“As The Crow Flies” Recap and Season 3 Ending Explained

As the Crow Flies Season 3 Ending Explained
As the Crow Flies Season 3 Ending Explained

“As the Crow Flies” is a popular Turkish series about a famous TV presenter and an obsessed fan who knows no boundaries. The third season of this hit show, originally named “Kus Uçusu”, premiered in April 2024 on Netflix. It is all about the ever-cruel world of the Turkish broadcast news world. This series has been directed by Deniz Yorulmaz and features Birce Akalay, Miray Daner, and Ibrahim Celikkol as Lale Kiran, Asli Tuna, and Kenan Sezgin, respectively.

Let’s get into the show’s plot and ending in detail! 

Recap of “As The Crow Flies” Season 2

Lale (Birce Akalay) in season 2 decides to leave the broadcasting station, which is mainly because of the difficulty in her marriage with Selim (Burak Yamantürk). This key moment leads to Asli (Miray Daner) assuming her position with one of Turkey’s leading television news channels, “The Other Side.” Nonetheless, Asli’s path is not without difficulties and failures.

While balancing new responsibilities at work, she also matures both personally and professionally, along with moving into a better residence. However, this complicates things further when another reporter from her past returns to play a role in her professional life again.

In the meantime, as she grapples with the burden of public opinion and what others expect of her personality onscreen, it has consequences for what happens off-screen too. Behind the scenes, Müge and Gül scheme to maintain their influence within the studio, setting the stage for a power struggle with Asli.

By reemploying a dismissed intern as a replacement for Müge and Gül, she tries to assert authority. However, this causes an unforeseen chain of events that risks undermining everything she has planned very carefully.

Tensions mount between Asli and Lale as the season progresses due to professional rivalry and personal insecurities. Lale’s decision to join hands with Kenan adds another layer of complexity to the situation, leading to a contest of ambitions and loyalty.

With every passing day, it is becoming obvious that Lale’s marriage is on the rocks, as her husband Selim is finding it hard to accept her new independent life and success. This creates the right atmosphere for an explosive meeting that will test what love, ambition, and loyalty can endure.

Asli thought she was safe when she helped Güliz, the owner’s daughter, take over as the boss. But Güliz was smart too. When their show’s ratings dropped, Güliz wanted Kenan to join the network. Asli felt betrayed when she realised she was being replaced. In a drunken state, she spoke her mind on live TV, which embarrassed her. Lale, who knew the harshness of the industry, felt sorry for her. Asli left the office feeling alone, unlike when Lale left, who was cheered by many.

Asli got a job hosting a dramatic reality show, “Concerning Life,” which suited her flair for theatrics. Lale, however, refused to anchor the show, wanting to leave the mainstream media. She trusted Yusuf to take over their old show, “The Other Side,” displaying courage and selflessness. Yusuf hoped Asli would be happy for him, but she seemed indifferent. In the finale, a sex tape of Lale and Erme leaked, leaving many questions unanswered.

What happens at the beginning of Season 3 of “As The Crow Flies”?

Lale starts her own online channel
Lale starts her own online channel

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In this season, we see Lale starting her own online channel at the beginning of season 3 of “As the Crow Flies” and being very devoted to it. She lives with Kenan and is quite popular on her channel. Gül and Asli started working together on a reality show. Asli got the offer to be the second host beside Yusuf and comes back to “The Other Side,”  although things are quite awkward after her breakdown in the office last season. She is extremely upset to find out that Yusuf, whom she’s in love with, is seriously dating Güliz.

Suddenly, there was a big corporation that had come to Turkey and opened up a network called RedW. They poached all accomplished campaigners; hence, both Lale and Gül received job offers. She did not like this because she preferred the freedom that came with running her own channel. She could speak the truth, say anything she wished, and do all other things not dictated by sponsors, among others, to her people without fear. But Kenan advised her that she should go talk to them at least so as to know what they are offering beforehand.

Who is the CEO of RedW?

The scene from "As The Crow Flies Season 3" where Müge turns out to be the CEO of RedW Network.
Müge turns out to be the CEO of RedW Network

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Lale does accept the offer after much persuasion from Gül, although she conditioned that her online channel should not be closed, which they were able to accommodate in the long run. Gül was given the COO position, and she wondered who would be the CEO of the company because she wanted that position herself. The company made it seem like they had gotten a foreigner as their CEO. But it was not so. Shockingly, Müge turned out to be chosen as the CEO of the RedW network instead of Lale, Kenan, or even Gül. 

Müge had an awful lot of revenge on her mind, and she was set on making Lale’s life hell. All three were absolutely indispensable to each other if this network was going to work at all. If Müge made up with this head post, Gül could not leave either Lale or Kenan behind her back then. In any case, they still managed to work together despite all odds when Gül struggled so much that it would suit everyone else somehow too.

Was Lale able to prove herself again?

