Marry My Husband Cast, Story, Review, Ending Explained

Marry My Husband KDrama
Marry My Husband K-Drama

Marry My Husband Cast and Release Date

Marry My Husband is a Korean Drama with a rating of 8.6/10 on My Drama List. The Drama Aired between January-February 2024. Directed by Park Won-guk and written by Shin Yoo-dam.

The main cast is Park Min-young as Kang Ji-won (plays the role of an ordinary woman with the burden of her incompetent husband, and in-laws, a hard work life, and who suffers from cancer at a young age.

  • Na In-woo as Yoo Ji-hyuk, (Plays the role of Marketing Manager of U&K Food and has unreciprocated love for Kang Ji-won, and her biggest helper in taking revenge.)
  • Lee Yi-Kyung as Park Min-Hwan, (Play the role of Ji-won’s husband; he also works at U&K Food’s Marketing Team as assistant manager)
  • Song Ha-Yoon as Jeong Su-min (Plays the role of Ji-won’s only best friend who betrays her and has an affair with her husband. She is also working at U&K Food’s Marketing Team 1.
  • Lee Gi-Kwang as Baek Eun-ho (Plays the role of Ji-won’s high school classmate and handsome popular chef.

You can watch the drama on Amazon Prime Video.

Marry My Husband Story

The drama is initially set in the year 2023, Kang Ji-Won is married to Park Min-Hwan, but due to Min Hwan’s selfishness and his inconsiderate mother their marriage is troubled. Min Hwan is unemployed and in debt while Ji Won is the only breadwinner in the family who also handles all the household chores by herself.

One day Ji-Won receives the awful news that she is suffering from terminal gastric cancer and doesn’t have much time to live. Things even get worse when she witnesses her Husband and only best friend Jeong Su-min having an affair resulting in her tragic death her Husband.

But suddenly she wakes up in the past, 10 years earlier (2013) when they were dating, and from there she decides to change her life and not suffer the same fate, she makes Su Min marry Min Hwan and take over her destiny, and making sure she lives her best life this time without any regrets.

This drama is adapted from the web novel “Marry My Husband” by Seong So Jak.

How many Episodes are there in Marry My Husband?

  • Episodes: 16
  • Duration: 1hr. 10 min

Marry My Husband Ending Explained

Time travel in K-dramas can get much more complicated, but Marry My Husband kept it much simpler. Both Ji-won and Ji-hyuk change their destiny they both get to start new lives and rewrite their future. Instead of dying in 2023, the lead character celebrated their 10th anniversary.

Episode 16 shows that Ji-won spent several episodes trying to understand how fate works so that she can give her destiny to Su-min, and in place of Ji-won, Min–Hwan gets killed. In Episode 15 Ji-won’s ex-boyfriend is killed, and Su-min gets arrested. In the end, all worked out as Ji-won rebuilt her life with Ji-Hyuk by marrying and having children four years later.

Marry My Husband Episode 16 ends with Ji-won and Ji-Hyuk celebrating their 10th anniversary together, but in the original timeline on that day, Ji-won is supposed to die. She rewrote her fate and what was the worst day of her life turned out to be the happiest one. In those 10 years, Ji-won started a foundation to help needy people, so that she could give a “second life” to other people, just like she got magically.

Is Marry My Husband a happy ending?

Yes, the Korean drama Marry My Husband has a happy ending. The series shows Kang Ji-won and Yoo Ji-Hyuk getting married and having children.

Will there be Marry My Husband Season 2?

Well, there is no official confirmation for Season 2, as most of the K-dramas series have 16 episodes which is quite common.

Review of Marry My Husband

The stars of this revenge thriller are Park Min-young and Song Ha-yoon. It’s the first big K-drama hit of 2024 and is backed by a great cast and an engaging script. Adapted from the web novel Marry My Husband by Seong So-Jak, and directed by Park Won-Guk, the story narrates Kang Ji-won’s journey.

Betrayal by her best friend and murdered by her husband, she gets a second chance to switch destiny by time traveling 10 years back. From start to end the show has gratifying experience for the audience. This drama is not just about revenge but self-growth and survival. Every episode has a message conveying that second chances must be used wisely.

Both protagonist and antagonists crafted their characters with profound depth and equitable presence on the screen. In numerous episodes the antagonists stole the spotlight with their sheer insanity and unwavering consistency; their characters remained evil in nature in each episode, unlike other dramas where antagonists change last minute.

The story mainly revolves around three 3 characters: the main protagonist Kang Ji-won, and the main antagonists Park Min-Hwan & Jeong Su-min. But the character of Kang Ji-won showcases significant development and self-growth in each series, providing the audience with a truly satisfying arc.

The protagonist had flaws and insecurities from her past trauma which added depth to the character. Park Min-young’s role as Kang Ji-won was outstanding with her acting and level of intensity in the role she did justice to the character.

Song Ha-Yoon Ohh her role as Jeong Su-min was undoubtedly an iconic villain and will be remembered for a very long time. Her character as a psycho and an obsession with Kang Ji-won gives a chill to the audience with those next levels of insanity in every episode.

That one character where loves to hate and curse her whenever she is on the screen. Her underwater scene will remain iconic forever. Heads up to Song Ha-yoon for the excellent villainous role she portrayed.

Lee Yi-Kyung as Park Min-Hwan played a truly terrible husband. His nasty personality as Kang Ji-won’s cheater husband makes it impossible not to cure him on screen. Park Min-Hwan’s scenes and character were hilarious till the end with both satisfaction and sadness.

Na In-woo as Yoo Ji-hyuk bagged the hearts of all the female audience mostly with his puppy-coded charisma, he managed to shine in this drama with his endearing and loveable character.

Other characters like Hui Yeon, Baek Eunho, and Yang Juran made the show equally memorable.

From beginning to end the series kept the audience on its edge with its characters, plots, and twists, from time travel, revenge, betrayal, second chance, and the happy ending for all.