Too Old For Fairytales 2 Cast, Characters, Plot and Ending Explained

Too Old For Fairytales 2 Cast, Characters, Plot and Ending Explained (2024)
Too Old For Fairytales 2 Cast, Characters, Plot and Ending Explained (2024)

Too Old For Fairytales 2 is a Polish coming-of-age film directed by Kristoffer Rus and available to watch on Netflix since June 2024. This film is a sequel to Too Old For Fairytales, released in 2022.  

Cast with Characters

  • Maciej Karas as Waldek: A young teenager who is on a mission to meet his biological father against his mother’s wishes in the Tetra Mountains. 
  • Patryk Siemek as Staszek: Waldek’s  friend who accompanies Waldek on his journey to meet his father. 
  • Amelia Fijałkowska as Delfina: Waldek’s friend who helps Waldek and Staszek on taking their journey to High Tetras.
  • Karolina Gruszka as Teresa: Waldek’s mother and she wants to keep her son away from his father. 
  • Pawel Domagala as Piotr: Teresa’s boyfriend, who accompanies Teresa, her son and his friends on the trip to the Tetra Mountains.
  • Michal Zurawski as Krzysztof: Teresa’s ex-husband and Waldek’s biological father.
  • Dorota Kolak: Teresa’s aunt who lives in the Tetra Mountains.
  • Grzegorz Malecki as Highlander: Cheesemaker who lives in the highlands and helps Waldek and Staszek find Waldek’s father.

Plot Summary

Waldek, along with his two other friends, Staszek and Delfina, is on a trip to the Tatra Mountains where Aunt Mariola lives, along with his mother and her boyfriend, Piotrek. During this trip, he accidentally finds out that his biological father, who he has never met, lives nearby. And now he wants to meet his father and also does not want his mother to know because she would not let him meet his father. So Waldek, along with his friend Staszek, embarks on a mission to meet Waldek’s father, while Delfina is given the responsibility to hide this information from his parents. Will Waldek be able to reconnect with his father?

Introducing Waldek And His Friends

Waldek and his friends
Waldek and his friends

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Waldek’s mother, Teresa, takes him and his two friends to the Tatra Mountains during summer vacation to spend some time disconnected from their laptops. On the other hand, Piotrek is preparing himself to propose to Teresa but cannot gain the courage to propose to her. One day while hiking, Waldek finds out that his biological father lives nearby and decides to meet him. He always felt a void of not having a father and wanted to ask him his reason for leaving. But Waldek knew Teresa would not allow him to meet his father. So the friends decided to go alone. While Delfina was the one who made the map of the road, Waldek and Staszek left for their mission late at night while everyone was asleep. 

How Was Waldek And Staszek’s Cover Blown?

Waldek And Staszek’s Cover Blown

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While Waldek and Staszek left at night, Delfina had the responsibility to keep their cover safe. She lied about various things and made up stories for the elders. But Piotrek was the first one to see through the lies and Delfina was forced to tell the truth to Piotrek and Aunt Mariola. The three of them decide to keep this a secret from Teresa because she will freak out. So Aunt Mariola and Piotrek leave to go after the two boys while Delfina stays behind on a mission to keep everything a secret from Teresa.

How Did Waldek Find His Father?

The scene where Waldek meets his father
The scene where Waldek meets his father

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On the way, Waldek And Staszek meet a suspicious highlander who is a cheese maker, and he invites them over to his hut and feeds them sheep’s cheese. While talking, he told them that there was another man who lives in the highland behind the hill who also came from the city. Thinking that the man could be Waldek’s father, they asked the highlander to take them to that man. And that man turns out to be Waldek’s father, Krzysztof.

How Did The Meeting Go?

Krzysztof shows Waldek his gaming work station
Krzysztof shows Waldek his gaming work station

Krzystof is a game designer which impressed Waldek. He shows Waldek his working station and shows him the project he is working on. He told him that in two days Japanese investors would come to see a new game concept and wanted Waldek to work on a game with him.  Waldek even fights with his friend, who senses that there is something wrong about Krzysztof. On the other hand, Aunt Mariola and Piotrek reach the highlander’s hut and Teresa has also found out that the boys are not home; she and Delfina are also on their way to High Tatras, which is where Krzysztof lives. Teresa was the first one to reach Krzysztof’s place and wanted to leave with Waldek instantly. But Waldek wanted to stay with his father. Krzysztof requested Teresa to let Waldek stay for two days so that they could work on the game presentation.

Why Did Krzysztof Ditch Waldek?

Krzysztof ditches Waldek and takes the full credit of the game
Krzysztof ditches Waldek and takes the full credit of the game

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On the day of the game presentation in front of everyone present, Krzysztof lied that he came up with the idea of the game by himself. Waldek is disappointed with his father who goes on lying. Piotrek, in the nick of time, comes back to Krzysztof’s house and helps Waldek. Piotrek came up and told the Japanese inventors that Waldek collaborated with Krzysztof and has copyright law, and he cannot be left out if they are planning to invest in the game. When Waldek questioned Krzysztof why he lied to him and did not tell the investors that they worked together, Krzysztof shrugged him off, saying investors would not like the idea that a kid came up with the game design, and he did not want to risk his career.

Too Old For Fairytales 2 Ending Explained

Waldek went back home with his mother. All the kids come up with a plan to help Piotrek propose to Teresa. Krzysztof went to Aunt Mariola’s place to talk to Waldek. He came to persuade Waldek not only about the game but also to give him another chance as a father and spend some time together. Waldek tells him that he does not want to be with him again. Krzysztof walks away. The next day, Waldek goes on a hiking trip with Piotrek and gives him a jersey of their e-sports team, which also becomes a sign of their bonding. 

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