‘Super Rich in Korea’: A Detailed Exploration of the Reality Series Where Billions Are Pocket Change

Super Rich in Korea - Netflix
Super Rich in Korea - Netflix

Step into the extravagant world of South Korea’s elite with “Super Rich in Korea,” the latest reality series hitting screens today, May 7th, 2024 with 6 episodes. Led by the charismatic trio of GOT7’s Bambam, Mimi, and Jo Se Ho, this show promises an immersive peek into the opulent lives of five of the country’s wealthiest residents.

Meet The Cast

  • Yoo Hee-ra, the epitome of luxury, is Korea’s sole client ambassador for top-tier brands.
  • David Yong, a Singaporean magnate whose business prowess knows no bounds.
  • Teodoro Marani is a romantic soul who left his family’s luxury empire to pursue love in Korea.
  • Noor Naem, the ultimate influencer, is known for both her passion for designer bags and infectious energy.
  • Kim Anna, a noblewoman hailing from Pakistan, added her touch of elegance to the mix.

With six episodes, each running approximately 28-30 minutes, “Super Rich in Korea” invites you to indulge in the glitz and glamour, streaming exclusively on Netflix. Get ready to be swept away by the extravagance!

Enter The World of Luxury: Meet Yoo Hee-ra, Korea’s Top Luxury Ambassador!

Meet Yoo Hee-ra - Korea's Top Luxury Ambassador
Meet Yoo Hee-ra – Korea’s Top Luxury Ambassador

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Meet Yoo Hee-ra, also known as Aren Yoo, who is 169 cm tall and weighs 39/40 kg. A fashion enthusiast living with her parents on the first floor, of a five-story villa. Her dressing room is even bigger than her bedroom, showcasing her deep love for fashion. With an extensive collection of clothes and shoes, she believes in making a statement with every outfit, insisting that each piece deserves its moment to shine. Dreaming of becoming a fashion icon, Yoo Hee-ra serves as a client ambassador, breaking barriers in a world where Korean clients are not always in the spotlight. She hunts for the rarest and most unique items to secure front-row seats at fashion shows, determined to leave her mark. Currently pursuing hotel management at Cornell University, she aspires to bring the glitz and glam of American fashion shows to Korea, aiming to become an unforgettable figure in the industry. 

Driven by her passion for fashion, Yoo Hee-ra designed a space dedicated to her beloved clothing collection, envisioning a life akin to a living Barbie doll. With this dream in mind, she meticulously adorned her dressing room, transforming it into her ultimate sanctuary. This chic space quickly became her favorite spot in her home, perfectly reflecting her glamorous style. So much so, that when offered the opportunity for a magazine photoshoot, she graciously opened the doors of her dressing room to Elle Korea, bringing her fashion fantasy to life in a stunning photoshoot.

Discover Influence Redefined: Noor Naem, The Middle Eastern Powerhouse!

Noor Naem, The Middle Eastern Powerhouse
Noor Naem, The Middle Eastern Powerhouse

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The world of Noor Naem, a powerhouse content creator and businesswoman hailed as the top creator in the Middle East, boasting an impressive 50 million followers. She’s not just any creator – she’s the proud recipient of the first-ever Diamond Play Button in the Middle East and North Africa! Noor’s journey began at a young age, sparking her passion for content creation while still in school. Now, she’s all about sharing her love for luxury handbags and treating her collection like royalty. No chair? No problem – her bags get the VIP treatment! But that’s not all – Noor’s love for Korea knows no bounds. From the enchanting fall season to mouthwatering barbecue, she adores it all! She’s even set her sights on creating content in Korea, with plans to make Seoul her second home because, as she puts it, “her soul is in Seoul.” Curious to learn more about this content queen? Just Google her – that’s what she says!

Meet David Yong, Singapore’s Elite 1% Super Rich!

Meet David Yong, Singapore's Elite 1% Super Rich
Meet David Yong, Singapore’s Elite 1% Super Rich

The world of David Yong, where luxury knows no bounds. His villa in Singapore stands tall with four stories, complete with a sparkling swimming pool and an elevator for easy access. But that’s not all – David’s love for cars is evident in his impressive collection of eleven vehicles. From Rolls-Royces to Ferraris, his passion for automobiles shines through. A graduate of Bristol University, UK, David is a trained lawyer from a family deeply rooted in Asian business for over three generations, spanning timber, real estate, and finance.

Leading his own investment company, he jets across Asia in style, fueled by his love for K-pop and Korean entertainment. With his sights set on making K-content a global sensation, David is confident in both his wealth and his appearance, accompanied by his loyal marble pet dog. David reigns as a true connoisseur of luxury. His love for shopping knows no bounds—he once splurged a jaw-dropping 300 to 400 million on exquisite high fashion jewelry, firmly believing that shopping is not just a pastime but a savvy investment. David’s flair extends beyond his extravagant purchases—flaunting his wealth with style is second nature to him. 

Teo’s Adventure: Italian Charm In The Heart Of Korea!

Meet Teo, an heir to an Italian luxury brand empire called HENRY BEGUELIN
Meet Teo, an heir to an Italian luxury brand empire called HENRY BEGUELIN

Meet Teo, an heir to an Italian luxury brand empire called HENRY BEGUELIN. While his parents oversee about 80 stores worldwide, Teo’s focus is on their seven stores nestled in Seoul’s bustling neighborhoods. He’s got big plans, aiming for luxury malls like Hyundai. Teo’s not just about business; he’s also a master communicator with his Italian counterparts and takes pride in managing the shops and catering to clients in Korea. But that’s not all—Teo wears many hats.

