In Good Hands 2 Plot And Ending Explained: Remembering Your Loved Ones

In Good Hands 2 Movie Plot and Ending Explained
In Good Hands 2 Movie Plot and Ending Explained

In Good Hands 2 is a 2024 Turkish romantic comedy directed by Ketche, available to watch on Netflix. It is a sequel to the romantic comedy film ‘In Good Hands’, released in 2022. Starring Kaan Urgancioglu, Mert Ege Ak, Melisa Pamuk and Ezgi Senler, this movie is about the growing relationship between a father and a son who have recently faced a tragedy in their lives. 

Plot Summary

It’s been one year since Firat and Can lost their beautiful wife and mother, Melisa. They are both in the grieving period and trying to cope and accept the reality and also trying to connect better. Will they be able to move on and rebuild a life together?

Introducing ‘Firat’ And ‘Can’

Firat and Can from movie 'In Good Hands 2'
Firat and Can from movie ‘In Good Hands 2’

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Firat and Can both lost their loved one, Melisa, one year ago and are trying to cope with their new lives without Melisa through a way of remembering her. However, the unopened box of Melisa symbolizes the fact that Firat is not yet ready to let go of Melisa. Can, on the one hand, is trying to build a time machine to go back in the past to get a chance to meet his mother to tell her how much he loves her, and Firat, on the other hand, is getting himself deep into alcohol to ease his pain. Can is afraid that he will also lose his friend aka father to alcoholism, but Firat is ignorant of what his son thinks.

How Did ‘Firat’ And ‘Can’ Meet Sezen?

The scene where 'Firat' And 'Can' Meet Sezen
The scene where ‘Firat’ And ‘Can’ Meet Sezen

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One day in a cafe, while talking about studies, Firat and Can meet Sezen. But their first impression was not a good one for Sezen. In the beginning, Sezen was irritated because they were making noise while she was trying to rest in peace. Can even tell Sezen that he is trying to build a time machine, to which Sezen ridicules him and replies that it is impossible. 

What Made Firat Quit Drinking?

How Firat Quit Drinking
How Firat Quit Drinking

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Firat and Can had a heated argument about Can not leaving school. Firat was disheartened by Can’s comment that he could not tell him what to do. Firat left home drinking and in a bar again met Sezen, who dropped drunk Firat at his home. Seeing Firat asleep in the garden, Can comes with a shawl and a glass of water for Firat. He covers Firat with that shawl and leaves. The next day, Firat sees his son’s web search history which indicates a cry for help about how to make his father stop drinking. Firat regrets his decision, goes to his son and promises to never let him down again. 

What Happened At Can’s School?

The scene where Can is bullied at school and Sezene takes a stand for him
The scene where Can is bullied at school and Sezene takes a stand for him

Can is surrounded by bullies in his school who call him out for not dancing well, or for calling his father by his name. Firat never gave those bullies much attention because he did not want to create any problem in the school, but Sezene stood up for Can against those bullies and watered them. This incident may have created a stir in the school but made Can get closer to Sezene. Soon they started to hang out together and have fun. 

How Did The Argument Between Firat And Emrah Effect Relationships?

Firat And Emrah Argument scene from In Good Hands 2 movie
Firat And Emrah Argument scene from In Good Hands 2 movie

Firat starts drinking again at Layla Yaz’s birthday party, which eventually goes out of control. Firat goes on the stage and tells everyone how he’s been trying hard to be a father for his son, which is also a response to Emrah, who says Firat is in no position to teach other kids manners because he has become a father recently. Emrah and Firat get into a fistfight which shocks Can, and he leaves without saying anything. 

The incident at Layla Yaz’s house angered Can and is reluctant to talk to his father. He threw away everything related to the time machine because his father asked him to grow up, and he asked his father to grow up too, because he was not acting like one. On the other hand, Sezen, who wants to help Firat with how his issues are hurting everyone around him, Firat ends up hurting her too by bringing up how Sezen is lying to herself regarding her brother’s death. 

In Good Hands 2 Ending Explained

Firat acknowledges his mistakes and throws all his alcohol bottles with a promise to start afresh. Firat even visits Sezen and apologizes to her. By the end of the movie, we see all three together watching a video of Melisa and Kerem compiled by Firat remembering them and Can call Firat ‘Father’. We hope you liked the detailed explanation of the movie!