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Queen of Divorce
Queen of Divorce - K-Drama

Queen of Divorce Cast and Release Date

The Drama Aired in January-March 2024. Written by Jeong Hee-seon, and directed by Park Jin-seok.

  • Lee Ji-ah as Kim Sa-ra:  She plays the main role of a very hardworking, courageous, determined young lawyer. Despite the struggles that she faces in her personal life with the betrayal of her ex-husband and the strained relationship she has with her mother-in-law, she is determined to help anyone who undergoes a struggle caused by a bad spouse.                                                                                                                                                                
  • Kang Ki Young as Dong Ki Jun: Another central actor and also the partner of Kim Sa-Ra. He stands as a strong pillar for Kim Sara. Despite the challenges Kim Sa-Ra faces, he is always there as a friend, as a partner, and as a very strong backup for Kim Sa-Ra. He is also one character that is extremely skilled, and confident in his profession as a lawyer.
  • Jung Min Joon as No Seo Yoon: Kim Sa-Ra’s and  No Yool Sung’s nine-year-old son
  • Oh Min Suk as No Yool Sung: He is the ex-husband of Kim Sara. He is extremely work-oriented and a spoiled brat who gets everything his way with the help of his mom, who cleans up his dirty mess. Using his and Kim Sa-Ra’s son as bait, he gets to blackmail Kim Sa-Ra   
  • Na Young-hee as Cha Hee-won: She portrays the role of No Yool Sung’s mother. She is a goal-oriented lady boss, dedicated to upholding the reputation of her law firm, one of the largest in South Korea. Despite her good intentions, her excessive care for her son ultimately spoils him, leading him down a path of wrongdoing.
  • Kim Sun Young as Son Jang Mi: She is the CEO of the divorce resolution company called Solution, who joins hands with Kim Sara, both of whom have a strong spirit to fight against injustice in divorce, creating a powerful force.
  • Kim Si Hyun as Jang Hee Jin: She is the manager of the ‘Solution Office’, however, she works for Yool Sung behind everyone’s back. She is caught by Kim Sa Ra, who convinces her of her wrongdoing, and ultimately, she takes the side of the Solution Office team.
  •  Lee Tae Goo as Kwon Dae Ki: A male working member of the Solution Office, he is a junior lawyer who is also very sincere and dedicated to his job.”
  •  Seo Hye Won as Kang Bom: A female member of the Solution Office, she is a supportive friend of Kim Sa Ra, always ready to lend a listening ear and provide support.
  •  Kang Ae Shim as Park Jung Sook: Kim Sa-Ra’s mother passes away mysteriously resulting in Kim Sara working hard to find the murderer.

Queen of Divorce Story

The story centers around Kim Sa-Ra, a young, strong, and determined lawyer. She was married to No Yool Sung, the son of a couple who owns the largest and most prestigious law firm in South Korea. Kim Sa-Ra has a strained relationship with her mother-in-law, who looks down on her. Over time, she becomes a mother to a son named No Seo Yoon, whom she loves dearly. However, she faces betrayal from her ex-husband in various ways, including hiding assets and manipulating divorce settlements to his advantage.

With the power and wealth of her ex-husband’s family, they secure custody of their son, and he uses this as leverage to manipulate and blackmail Kim Sa-Ra for his satisfaction. No Yool Sung is depicted as extremely evil and selfish, driven solely by personal gain, fame, and power.

His actions even endanger his mother, whom he manipulates, while she covers up his misdeeds to protect the family’s reputation. As the story unfolds, we will see a lack of genuine love between mother and son, focusing instead on personal goals and upholding the prestige of the family law firm’s reputation.

Despite facing numerous struggles in her personal life, Kim Sa-Ra emerges stronger each time she confronts significant challenges. She finds support in a company called ‘Solution,’ where she forms a close-knit and supportive team that becomes her family.

With time, Dong Ki Joon and Kim Sa Ra also start developing feelings for one another, but Kim Sa Ra keeps her distance because she is traumatized by love and marriage, especially due to what she went through.

