“Zero to Hero” Ending Explained, How did Hero and his friend Panca become entangled in Sandros’ world?

Zero to hero 2024 brazilian movie ending explained
Zero to Hero (2024) Brazilian Movie Ending Explained

“Zero to Hero” is a Brazilian film released on April 3, 2024. Running for 1 hour and 49 minutes, it blends comedy, romance, and country genres. Directed by Marcelo Antunez and written by Felipe Folgosi, this movie is available for streaming on Netflix.

This movie tells the story of a man named Hero who dreams of making it big in the music world, especially in rock and roll. He works at a guitar store with his friend, but things take a turn when he loses his job. Now, with rent to pay, his friend tries to help him find work. Through a distant uncle, who isn’t really close, but has a band that performs at proms, Hero gets an opportunity. Reluctantly, he agrees to meet them because he needs to earn money somehow.

Plot Summary

In the midst of his celebrity, Sandros, a renowned country singer, finds himself drowning in the aftermath of scandalous cheating allegations, sinking into a pit of depression and alcohol consumption. Compounded by health issues requiring fasting for a pending doctor’s appointment, the situation takes a drastic turn when he disregards medical advice and indulges in alcohol, leading to a critical medical emergency during his hospital visit. Uncertainty looms over whether he’ll emerge from unconsciousness, intensifying the pressure on his management team with an impending major event looming on the horizon.

Meanwhile, our protagonist, Hero, and his friend, Panca embark on a mission to secure Hero’s future by enlisting the help of Hero’s uncle, who happens to have connections with Sandros’ manager. Their plans take an unexpected twist when Hero inadvertently finds himself at a prom party where chaos ensues, culminating in a revelation that leaves his uncle stunned: Hero bears an uncanny resemblance to Sandros, albeit with distinct long hair and a beard.

As Sandros’ manager extends a tempting offer to Hero, proposing a lucrative deal in the country music scene, Hero hesitates, preferring his passion for rock music. However, swayed by his friend’s persuasion and the promise of a future solo album, he reluctantly agrees, with his friend joining as the band’s drummer.

Hero discovers a growing imbalance in his friendship with Panca amidst the allure of celebrity life. As he grapples with his emotions for the woman he encounters while masquerading as Sandros, his feelings intensify, particularly as his true identity as Hero emerges. Amidst navigating his new life on stage, Hero finds himself drawn to the woman Sandros had betrayed, struggling to reconcile his feelings with Sandros’ actions. As suspicions remain dormant due to the implausibility of an impostor, Sandros miraculously awakens, setting the stage for a dramatic revelation during a live performance where Hero finally unveils his true identity, prompting the real Sandros to emerge, shocking the audience and bringing the charade to an end. 

How did Hero and his friend Panca become entangled in Sandros’ world?

Hero and Panca become entangled in Sandros' world
Hero and Panca become entangled in Sandros’ world

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Sandro, a famous singer, is caught up in his latest scandal. Known for drinking too much, he watches the scandal unfold on TV while drowning his sorrows in alcohol. He talks to his manager, saying his girlfriend left him because he’s overweight. Despite the manager’s efforts to help, Sandros’ drinking problem seems impossible to stop. The next day, he’s supposed to have liposuction surgery but doesn’t fast as required. As a result, he passes out after the surgery, and the manager doesn’t tell the doctor about his drinking, which makes things even more stressful.

In the midst of all this, a new problem arises, leading to a meeting with Hero and Panca. Panca’s uncle urgently calls Agnaldo to a problem at a prom event involving Hero. Agnaldo suggests Hero impersonate Sandros for an upcoming tour, just lip-syncing instead of singing. Hero is unsure at first, not being a fan of country music and being short on money. But he agrees after Agnaldo promises him a solo album and with encouragement from his friend. They also agree Panca should be in the band. So, they head to Sandros’ place, and Hero starts his new life as a celebrity impersonator. It all feels surreal to him.

What draws Hero to the woman Sandros betrayed, and how does it complicate his situation?

Hero and Lulli scene
Hero and Lulli scene

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Soon after Agnaldo and Jaques Barreto introduced him to the gist of his lifestyle and his typical day, they neglected to mention his love life. He meets a woman named Lulli,  who had a past entanglement with Sandros, but unaware of this part of the story, he finds himself in an awkward situation when he asks her who she is. Lulli, irritated by his questions, assumes he’s playing games with her and keeps her distance, still harboring resentment for what she believes Sandro did. Oblivious to her misunderstanding, he is treated very coldly. He learns more about himself and his past through his manager and attempts to improve his and Lulli’s relationship, leading to mutual feelings developing between them.

However, the woman remains unaware of his true identity as Sandros. The situation becomes complicated when she asks him questions in public because he struggles with alcoholism, and she doubts he’ll change. Despite this, she playfully suggests they wake up early to go to Pantanal the next morning. Surprisingly, Sandro agrees without hesitation, defying her expectations and adding complexity to their relationship.

Over time, as they grow closer and spend nights together, he inadvertently ruins moments by bringing up sensitive topics like cheating, further angering her. Seeing another woman kissing him in a boomerang video triggers her anger once more. He tries to explain that the woman in the video forced herself upon him, but this only strains their relationship further. In the end, he dedicates a song he wrote to her and publicly reveals on stage that he isn’t Sandro, shocking her profoundly. They embrace backstage, sharing a kiss filled with newfound happiness.

Were there any surprising plot twists in this story?

Sandro in coma
Sandro in coma

In this narrative, a plot twist emerges towards the conclusion. Sandro is in a coma, necessitating the hero to impersonate him. Jaques Barreto introduces a proposition, asserting himself as a bigger and better star than Sandros ever was, inciting anger and distress in Agnaldo. Jaques’ proposition implies betrayal towards Sandros, as he believes the hero is a superior singer, not an alcoholic, and capable of elevating Brazilian music.

Additionally, the hero’s ability to blend rock and country music impresses Jaques, who offers a contract surpassing one offered to Michael Jackson, originally intended for Sandro. Agnaldo confronts Jaques, expressing his disapproval, straining their relationship as Jaques issues threats. Agnaldo, tearful, implores the hero not to accept, but the hero ultimately signs, albeit in Sandros’ name, preserving their bond. This unexpected action constitutes the plot twist, revealing Jaques’ ulterior motives, driven by selfishness rather than genuine concern for the hero.

Does the movie conclude with a happy ending?

Hero and Paco patch up and reunion scene
Hero and Paco patch up and reunion scene

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The conclusion of the movie provides a satisfying resolution as each character finds their rightful place. However, amidst the resolution, the friendship between Panca and the hero undergoes strain due to the latter’s treatment of Panca amidst fame and celebrity lifestyle, displaying ignorance of his friend’s feelings. Nonetheless, the hero returns to reality and apologizes to Panca, ultimately strengthening their bond.

In the end, Lulli comes to know about Hero's real identity, which brings them closer and ends with a romantic union
In the end, Lulli comes to know about Hero’s real identity, which brings them closer and ends with a romantic union

Conversely, the revelation of the truth regarding the hero’s identity to Lulli brings her immense happiness, culminating in their sharing a kiss, signalling a fulfilling romantic union. Jacques Barreto’s character meets his downfall as his attempts to manipulate the hero backfire, revealing the hero’s inherent goodness, which he had underestimated. This intricate web of character dynamics and resolutions adds depth to the narrative, ensuring a gratifying conclusion for the audience.