Queen Of Tears Recap, Plot & Episodes 15 to 16 Summary

Queen of Tears Plot and Episodes 15 to 16 Summary
Queen of Tears Plot and Episodes 15 to 16 Summary

Recap Of Queen Of Tears

Episode 15

Yoon Hae-in and Hong Hyun-woo are working hard to stop Mo Seul-hee and Yoon Eun-seong once and for all. They team up to find proof against them. They find a secret safe with important evidence inside, but Eun-seong tries to stop them. Hae-in and Hyun-woo have to run away but they keep fighting. Cheon Da-hye starts to help them. Finally, they gather enough evidence to defeat Mo Seul-hee and Eun-seong. But the episode ends with a tense moment as Eun-seong aims a gun at Hyun-woo, leaving us wondering what will happen next. It’s a thrilling episode, getting us ready for the big finale, with the characters more determined than ever to win.

Episode 16

In the finale, everything gets sorted out: Yoon Eun Seong dies in a shootout, shooting at Hyun Woo. Mo Seul Hee’s desire for power puts her in jail. In court, Cheon Da Hye helps by testifying against Mo Seul Hee. Grace changes her mind and helps the Hong family get CCTV footage showing Hong Man Dae’s suffering before Mo Seul Hee puts him in a coma. Hae In tells the judge about a conversation she overheard, where Mo Seul Hee confessed to causing the boat accident that killed Hae In’s brother. There are also emotional scenes between the main characters after Hyun Woo is shot. The finale ends happily with Hyun Woo and Hae In enjoying their time in Germany with their daughter. But it’s also sad, as it shows an older Hyun Woo visiting Hae In’s grave, revealing she passed away in 2074. Still, they had a lot of happy memories together.

What Are The Ratings Of This Drama?

The drama has a lot of action and a strong story, but some people find it tiring because the main character faces challenges all the time. Some people also say the story is not realistic and has too many easy solutions. However, many people still watch it, and it’s very popular. In fact, it’s even more popular than “Crash Landing on You”, which was a big hit before. The drama has high ratings, with almost 25% of people watching it nationwide. It’s also one of the top three most-watched series ever on Korean cable TV, and it’s the most-watched drama ever on the tvN channel. All the episodes of Queen of Tears are currently streaming on Netflix.