Dong Ki Joon does not give up on her but rather stands as her ultimate support throughout. Kim Sa-Ra thrives in her profession as a lawyer, particularly in handling divorce cases and marital conflicts, earning her the nickname ‘Queen of Divorce’ for her skill and expertise.

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What are the ratings for “Queen of Divorce” ?

The reviews vary across different sites. On Viki, it has a rating of 9/10, while My Drama List gives it a rating of 7.5/10, and IMDb rates it at 6.9/10.

Where to watch Queen of Divorce?

HiTv, Prime Video, Viki

How many Episodes are there in Queen of Divorce?


Does Kim Sa Ra succeed in getting revenge on her Ex-Husband concerning her Mother’s Murder?

Yes, she successfully gets her revenge by using his statement that was unintentionally recorded on his phone, as he admitted to what he did.

Is Queen of Divorce a Happy Ending?

Yes, it is a happy ending. Not only is it a happy ending, but it is also a very satisfying one, putting the evil behind bars and exposing their deeds, finding the murderer of her mother, exposing the culprit, and getting back her son, which is her top priority.

The Plot Twist of Queen of Divorce?

As the story nears its end, we witness a happy marriage ceremony, not between the two main characters, but between two members of the Solution Office. Eventually, Dong Ki Joon proposes to Kim Sa-Ra, but rather than directly accepting, she states that she will enter a marriage only if it’s a marriage with an expiration date. This decision becomes a question for Dong Ki Joon and the viewers alike. However, as Kim Sa-Ra explains her reasoning, especially after enduring a previous marriage filled with deceit, her decision becomes understandable.

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Queen of Divorce Ending Explained?

In the final episode, the last fight revolves around the ledger, which becomes the life-and-death scenario for Yul-Sung’s Law Firm. The solution team finds the ledger after a great and thorough search, which becomes the key to crumbling the law firm, as evidence of many evil cases.

A scene from K Drama 'Queen of Divorce'
A scene from K Drama ‘Queen of Divorce’

Yul-Sung even goes to the extent of putting his son at risk and using him as a bargaining chip for Kim Sa Ra in exchange for the ledger. However, a trick is pulled by Kim Sa Ra as she creates the fake ledger. The very next day, the law firm undergoes serious trouble as it is subjected to a search and seizure.

We also see the pressure Yul-Sung puts on his secretary to take the blame for it all, which really creates tension in their relationship. Filled with so much rage and stress, Yul-Sung ties up Kim Sa Ra and locks her in a large container used for shipping products, telling her that she will be shipped in no time.

He gives the chance to his ex-wife, Kim Sa Ra, to say her final words to her son, as he opens a recorder on his phone with the intention of letting his son hear it after some years. However, he forgets to stop the recording and in the meantime, Kim Sa Ra questions Yul-Sung regarding the death of her mother, to which he admits his wrongdoing.

He leaves Kim Sa Ra alone, causing her to lose consciousness for a while; however, Dong Ki-Jun comes to her rescue, and, along with the prosecutors, they surround Yul-Sung’s car as he tries to escape. A happy wedding of two members of the solution office takes place, and in the end, we see Dong Ki-Jun proposing to Kim Sa Ra, with a condition to which they both agree.

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Queen of Divorce Review

Cinematography:  “It is a beautifully told story series, a perfect blend of romance, intelligence, a touch of comedy, and one filled with a gripping roller coaster of suspense. This drama teaches one a lot regarding determination, self-worth, and most of all, to never give up.

Acting & Script: Lee Ji-Ah plays the role of Kim Sa Ra. She is determined and courageous in her goals. She relentlessly helps people who are also struggling to fight against their bad spouse. She is well aware of her doings and is confident in herself to excel in her profession. 

Kang Ki-Young plays the role of Don Ki-Jun, a very charismatic character who is seen to be optimistic and confident in his work. He is calm and has a pure heart with good intentions of helping anyone who comes to him. He stands by the solution company until the very end.

The supporting cast plays a great role in bringing comedy to the scene, effectively filling the space with more laughter and action. The plot and the acting itself are very realistic. It is not only a drama for entertainment but also ideal as a lesson for many, teaching them to be determined and to prioritize what they love and care for most.