“I Woke up a Vampire” Season 2 Plot and Ending Explained in Detail

I woke up a vampire season 2 ending explained
I Woke Up A Vampire Season 2 Ending Explained

The second season of “I Woke Up a Vampire” (2024) is here! It is a teen fantasy comedy that begins right where the first season ended. Created by Thomas W. Lynch, it still stars Carmilla “Carmie” Henley (Kaileen Angelic Chang), a thirteen-year-old vampling (half-vampire and half human). She’s trying to be a normal teenager in middle school, but it is proving to be complicated amid fighting vampire hunters, shapeshifters, and juggling a school musical.

You can stream all the episodes of this season on Netflix and the Family Channel! 

Quick Recap of “I Woke Up a Vampire” Season 1

Carmie, a 13-year-old girl, surprisingly learns that she is a half-vampire on her birthday. She discovers that she is “Blended” (from a comic book series), meaning that she is the child of a human and a vampire. In three years, Carmie will have to make a decision between living as an ordinary human or as a vampire.

It’s also at this point that she meets Olivia, who was once vampling herself and who wrote the book series about it. Olivia warns Carmie about her evil vampire mother who seeks her. Carmie also meets a warlock who advises her to hide her powers.

Carmie’s siblings, along with her friend Madison (a werewolf), find out about their secret lives and join her in the adventures they get involved in. Dylan, who was hired by the Collector to hunt Blendeds, arrives in town as a vampire hunter. As he realises that he used his powers for the wrong purpose, the shapeshifter blackmails him into capturing Blendeds for personal gain.

Madison gets captured, but Dylan, now on Carmie’s side, hatches a plan. Carmie shrinks and pretends to be captured, leading the shapeshifter to believe she has no powers. The Collector, revealed to be Carmie’s father, helps them free their friends.

The story ends with unanswered questions. The shapeshifter is Carmie’s mother, and the Collector might be a warlock himself. Season 2 will likely explore these mysteries and the looming war Carmie is destined for.

Season 2 of “I Woke Up a Vampire”: Carmie starts High School

Carmie, Dylan and Kev start a new chapter of their lives in high school
Carmie, Dylan and Kev start a new chapter of their lives in high school

Season 2 starts with Carmie showing her supernatural prowess, as her powers have gotten stronger since season 1. Dylan is feeling directionless after leaving the life of a vampire hunter. The three friends are stressed but excited to start a new chapter of their lives in high school, away from the blended drama. Dylan warns Carmie to be aware of other hunters.

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A scene from Ep 1 where Carmie wakes up with a jolt
A scene from Ep 1 where Carmie wakes up with a jolt

On the night before high school, Carmie converses with her adoptive mother, Aasha, as the two bond over Aasha’s high school experience. Suddenly, Aasha turns to the shapeshifter and tells Carmie that she’ll be a Mythic and destroy all humankind. Carmie wakes up with a jolt.

The three friends start their day with excitement. Leanna is seen promoting herself on social media. Kev feels upset about being invisible in high school and bullied by a few older kids. Dylan joins the computer club. Carmie meets an attractive sophomore named Tristan, who runs track. Madison shares her skills with Carmie over a video call.

Carmie gets upset when Kev’s new comic (named ‘Carmela’) is about a vampling who resembles her. The comic makes Kev popular among the seniors. When Carmie’s super speed is recorded in one of Leanna’s tiktoks, it goes viral, and the school coach asks her to come to try-outs. Carmie and Tristan interact a lot in the first episode. However, Tristan is shown as a suspicious character and calls Carmie “the one” when he realises her super strength and speed.

Does Carmie get into the track team?

Carmie practices hard to get into the team
Carmie practices hard to get into the team

Carmie practises hard for the tryouts to get into the team without using her powers. After getting kicked out of the computer club, Dylan tries his hand at selling newspapers but fails at that too. The collector advises Kev to do a signing for Kev’s comic in the shop.

Dylan finds a letter with a secret code written by the first Helsing to come to America, Abraham, dated 1903. He’s determined to crack it. A box of old family artifacts helps Dylan get closer to the riddle. Carmie and Tristan get closer during practice, and he invites her for pizza.

Back in Carmie’s house, Carmie’s siblings make a deal with Kev to get people to come to his book signing for free copies. Carmie spends time with the sophomores and doesn’t check her phone (as Tristan hid it). She sympathises with Tristan’s friend, Stacey, as her dream is to be on the track team. Carmie is reprimanded by her parents when she reaches home late at night. She tells Madison about her feelings for Tristan.

Dylan sees a lot of cool artefacts in the box and finds a picture of a goblin along with his ancestors. Carmie makes the track team while intentionally losing the last race to Stacey, which upsets Tristan. Kev had a successful book signing, although Carmie couldn’t attend. At the store, Dylan shows the letter to Carmie, and she’s hypnotized by it. On touching it, she’s thrown into the wall backwards with a strong force!

Is Dylan able to translate the letter written in Goblin?

The Collector explained that the letter was a Grimoire, a magical book addressed to Carmie and written in goblin language.

At school, Tristan asks Carmie if she’s coming to the school dance, and she says yes. Right after, she convinces Kev and Dylan to accompany her as her wingmen.

Carmie asks Leanna to help her choose a dress, but Leanna brings her team with her (called “LeannaLifers”) to give Carmie a whole makeover, starting with a spa, a teeth cleaning procedure, relaxing hot stone therapy, choosing a dress, and doing her makeup.

