Baby Reindeer Season 1 Ending Explained, Why did Martha Call Donny “Baby Reindeer”?

Baby Reindeer Season 1 Ending Explained
Baby Reindeer Season 1 Ending Explained

“Baby Reindeer” is a thrilling TV show with 7 episodes that came out on Netflix on April 11, 2024. It’s based on a play by Richard Gadd, who also stars as the main character, Donny. The show draws from the real-life experiences of the writer and director, adding an extra layer of excitement.

This series delves into the real-life story of Richard Gadd, who portrays a character named Donny in the play. It revolves around Donny’s terror and trauma as he is stalked by Martha, while also exploring his complex attachment to her. Donny finds himself strangely drawn to Martha despite her frightening behaviour. Her relentless stalking leaves him speechless and deeply hurt, ultimately damaging his career while paradoxically contributing to its growth. The ordeal disturbs his romantic relationship with Teri (played by Nava Mau) and interactions with others, as well as affecting his job. However, it also strengthens his bond with his parents, who steadfastly support him throughout the ordeal.

  • Richard Gadd plays Donny, haunted by Martha’s stalking, blurring terror with fascination.
  • Martha’s relentless pursuit silences Donny, shattering his career, yet paradoxically propelling its ascent.
  • Amidst trauma, Donny’s bond with his parents fortifies, offering unwavering support through turmoil. 

How Did Martha’s Stalking Of Donny Begin?

The scene from Netflix series 'Baby Reindeer Season 1' where Donny offers Martha a cup of tea
The scene from Netflix series ‘Baby Reindeer Season 1’ where Donny offers Martha a cup of tea

It all began one day when Martha visited a cafe where Donny was working. She entered looking depressed and sad, prompting Donny to approach her and ask what she wanted. Martha responded that she couldn’t afford anything, leading Donny to offer her a complimentary cup of tea. This gesture sparked something within her.

Martha began to boast about herself, introducing herself as a lawyer working for many influential people and claiming to own a lot. However, Donny couldn’t help but wonder how someone with such apparent success couldn’t afford a simple cup of tea. From that day on, Martha visited the cafe every day, enjoying drinks offered by Donny for free. She would often claim to have had a long day or a tight schedule but would spend all her time talking to him. Despite always ordering the same drink – diet coke with plenty of ice – she never actually drank it. The situation intensified when Donny began to pay more attention to Martha, sparking her interest in him. This attention meant a lot to Donny, especially in a bustling city like London where standing out is no easy feat. Martha’s noticing him made him curious about her.

Donny had come to London with dreams of becoming a comedian, but his jokes fell flat with no one laughing. So, when someone like Martha saw him for who he aspired to be, it meant everything to him. Things took a turn for the worse when Martha obtained Donny’s email address and began bombarding him with countless emails each day.

Did Martha Lie to Donny About Everything?

Donny comes to know about all the lies Martha said to him
Donny comes to know about all the lies Martha said to him

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Yes, what Martha told Donny was all a lie, from her job to her possessions. After a coffee hangout with Martha one day, the situation escalated when her strange reaction of anger inside the cafe made him curious about her. After the hangout, they both went their separate ways, but Donny decided to follow Martha. Despite knowing she wasn’t a millionaire lawyer as she claimed, witnessing her outburst in the cafe left him unsettled, leading him to question who this woman really was and what she saw in him. He followed her to her apartment, where he peeked inside and saw that it was a complete mess.

After some time, Donny started noticing Martha’s unusual behavior escalating. He began to receive friend requests from her on Facebook, and out of curiosity, he decided to look into her profile. What he found was surprising and concerning. All of Martha’s photos were edited to make it seem like she was associated with high-class individuals. Determined to uncover more about her, Donny turned to Google. As he pieced together information from various sources, he discovered a troubling pattern in Martha’s past.

She had been fired from her job due to inappropriate behavior with her boss. He also found that Martha began to stalk her boss outside his home. She falsely reported to the police, accusing him of abusing his disabled child, a heinous lie. In another disturbing incident, she even attacked the boss’s mother in the street. Ultimately, Martha’s actions caught up with her, and she was sentenced to four and a half years in prison for her crimes. It was a chilling realization for Donny to discover that he is being stalked by a convicted stalking criminal.

Are There Any Complications In Donny and Teri’s Relationship Regarding Martha?

Donny and Teri's relationship
Donny and Teri’s relationship

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Donny and Teri met on a trans dating website. Donny changed his name from Tony to Donny and created a whole new persona, including a fake job, to keep himself hidden. He didn’t expect to fall in love, but he did, with Teri. When Martha, the convicted stalker, became a problem, Donny realized he needed to keep Teri and Martha apart. He had to tell Teri about Martha’s emails. He felt sorry for Martha and thought maybe there was more to her story.

One night, Donny ignored Martha, but the next day she was behind him, which scared him. He decided to tell Teri. But revealing this connected to his true identity, which he was hiding from Teri. She questioned why Martha called him Donny, leading to tension. Teri asked why Donny didn’t report Martha, but he felt it wasn’t a big deal. Teri got angry and warned Donny that if he didn’t stop Martha, she might have to visit her herself. Teri was upset that Martha was trying to fabricate her identity, not realising Donny was doing the same to her. With time this eventually leads to them breaking up. 

Did Donny Reveal The Truth About His Identity To Teri?

