Ishq Express (Amazon Mini Tv Series) Cast, Real Names, Story, Episodes, Watch Time

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Story Brief

Ishq Express is the story of a couple ‘Aarav and Tanya‘ who met during a train journey. They talked to each other throughout the journey and felt connected. Meanwhile both exchanged phone numbers and returned home. Unfortunately Tanya lost her phone in the train and they couldn’t connect with each other.

Therefore Aarav looked her up on social media and tried to establish contact with her and got succeeded. Later, they both started to meet and chat over the phone. However, one day Tanya told Aarav that one of her childhood friends ‘Aditya‘ proposed her, hearing this Aarav got shattered and decided to go back to his family.

What happens next in ‘Ishq Express’ is a thing to watch. However, this romantic story ended on a positive note. Although, the story sounds very much familiar but the way story develops and progress is something you need to experience. It is great love story and very much recommended to watch. The web series got released on 23rd June 2022 and streaming on Amazon Mini Tv. Also see Udan Patolas Cast, Story Brief, Real Names, Watch Time, Number of Episodes

TitleIshq Express
Main Cast and Character NamesRitvik Sahore as Aarav Agarwal
Gayatri Bhardwaj as Tanya Basu
Gaurav Parajuli as Dhruv
Dhanesh Dogra as Aarav’s Father
Shilpa Varma as Aarav’s Mother
Sohan Bandopadhyay as Tanya’s Father
Senjuti Roy Mukherjee as Tanya’s Mother
Srishti Tiwari as Gauri
John Bhatyacharya [Shaurja] as Aditya
Iti Das as Maid
Number of Episodes3 Episodes
Watch Time1 hour 24 minutes
Release Date23 June 2022
PlatformStreaming on Amazon Mini TV
GenreLove, Romance
Family OrientedYes, Can be watched with Family, There is no foul language and Inappropriate scenes.
DirectorSaurabh George Swami
ProducerWasim Chisty
Ahab Jafri (Tauzi)
Satish Raj Kasireddi
Manvendra Singh Shekhawat
ScreenplayAnirudh Singh
Series written byTanmai Rastogi
Saurabh George Swami
Anirudh Singh
DOPRahul Balachandran
Amit Roy
EditorAbhishek Gupta
Sound DesignPranit Purao
Music byRajarshi Sanyal
Composer of ‘Ek Mai Hun’ SongNupoor Khedkar
IP Singh
Rajarshi Sanyal
Casting DirectorMukesh Chhabra CSA
Production HouseLockdown Shorts Studio

Ishq Express Main Cast and Their Real Names

Ritvik Sahore | Character name Aarav Agarwal

Ritvik Sahore as Aarav Agarwal in amazon mini tv series 'Ishq Express'

Gayatri Bhardwaj | Character name Tanya Basu

Gayatri Bhardwaj as Tanya Basu in web series 'Ishq Express'

Gaurav Parajuli | Character name Dhruv

Gaurav Parajuli as Druv. Playing Aarav's brother in amazon mini tv series 'Ishq Express'

Dhanesh Dogra | Character Aarav’s Father

Dhanesh Dogra as Aarav Agarwal's father in amazon mini tv series 'Ishq Express'

Shilpa Varma | Character Aarav’s Mother

Shilpa Varma as Aarav Agarwal's mother in mini web series 'Ishq Express'

Sohan Bandopadhyay | Character Tanya’s Father

Sohan Bandopadhyay as Tanya Basu's father in amazon mini tv series 'Ishq Express'

Senjuti Roy Mukherjee | Character Tanya’s Mother

Senjuti Roy Mukherjee as Tanya's mother in web series Ishq Express -

Srishti Tiwari | Character name Gauri

Srishti Tiwari as Gauri in Ishq express - She is playing the friend of Tanya Basu.

John Bhattacharya [Shaurja] | Character name Aditya

John Bhattacharya as Aditya in amazon mini tv series 'Ishq Express'.

Ishq Express [Episode Names & Watch Time Duration]

S.No.Episodes NameTime Duration (Watch Time)
1.Status – RAC26
2.Status – CNF23
3.Status – WL35
Total Episodes – 3Total Watch Time1 hour 24 minutes

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Ishq Express Official Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How can I watch Ishq Express on Tv?

    As of now there is no dedicated app for Mini TV to download from play store, however, you can open Amazon Prime on android tv or firestick and look for Ishq Express, however it will play on your tv with ads.

  • How can I watch Ishq Express on Mobile?

    Open Amazon Shopping app and then at the top you will see some options including MiniTV (Free).

  • Is Ishq Express web series free to watch on Mini Tv?

    Yes, Ishq Express mini web series is free to watch and you do not any paid subscription to watch it.

  • Can I watch Ishq Express on my Laptop?

    No, Ishq Express can be watched only on mobile, tablet or on android tv (firetv stick).