Queen of Tears Recap, Plot & Episode 11 to 14 Summary

Queen of Tears plot forecast, recap and summary from episode 11 to 14
Queen of Tears plot Forecast, Recap and Summary from Episode 11 to 14

Recap of Queen of Tears

Episode 11

Hong Hae-In rushed to the hospital, and Baek Hyun-Woo stayed by her side. Her family learned of this and hurried back to Seoul, finding details of her case at the hospital. The parents cried; the father was filled with guilt because, despite being her parents, they didn’t know. The mother felt even more guilt because of their strained relationship that began when Hong Hae-In was little and her older brother died. She cried so much, asking for forgiveness from her daughter, saying she’s sorry.

Furthermore, this news reached Cheon Da-Hye, who called Yoon Eun-Sung to ask for a favour: to check on Hong Soo-Cheol, her husband, whom she ran away from, betraying him. She was worried about him. This angered Yoon Eun-Sung. Hong Man-Dae awakened, and Hong Beom-Jaw was allowed to see him. However, things are at risk because he has partial memory loss. In the end, we see Hong Hae-In and Baek Hyun-Woo riding in a car, being followed. They tried to escape, but the car blocked their way. Baek Hyun-Woo coems out of the car, and when she looks up to see who she was with, it was Yoon Eun-Sung. This shows us how bad her brain is becoming, not being able to recognize people.

Episode 12

Baek Hyun-Woo calls out her name, but Hong Hae-In struggles to come out because she realises the car door is locked. He threatens her, insisting that she tell Baek Hyun-Woo she mistook Yoon Eun-Sung for him. She reassures him it’s okay and returns to Yoon Eun-Sung’s car. Meanwhile, a man visits Cheon Da-Hye, revealing himself to be her son’s father. However, their relationship is toxic. Baek Hyun-Woo finds himself trapped in a car with a creepy man who threatens him and is about to inject him. This man was working for Yoon Eun-Sung and informs him that Baek Hyun-Woo has been taken care of.

Hong Hae-In has a meal with Yoon Eun-Sung and later meets her grandfather. They also encounter Moh Seul-Hee, who is known for her evil deeds. Yoon Eun-Sung tries to stop his son from going after Hong Hae-In but fails. He searches for her using CCTV footage. Baek Hyun-Woo finds Hong Hae-In before she loses her mind and discovers he’s injured. She convinces the man who tried to kill him to spare his life. Yoon Eun-Sung confronts the man and learns that he let Baek Hyun-Woo go, which angers him.

Baek Hyun-Woo takes her to his place, where she explains how she met his grandfather and reveals she left a recording pen he gifted her in his room. At the grandfather’s house, his evil second wife demands to know about certain belongings, but he remains silent. She mentions Hong Hae-In’s case, which brings tears to his eyes, indicating he hasn’t completely lost his sanity. Cheon Da-Hye is threatened by her son’s father regarding a stolen statue and painting.

She follows his orders, serves him wine with sleeping pills, and searches his belongings, finding a pendrive. Hong Soo-Cheol is seen learning to fight, and his long-lost wife returns. He doesn’t yell; instead, tears fill his eyes as he embraces them. Meanwhile, the grandfather is still unstable and falls out of his wheelchair, causing his death and prompting an ambulance storm. Everyone mourns the tragic event. A funeral is held. In an elevator, Baek Hyun-Woo notices a button and presses it, causing the elevator to shake and reveal a hidden passage.

Episode 13

In this episode, Hong Hae-in’s family finds a hidden safe when Baek Hyun-woo pushes a button in the elevator. But they see that the money inside, secretly kept by the grandfather, is gone. It turns out the grandfather’s mean second wife moved it. They also have the grandfather’s funeral.

Baek Hyun-woo learns from the doctor that her surgery is possible but might make her forget things in the long term. She tells Hong Hae-in’s dad, who tells his wife. After that, Hong Hae-in’s family leaves Baek Hyun-woo’s place.

In the end, Baek Hyun-woo tells Hong Hae-in about the surgery option, making her worried about deciding. Baek Hyun-woo tries to persuade her to have the surgery and keep living.

Episode 14

Yoon Eun-Sung was seen leaving with his trolley when he met his mother, sparking a heated argument. He was on his way to see Hong Hae-In in Germany for her surgery, which his mother opposed, insisting that his responsibilities and priorities lie at home, not in Germany. Despite his mother’s attempts to persuade him to stay and seize opportunities at home, he left, blaming her for his feelings of abandonment and his subsequent jealousy towards Hong Hae-In’s family, eventually falling in love with her.

Meanwhile, Hong Beom-Ja returned to Baek Hyun-Woo’s hometown and met Hong Soo-Cheol. She had actually come to meet Yeong-Song because she had started to develop feelings for him. There was a moment of solitude with Hong Soo-Cheol, who decided to stay and work there for a while, aiming for happiness. However, things got awkward when Hong Soo-Cheol revealed to Yeong-Song how materialistic his aunt, Hong Beom-Ja, was, leading to a defensive exchange.

In another scenario, everyone in Hong Hae-In’s family tried to convince her to undergo surgery through a video call. Her father emphasized how hard Baek Hyun-Woo had worked, relentlessly making calls day and night to find hospitals for her case. Amidst this, a fire broke out, causing panic until Baek Hyun-Woo saw Hong Hae-In outside, reassuring him.

Hong Soo-Cheol spent quality time with his son and wife, who hesitantly planned to leave again. However, Hong Soo-Cheol managed to meet them on time, leading to an emotional moment of crying together as she expressed difficulty in leaving.

On the other hand, Hong Hae-In decided to undergo surgery, which was underway. Baek Hyun-Woo was scared for her but remained hopeful. Suddenly, a team arrived and arrested Baek Hyun-Woo for the murder of Mr. Pyeon Seong-Uk, revealing Yoon Eun-Sung’s evil plan once again. Yoon Eun-Sung threatened Hong Hae-In’s father before Baek Hyun-Woo was locked up.

As Hong Hae-In woke up from surgery, she had lost all her memories. Upon seeing Yoon Eun-Sung, her first words were “Baek Hyun-Woo,” to which Yoon Eun-Sung fabricated a story, making her believe that Baek Hyun-Woo was her ex-husband. With tears in her eyes, she felt a sudden pain in her chest, expressing confusion and pain.

While Yoon Eun-Sung stood by her side as it started to snow, Baek Hyun-Woo, locked up, also looked at the snow from his window, crying. The situation grew more emotional as Hong Hae-In struggled with her newfound emotions. 

Plot Forecast and Drama’s Next Moves

In forecasting the next moves of the drama, it’s likely that Baek Hyun-Woo will eventually be released from prison, perhaps after evidence surfaces to exonerate him or through legal maneuvers. Meanwhile, Hong Hae-In may indeed struggle with her emotions and memory loss, but over time, she will likely find ways to cope and gradually regain stability in her life.

As for Yoon Eun-Sung and Moh Seul-Hee, their nefarious plans are expected to unravel. Eventually, they will face the consequences of their actions and be imprisoned, serving a life sentence for the crimes they committed. Justice will prevail, albeit after a tumultuous journey for all involved.