‘Crooks’ Ending Explained, What was the story behind Charly’s bold escape?

Crooks 2024 ending explained.
Crooks 2024 Ending Explained

Directed by Cuneyt Kaya and Marvin Kren, and released on April 2, 2024, this series hails from Germany and comprises eight episodes. Available on Netflix, it falls under the genre of crime fiction and thriller.

The storyline centers around a character named Charly and his family, whose peaceful life is disrupted when individuals from his past resurface, posing a threat to his safety and that of his loved ones. Consequently, Charly is forced to flee to protect his family from harm.

Plot Summary

“Crooks” tells the story of Charly and his family, surrounded by dangerous gang members of various ethnic backgrounds including Arabs, Blacks, and French. Charly, the main character, has a troubled past but is trying to start anew until he is coerced by a gang member into stealing a valuable coin from a well-guarded safe belonging to another gang. This coin, discovered by an amateur detectorist from Fichenwalde, is extremely valuable. 

Charly, known for his skill as a locksmith, initially refuses but is forced when the gang threatens his wife and son. However, the heist goes awry, resulting in unexpected violence and chaos. Charly finds himself caught between warring gangs and goes into hiding with Joseph, a strong and trustworthy ally who happens to be the son of a powerful man but suffers from a serious health condition. Joseph becomes Charly’s driver and a crucial friend in their fight for survival.

As the gangs turn on each other, Charly and Joseph form a strong bond, navigating a world where trust is scarce. When Charly’s wife and son are captured by another powerful group, they, along with a few other allies, work together to rescue them and start fresh, away from the dangers of the criminal underworld.

  • Charly, a reformed man with a troubled past, is coerced into a dangerous heist by a ruthless gang threatening his family’s safety.
  • Unexpected violence erupts as Charly’s attempt to steal a valuable coin goes disastrously wrong, plunging him into a perilous struggle for survival.
  • Amidst warring gangs and treacherous alliances, Charly forms a crucial bond with Joseph, a loyal friend, as they navigate the deadly underworld to rescue Charly’s captured loved ones.

How does Charly’s relationship with Joseph evolve, and why is Joseph such a crucial ally?

When Charly was offered a deal by Stephan to break into a safe and steal a large amount of cash, he refused. However, he felt pressured because his family’s safety was at risk if he didn’t comply. Eventually, Charly decided to go to Stephan and laid out his terms: the heist had to be clean without any guns or killing, and he made it clear that he never wanted to see Stephan again after this job. During their meeting, Charly was introduced to Joseph, who was said to be associated with Stephan from Vienna, and Joseph was designated as the driver for their operation.

On the night of the raid, Charly and another man entered the location where the safe was kept. After cracking it open, they found very little money inside. This made Charly suspicious, realizing that there might be something else going on. His suspicions were confirmed when he discovered Al-Walid’s coin in the safe, leading to tension and a brief altercation between him and his partner. Their commotion attracted the attention of a guard from another gang, who investigated and discovered them. Despite their efforts to escape, the guard pursued them and wounded Charly’s partner. In a desperate act of self-defense, the partner managed to turn the tables and kill the guard.

A scene from web series 'Crooks' where Charly saves Joseph from committing suicide
Charly saves Joseph from committing suicide

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Shocked by the events, Charly fled and later met with Joseph and another man to make a new deal involving the coin. As their story unfolded, they encountered numerous conflicts but remained steadfast in protecting each other. Joseph, feeling unloved and unwanted by everyone, reached a breaking point and attempted suicide. It was Charly who intervened and saved him, ultimately helping Joseph discover a letter from his father revealing that his father’s assets were all under his name. This act of kindness and loyalty from Charly deeply touched Joseph, strengthening their bond even further.

Throughout their journey, Charly and Joseph remained loyal to each other, always looking out for one another until the very end.

What leads to the unexpected violence and chaos during the heist?

The scene when Charly opens the safe and finds the coin originally stolen from the Museum
The scene when Charly opens the safe and finds the coin stolen from the Museum

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The pursuit of what initially appeared to be an ordinary coin becomes the focal point among various gangs. The theft of this seemingly inconsequential coin triggers a series of deadly events, including bloody murders and a relentless hunt for anyone standing in the way. Amidst the chaos, Charly finds himself caught in the middle, holding the coin that has become the epicenter of conflict. Gang members turn against each other, fueled by vengeance for the deaths within their own ranks, and it all boils down to everyone chasing after Charly and Joseph because they possess the coin.

Originally belonging to a museum, the coin was stolen by one gang member, only to be stolen again by another. The entire saga revolves around the coin’s value and the hefty price it commands, leading to a chain reaction of violence and multiple fatalities.

How did Charly and his allies plan, and execute the rescue mission for his captured wife and son?

Due to the relentless pursuit of Charly by various gang members, his wife and son are forced to go into hiding. All the gangs are after them to use as leverage against Charly because of the valuable coin. Constantly under threat, they reluctantly place their trust in a man named Rami, who promises to keep them safe but with undisclosed conditions. Unbeknownst to them, they fall into the clutches of Griselda Delacroix, a notorious figure feared by all gang members.

Rami, having betrayed them, provides information to Griselda about a container ship with lax customs checks, carrying a large quantity of cocaine. In exchange for the protection of his family, Charly is coerced into a dangerous mission. However, when the truth is revealed, Griselda shoots Rami, leaving Charly under immense pressure.

Charly's wife and son's rescue plan
Charly’s wife and son’s rescue plan

In dire straits, Charly reaches out to Joseph, who in turn enlists the help of a savvy woman in exchange for the coin. Utilizing Charly’s son’s football game as a diversion, they orchestrate a plan to smuggle a key inside the ball, allowing Charly’s wife and son to escape. Charly assists them in the plan, but as they make their getaway, Joseph stays behind and is shot. The women help tend to his wounds and rush him to the hospital, displaying their loyalty and dedication to their cause. 

What’s the story behind Charly’s bold escape?

Charly's bold escape plan for survival
Charly’s bold escape plan for survival

In a tense showdown, Charly and a rival gang leader found themselves in a tough spot, caught by the dangerous woman known as Griselda and her gang. Stripped of their freedom, they were forced into a rough fight against each other, chained to each other, and watched closely by Griselda and her gang. What started as a clash quickly turned into a fight for survival as Charly and his enemy saw how bad things were. In a life-or-death situation where each person had to eliminate the other to survive.

They smartly came up with a bold plan to escape. They quietly shared their plan and seized the chance to break free from their chains. They bravely took the leap from the balcony as it was their only chance of survival, despite the considerable risk involved. This quick getaway not only stopped their captors’ plans but also saved their lives. In a world marked by violence and betrayal, their collaborative effort to escape, risking their lives to save each other, exemplified a profound act of trust amidst their turbulent history.

Is this series a happy ending?

The movie concludes on a bittersweet note, blending a happy ending for Charly’s family with an open-ended resolution for Joseph. Charly’s family is safe and content, and he forms a new alliance, leaving his troubled past behind. Meanwhile, Joseph finds himself living a comfortable life thanks to his father’s will, but with Al-Walid’s coin in his possession, hinting at a new beginning or venture on the horizon.

Will there be a season 2?

The conclusion of Charly’s story and his reunion with his family leave us on a satisfying note, yet there’s a lingering anticipation for what lies ahead for Joseph. Holding the coin in his hand, Joseph embarks on a new task, hinting at potential developments in a second season. However, the direction of the story may depend on the viewers’ interests and demands.