Andre. He is Kevin Hart’s right-hand man. 
  • Greg Krieg as The Swede or The Swedish mobster. He bluffs with Kevin and kidnaps him. 
  • Nathalie Emmanuel as Jordan King. She is Kevin’s co-star who gets stuck with Kevin in the real-life action film. She played the role of Missandei in the HBO series Game of Thrones. 
  • Melissa Ponzio as Debra Simon. She is part of a big production house. Kevin has his complete faith in her hoping that she would give him an opportunity to star in an action film. 
  • Paul Pell as Cynthia. She is Kevin’s assistant, Andre’s mom who meets Kevin when he visits Andre’s home. She is a happy-go-lucky woman who is also a huge fan of Kevin Hart. 

Plot Summary

Kevin Hart is the protagonist in the film ‘Die Hart 2’, who is pursuing his ultimate aim of becoming a movie star. He aspires to be a big action star and pitches a script to one of the producers, only to be rejected. He is so dissatisfied with using CGI and green screens that he prefers to perform his own stunts. A mobster dressed as a producer calls Kevin and invites him to meet him. He agrees to finance his project, but things change dramatically when he discovers that fate has something worse in store for him. One of his opponents attempts to exact revenge on him, and he becomes entangled in a nefarious plot. Kevin runs into his co-star, Jordan while attempting to get free from his captivity. Jordan is Kevin’s co-star and a friend who has consistently inspired Kevin to share his bright side with others. When Kevin gets shot in his arm, she embarks on a search with Andre to learn who is after Kevin’s life. Will Kevin be able to escape the situation? Let’s find out (spoilers ahead).

Who Is Karl Stromberg?

Karl Stromberg
Karl Stromberg

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Kevin Hart wants to be an action star. So, he plans a performance imitating a Hollywood action sequence to impress Debra Simon by showing off all his moves. Unfazed by Kevin’s staged performance, Debra was persistent that he should think of doing the sequel to his previous film which gained a lot of popularity among the audiences and threw his script in the trash. This breaks Kevin’s heart who was extremely enthusiastic about signing up for an action film but ends up feeling sad and rejected. One day, he gets a call from Karl Stromberg, who was a Swedish mobster pretending to be a producer. He drags Kevin into his plan by making false claims. He promised him that he would finance his film but it turns out that all he wanted was to kidnap Kevin Hart. There were some unknown people who wanted to take revenge for spoiling their image. Kevin gets stuck in a huge mess. 

How Does Jordan Help Kevin?

Jordan helps Kevin and brings him home
Jordan helps Kevin and brings him home

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Jordan coincidentally gets caught in the web along with Kevin when he is trying to escape from the death trap. When Kevin gets shot in his arm while running away from the place Jordan gets him the medical treatment. Later, Andre brings them to his home where his mother treats Kevin’s arm. Jordan makes Kevin realise that he should stop being harsh towards people and pay them some respect. She also makes him understand that he has made some foes because of his negative conduct. 

Why Does Doug Want To Take Revenge From Kevin?

Doug is fired by Kevin and decides to take revenge
Doug is fired by Kevin and decides to take revenge

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Doug is Kevin’s stuntman, who is mocked by him on the set of his action film. When Kevin learns that Jordan is performing her own stunts, he is inspired to do the same and tells her that he does not need a stuntman to do it. Doug overhears their chat and is fired by Kevin, who is not ashamed of his actions. Doug is hurt because he has been in the company for years. He tries to acquire a job, but it ends up being a terrible disappointment because no one needs him. Tired of being rejected, he constructs a sword and intends to seek revenge on Kevin. 

Why Does Mr. 206 Attack Kevin?

Mr 206 attacks Kevin
Mr 206 attacks Kevin

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Mr. 206 is Doug’s mentor and a well-known stuntman. When Kevin and Andre pay him a visit, he inquires as to why they are there. Then Kevin informs him that they chose to contact him because of his apprentice, Doug Eubanks. Mr 206 agrees to help Kevin and teaches him martial arts. But here’s the twist: the first thing he instructed him to do was climb a tree and jump to his death. Kevin and Andre are taken aback by this unusual move, as Andre jumps in to sacrifice himself for his closest friend. In the midst of their conversation, Kevin discovers a mark on Mr. 206’s right hand and attempts to recall where he saw it before. We later learn that he is the same butcher who attempted to kill Kevin in the torture room. Mr. 206 even follows Kevin to the mansion, where Jordan accidentally kills him. 

What Happens In Doug And Kevin’s Ultimate Battle?

Doug And Kevin’s Ultimate Battle
Doug And Kevin’s Ultimate Battle

Doug encounters Kevin in his mansion. When he learns that his mentor, Mr 206, has been killed, he goes wild and attempts to kill Andre, who is saved but impales himself with restoration hardware. Kevin tries to persuade Doug, who is determined to kill him with a large sword. During an intense fight with Jordan and Kevin, he is stabbed with a knife by Andre, and Kevin eventually smashes him in the head. In the last scene, Kevin is seen sharing a table with Andre, Jordan and Debra Simon. When Debra asks whether he’s ready to shoot the next picture, Kevin joyfully accepts and adds he’ll just have to ask his stuntman.Then Debra reminds him that he’s not in jail. When Kevin hears this, he laughs wickedly. We later learn that the police had the wrong person, and Kevin Hart had been imprisoned instead.