He’s also a liquor distributor and a chef, hosting cooking classes for Hyundai’s VIP members. Despite his affluent background, Teo is determined to stand on his own feet, preferring independence. That’s why he chose Korea for a fresh start. Teaming up with David Young, they share more than just business—they’re friends too. It all began with David’s passion for a jean brand, sparking their partnership and friendship.

David Yong’s Struggle: A Challenging Journey To Korea

David Young’s journey, a tale of resilience and adaptation in a foreign land. When he first arrived in Korea, he faced a whirlwind of challenges—language barriers, cultural nuances, and a lack of connections. It was a tough time, with loneliness looming large. Yet, David’s determination never wavered. Slowly but surely, he began to forge connections, immersing himself in the vibrant tapestry of Korean culture. As he crossed paths with Korean artists and producers, the once daunting landscape began to feel more familiar. 

Exploring The Contrasts Between David Yong And Teodoro Marani In ‘Super Rich In Korea

Meet David and Teo – two friends with personalities as different as night and day, and their spending habits reflect just that. David is all about flaunting his wealth, from his flashy demeanor to his ostentatious money counter that even Teo finds a bit over the top.

Their latest adventure? House hunting in Korea. David, feeling cramped in his current place, sets his sights on a luxurious riverside property with a jaw-dropping price tag of 16 million. Without a second thought, he seals the deal on the spot, much to Teo’s amusement. David even whips out his exclusive black card, a symbol of his elite status and unlimited spending power.

Meanwhile, Teo is the epitome of practicality, noticing every detail, like the sliding door’s four layers. He appreciates the stunning view of the river and city lights but balks at the idea of dropping 16 million on a home. To him, it’s sheer extravagance. But for David, it’s a bargain worth every penny.

In this tale of two friends, David splurges without hesitation, while Teo weighs every expense with a practical eye. Their differing perspectives make for lively debates and endless laughter, proving that opposites truly do attract – even in matters of money.

Kim-Anna: The Pakistan-Born Korean Heiress With A Life Of Unimaginable Wealth And Power 

Kim Anna - The Pakistan-Born Korean Heiress
Kim Anna – The Pakistan-Born Korean Heiress

Meet Kim Anna, a true blend of cultures! She’s been a Korean national for a decade now, deeply rooted in Korean society since attending schools from elementary to university. But her story doesn’t end there.

Kim Anna’s journey took a fascinating turn when she decided to become a Korean national, followed by her brother Ali. Her husband, Malik Muhammad Qamar Hayat Tiwana, aka Qamar, hails from a distinguished family in Pakistan. Their meeting was serendipitous, thanks to a kind family friend.

Between Korea and Pakistan, Kim Anna’s life is a vibrant tapestry. In Pakistan, she owns not just a home, but also a vacation retreat and a grand manor complete with exotic pets – a lion and a tiger! These majestic companions are a symbol of affluence in Pakistan, a privilege only the super-rich can afford.

But it’s not just about opulence. Kim Anna observes how Pakistani women adore lavish clothing and jewelry, considering them the ultimate treasures. Her family occasionally visits their lavish vacation home in Lahore, adorned with multiple living rooms, guarded by armed sentinels, and maintained by a team of housekeepers.

Meanwhile, her brother manages a diverse portfolio of businesses spanning Korea and Pakistan. He shares Kim Anna’s sentiment about the symbolic significance of owning exotic pets in Pakistan.

Kim Anna’s husband, Qamar, has his own illustrious lineage, tracing back to a former premier of Punjab. Their ancestral manor once presided over 32 villages in Sargodha, granting them a sense of sovereignty over the region.

Despite their wealth and status, there are challenges. Qamar, being Pakistani, hasn’t been able to visit Korea due to visa issues exacerbated by the pandemic. This separation means he’s never experienced Kim Anna’s hometown or met her friends and family.

Moreover, tradition dictates that the women of their ancestral manor remain veiled, unseen by the villagers for over two centuries, symbolizing a cultural barrier that persists to this day.

Yoo Hee-ra Attending Paris Fashion Week

Yoo Hee-ra is making waves at Paris Week as a Client Ambassador, representing four prestigious brands: Christian Louboutin, Alexander McQueen, Shiatzy Chen, and Miu Miu. Initially thrilled just to be there, she now feels deeply honored to be invited by such renowned names. As she represents Korean clients, she takes her role as ambassador with utmost seriousness.

From securing a front-row seat at Paris Week to traveling in style with first-class flights and eight suitcases packed with her beloved clothes (which she admits to loving even more than herself!), Yoo Hee-ra is fully immersed in the fashion world. Among the mere 17 client ambassadors worldwide attending this year, she proudly represents Korea.

Her experience is enriched by encounters with fans, such as meeting Younghoon from The Boyz and crossing paths with Noor during the fashion festivities. Plus, receiving gifts from the brands adds an extra layer of appreciation to her Parisian adventure.

David Yong Gets Help With Fashion For A Blind Date

“Guess what? While catching up with a friend of David Yong’s in Seoul, Sa-bi dropped a bombshell: she’s setting him up on a blind date! David’s thrilled, but there’s a hitch – he’s swamped with work and thinks he’s too busy to date. Sa-bi’s adamant though, and she’s got a point: David’s sense of fashion is, well, a bit too flashy and loud. But fear not, Sa-bi and Aren are riding to the rescue! They’ve volunteered to be his shopping advisors, and they’re not holding back on the critiques. Sa-bi’s known for her directness, after all.

David’s not one to shy away from confidence, especially when it comes to his looks and bank account. He’s convinced his clothes only enhance his natural charm. But when Sa-bi and Aren suggest toning it down a notch and opting for simpler styles, David’s not entirely sold. Yet, he trusts their judgment enough to give it a shot, even if it means ditching his beloved bold patterns.