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A scene from "I Woke up a Vampire" Season 2 where Dylan and Kev trying to trying to solve the mystery written in Goblin language
A scene from “I Woke up a Vampire” Season 2 where Dylan and Kev trying to trying to solve the mystery written in Goblin language

Dylan and Kev, on the other hand, are deep into solving the mystery message in the letter. Dylan is determined to solve this riddle in the name of his ancestors. He and Kev go out in search of goblins, and they are successful in finding one. That Goblin helps them translate the contents of the letter as he knew Dylan’s great-great-great grandfather, Abraham Van Helsing.

At the school dance, Carmie is upset as Dylan and Kev are not by her side, but she has a great time dancing with Tristan. They later told her about the message in the letter and revealed that Carmela would choose to be a Mythic and lead the world against humans. A twist at the end reveals Tristan working for the shapeshifter to bring Carmie to her.

What happens at the scavenger hunt?

The school organises a scavenger hunt where Tristan is appointed the forest patrol guide. Leanna teams up with Kev, and Dylan pairs up with Carmie. Some tension arises between Dylan and Tristan, and Tristan takes revenge by burning the flares in Dylan’s bag. At the park, Kev tells Dylan to keep an eye on Tristan, as they don’t trust him.

Carmie and Dyland are having a great time finding the items on the list when Dylan finds some blueberries, which he eats and stores some for later.

Kev and Leanna, on the other hand, are two indoor lovers who stay inside Leanna’s beautiful tent with WiFi as she live streams the whole thing. Leanna annoys Kev with her facials when her WiFi dies, and she starts freaking out. Kev calms her and later gets to know that he has an invitation to the Fan con.

The scene where Tristan reveals his powers to Carmie and turns into a half-warrior fairy
The scene where Tristan reveals his powers to Carmie and turns into a half-warrior fairy

Some misunderstandings make Dylan and Carmie argue, which makes both of them separate. Carmie meets Tristan on the way, and Dylan eats his blueberries and finds all the items. Tristan and Carmie bond, and in an intentional accident, Carmie’s powers are revealed to Tristan. Tristan also reveals his true identity as a half-warrior fairy. On seeing Dylan come their way, he pushes Dylan back into the forest using his magic. Carmie has no idea of his ill intentions.

How does Tristan manipulate Carmie against her friends and family?

The scene where Tristan manipulates Carmie against her friends and family
The scene where Tristan manipulates Carmie against her friends and family

Dylan wakes up wrapped in vines on the shore and is rescued by Leanna and Kev. The next day, he’s determined to find evidence against Tristan. Tristan takes out Carmie for a surprise, where she has the best day possible. However, she forgets to help Kev in the comic book store and comes home really late for her siblings’ birthday, which is why everyone is mad at her. Dylan steals a magical box from Tristan’s locker which turns out to contain a gift for Carmie’s siblings, which angers her even more. She starts thinking Tristan, who is also blended, is the only one who understands her and gets angry at her family and friends.

What happens at Carmie’s track meet?

Carmie is super angry at Dylan and Kev that even Madison fails to make her understand the situation. The next day, she gives them the cold shoulder and asks them not to come to her track meet. However, after Madison’s persuasion, both of them go and watch her from afar. Dylan informs Kev that he’s going to help find the Collector’s daughter. Carmie apologises to Tristan for Dylan’s behaviour but Tristan tells her that it’s okay as humans are inferior to Mythics.

Carmie uses her powers to win the race.
Carmie uses her powers to win the race

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Carmie ends up using her powers to win the first race. Kev tries to make her understand how wrong it is, but she is brainwashed by Tristan, so she refuses to listen to him and wins the long jump too with her powers. Carmie feels bad once she comes back home and dearly misses Dylan and Kev. Dylan is successful in creating special goggles to identify gorgons.

“I Woke Up a Vampire” Season 2 Ending Explained

Tristan attacks Carmie
Tristan attacks Carmie

At Fan Con, myths unite to mingle and be themselves. Carmie sets aside her pride to support her friend Kev. Leanna helps mend their friendship. Carmie’s identity as a character from Kev’s comic gets revealed by eager fans. She narrowly escapes and meets other stylish Blendeds. Tristan, disliked by her new friends, surprises Carmie and takes her away. Dylan creates special glasses to find the Collector’s daughter but encounters a goblin’s deception. Meanwhile, Carmie meets her Shapeshifter birth mother, who reveals her purpose to bring peace between myths and humans. Tristan, who hates humans, attacks and injures Carmie. Her mother revives her, and she is now weakened. Tristan kidnaps Carmie’s friends to manipulate her. 

In the end, Carmie with the help of her Blended friends Jasmine, Tomas, and Ye-Lena defeats Tristan
In the end, Carmie with the help of her Blended friends Jasmine, Tomas, and Ye-Lena defeats Tristan

With her new Blended friends Jasmine, Tomas, and Ye-Lena, Carmie defeats Tristan. The Collector’s daughter reconciles with him. Carmie’s adoptive family befriends her mother. Carmie introduces her mother to her adoptive family, embracing her role in uniting humans and myths. She realises her destiny to save the world. Kev’s new comic stars Madison, who surprises everyone at Fan Con. Carmie learns to embrace her true self. Can she save the world? Perhaps in the season 3 of “I Woke Up A Vampire.”