The scene where Donny reveal his true identity to Teri
The scene where Donny reveal his true identity to Teri

Donny meets Teri at her place and decides to come clean about his name, which upsets her greatly. She begins to doubt the truth of everything he’s told her. Donny also reveals that he works at a bar in Camden. When Teri asks about his aspirations and where he sees himself in 10 years, he responds, “a comedian,” which makes her laugh. However, after learning about Donny fabricating his identity, she no longer believes anything he says. This revelation strains their relationship, and Teri lets Donny leave her house feeling very tense between them.

What Suddenly Causes Donny To Burst Out In Anger Towards Martha?

The scene from Baby Reindeer Season 1 where Martha attacks Teri
The scene from Baby Reindeer Season 1 where Martha attacks Teri

It all started when Donny had to perform as a comedian in a competition in front of an audience. During his routine, he joked about Martha, not realising she was in the audience. Martha stood up and loudly protested, denying that she was a stalker.

After this incident, Donny sat with his girlfriend Teri, who was one of the judges. Martha approached them and attacked Teri, causing Donny to erupt in anger. He expressed that he wouldn’t want Martha in his life, even in a parallel world. Teri was left hurt, with blood stains on her face from the attack.

Do The Police Provide Any Assistance To Donny?

Donny approaches police for assistance
Donny approaches police for assistance

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At first, the police couldn’t do much because there wasn’t any evidence of harm. But as things escalated, Martha made Donny’s life miserable. She followed him to comedy clubs, putting him in awkward situations and ruining his career. Donny decided to go back to the police, and this time he was assigned to Detective Joanne Culver. She couldn’t reveal much but warned him that Martha was very serious, even once stalking a policeman. Detective Culver advised Donny not to give her his phone number.

Since then, Martha hasn’t contacted Donny, and there’s been a strange silence. Detective Culver informed Donny that Martha attended two social adjustment courses and seemed to handle them well. The detectives didn’t take further action but warned Donny that if Martha contacts him again, they will involve the CPS, who will decide the legal outcome.

To What Extent Does Martha Go in Stalking Donny?

Martha phones Donny's parents
Martha phones Donny’s parents

Martha went as far as contacting Donny’s parents to reach him, and her actions were twisted. She falsely told Donny’s parents that he had been in a car accident, taking her behavior to a disturbing level. Additionally, she contacted Donny’s dad, claiming to have obtained his number from a receptionist at work, posing as a client. This led to tense phone calls between Martha and Donny’s dad, who was known to be outspoken. The situation took a toll on Donny’s parents, especially with the incessant phone calls, causing his dad’s voice to become hoarse from shouting. Eventually, Donny’s mother urged him to quit for his safety. The ordeal prompted Donny to take action against Martha himself. 

Upon visiting the detective again, Donny discovered that Martha had been meticulously documenting every aspect of their interactions from the beginning. This realisation left him feeling helpless, as he realised that his intentions, driven by pity, wouldn’t be of any benefit legally. It was a significant turning point. Donny came to understand that Martha was well aware of her actions and adept at evading the law. Her expertise stemmed from being a repeat offender, a seasoned pro in manipulating situations to her advantage. One day, Martha returned to the pub where Donny was working and began mocking him with another man. This infuriated Donny, causing him to say things that she didn’t appreciate. In response, she violently attacked him, causing him to bleed.

How Does Donny’s Life Change Significantly?

Donny's breakdown scene where he tearfully reveals his sexuality to his parents
Donny’s breakdown scene where he tearfully reveals his sexuality to his parents

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Donny’s life took a dramatic turn after his breakdown during a comedy show where he had the whole crowd in stitches before opening up about his ordeal with his stalker, Martha. Within weeks, everything changed. Videos of his performance went viral, and suddenly everyone wanted him – from radio interviews to bigger gigs with better crowds. But then came a threatening call that shook Donny to the core. The caller demanded he confess to past physical altercations with another man, leading Donny to confront his parents about his sexuality, admitting he might be bisexual.

His mother lovingly accepted him, though he tearfully revealed a traumatic experience of being assaulted by another man, which shocked his parents. Despite feeling embarrassed and fearing their judgement, his parents stood by him, offering support and love. Donny decided to stay with them in Scotland, enjoying the quiet and peace of life with his phone turned off, feeling unafraid and at ease for the first time in a long while.

What Happens With Martha In The End?

In the court hearing, Martha pleaded guilty
In the court hearing, Martha pleaded guilty

While Donny was in Scotland, Martha bombarded him with numerous voicemails, which he later turned into a sort of podcast upon returning to London and retrieving his phone. Martha’s messages contained threats of violence and phobic remarks. In a court hearing attended by both Donny and Martha, she pleaded guilty, leading to her being remanded in custody. During the hearing, Martha tearfully referred to Donny as “my little reindeer,” a nickname she had given him from the beginning.

Why Did Martha Call Donny “Baby Reindeer”?

Ending Explaination-Why Martha called Donny 'Baby Reindeer'
Ending Explaination-Why Martha called Donny ‘Baby Reindeer’

While seated in the pub one day, Donny listens to Martha’s voice mail and listens to a story about Martha. It reveals that she cherished a cuddly toy from her childhood, a fluffy baby reindeer with endearing features. Christmas time held a special memory for her, depicted in an old photo with the reindeer beside her. Despite a tumultuous childhood marked by her parents’ frequent fights, this reindeer remained a comforting constant. Donny learns that he bears a striking resemblance to this beloved toy, earning him the affectionate nickname “baby reindeer.”