‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die’ trailer: Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are ‘Bad Boys forever’!

Bad Boys: Ride or Die
Bad Boys: Ride or Die

‘World’s favourite Bad Boys are back for some action!’ Sony Pictures Entertainment released the trailer for ‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die’ starring Will Smith and Marcus Lawrence in lead roles. The film is the fourth installment in the buddy cop franchise. After its tremendous success, the 1995 film titled, ‘Bad Boys’ spawned two sequels, Bad Boys 2 (2003) and Bad Boys for Life (2020) which broke records at the box office. The forthcoming film is a sequel to the critically acclaimed film, Bad Boys for Life (2020), that became one of the highest-grossing films, earning $426.5 million at the box-office. The film is directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah who are known for films like Black, Gangsta and Bad Boys for Life

What Is ‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die’ About?

So who are the bad boys? They are two investigators and best friends who work together in the Miama police department. They fight crime and bring perpetrators to justice. 

‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die’ is the franchise’s fourth installment. The trailer comes with exciting visuals and interesting graphics. As the plot unfolds, Miami cops Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett are seen attempting to clear their captain’s name who is being framed. As the cops try to uncover the conspiracy, they find themselves caught amidst the chaos, chased by deadly criminals and law enforcement officers. In order to set themselves free from this web, they must use their wits to bring the real criminals to justice.  

Who All Are in the Cast?

‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die’ comes with a stellar cast including Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, who will be reprising their roles in the film. They will be playing as Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, who are Miami detectives investigating drug-trafficking and other crimes. 

The other cast includes Vanessa Hudgens who plays Kelly. Alexander Ludwig as Don. Melanie Liburd will also be joining the cast. She plays a mysterious character named Christine.

Paola Núñez as Captain Rita Secada. Eric Dane, Ion Gruffudd and Rhea Seehorn will also be joining the cast for the first time. However, we don’t know much about their characters yet. Tasha Smith will be playing Marcu’s wife Theresa Burnett

How Did the Fans React?

Fans have been thrilled since the fourth installment of ‘Bad Boys’ was announced. They took to the comments section to express their excitement. One user wrote, “Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s chemistry is OUT OF THIS !!!My Childhood IDOLS/G.O.A.T.S!!” Another compared the action-packed adventure to the Fast and Furious franchise, and said that the film is becoming more and more outrageous. “SOO Glad you guys did this one, so soon after the last. Bad Boys forever!,” wrote someone else. 

Will It Get an OTT Release?

‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die’ will be released in theatres on June 7, 2024. However, it is not yet confirmed whether the film will be streaming on OTT platform. 

What Can We Expect?

‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die’ is one of the most anticipated flicks. It’s been four years since the last franchise was released. Will Smith and Michael Lawrence’s hilarious banter earned them a lot of acclaim from their fans, and we can expect the same from the future film. 

The action-comedy franchise features high-octane action sequences, intense combat, high-speed chases, and, most importantly, a great deal of humor.

Will it be a game-changer?