Lale news get high TRP ratings
Lale news get high TRP ratings

Lale was hesitant about working with Müge, but after a lot of persuasion from Gül, she agreed. Gül kept on being the middleman between Müge and the others. For example, when Lale refused to show the rundown of the show to Müge, Gül lied to Müge and said they had emailed it. Asli, on the other hand, was getting closer to Yusuf, who had called her to his home one day to ask if they could work together. 

Lale was full of nerves on the first day, but with a little nudge from Kenan, she was able to nail it, and the TRP ratings were through the roof, much to Müge’s dislike.

What happened when Lale and Emre’s video leaked?

A girl named Ruhiye Demir had put out a viral rumour that she had an indecent video featuring Lale and her colleague Emre. The rumour took over social media so much that even news agencies had to cover it. Emre’s already shaky reputation plummeted further when he fainted in his hotel room with prostitutes around him. In panic, they called the first contact on his call log, which happened to be Lale, who rushed over to help him. Trouble started simmering as Lale was caught by the press leaving the hotel while Emre was being taken care of by doctors.

The scene "As The Crow Flies season 3" where Lale rushes to the hotel to help Emre.
The scene where Lale rushes to the hotel to help Emre

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Talking about the rumours on her show, Lale assumed a moral high ground without defending or explaining herself, saying it was not necessarily wrong even if it were true. She suffered severe public vilification for being morally loose. Kenan was struck dumb when she fled Turkey with her daughters and Selim to settle in Nice, thus straining their relationship. On the other side, Kenan wanted her to stay, but Lale put her children first.

What happened between Asli, Yusuf, and Güliz?

Yusuf and Asli affair scene from "As The Crow Flies Season 3"
Yusuf and Asli affair scene from “As The Crow Flies Season 3”

Yusuf brought Asli on board as a co-anchor on his show to register an increase in its TRP. Güliz had no knowledge of the fact that Yusuf had an affair before with Asli, and their meeting again brought back all those memories for Yusuf. Initially attempting to resist, Yusuf finally gave way to his feelings and ended up having an affair with Asli. In a period of time, Güliz started suspecting something about what Yusuf was doing, which indicated that he had an affair. Even though he tried keeping the truth away from Güliz, guilt troubled him so much that he could not confess due to her character.

To this end, Güliz made Asli an offer: she would get her contract renewed if she unveiled her lover’s infidelity. Caught between personal gain and loyalty, Asli found herself in a moral dilemma. The situation deteriorated even further when Asli, being drunk, went to Yusuf seeking consolation, and there they rekindled their love for each other again. They both stupidly believed that nobody would ever find out about their secret relationship, but soon it turned out that they were wrong because Ayse’s gift of thread matched another one present on the coat sleeve of Asli, which was given by Güliz. 

“As The Crow Flies” Season 3 Ending Explained

The end of season 3 of As the Crow Flies contained the long-sought dream of Müge to eventually become the anchor of the show with Kenan. Gül had chosen to replace her with Müge because she could gauge what Müge really wanted and how she was dedicated to it. Nonetheless, when Müge got into her new role, she started feeling the seriousness behind what it demanded and the excessive pressure related to it.

Müge replaces Lale but due to excessive stress she loses her hair
Müge replaces Lale but due to excessive stress she loses her hair

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Incessant monitoring of ratings and adaptation to public opinions turned out to be a heavy burden on Müge, leading to friction between her and Kenan. Overwhelmed by all this, stress took its toll on her when she experienced an infection resulting in hair loss. This obstacle significantly affected her self-worth and morale. Müge reached a breaking point due to growing insecurity and exhaustion. Eventually, recognizing how important her mental as well as physical health are compared to anything else in life, Müge decided that she had no other option except to choose them over her career aspirations.

Lale and Kanen meets again and become sentimental
Lale and Kanen meets again and become sentimental

When it comes to Lale and Kenan, they met again when Gül invited Lale to share her professional insights into her show. When they met, both became sentimental and started confiding in each other. Kenan professed his love for Lale, whereas Lale admitted that she always sought his approval. Despite the fact that it seemed like their relationship could have been unhealthy at first, Lale had a different meaning. She loved Kenan so much and wanted him to know how she felt about certain things on her mind. Although life is hard, she felt that they could get by together as one despite any obstacles posed by life. Kenan was her biggest fan, even picking her up from a lecture at the end of “As the Crow Flies”.

The scene from the series 'As the Crow Flies Season 3' where Güliz comes to know about Yusuf and Asli's affair.
Güliz comes to know about Yusuf and Asli’s affair

Güliz found that Yusuf was having an affair with Asli, which led to a clash that broke her heart and then made her angry. Güliz hired lawyers to make Yusuf and Asli pay for their betrayals. As a result, Asli left her job and returned home since she knew that she would never work in the media while Güliz was around. On the other hand, due to some consequences of his actions, Yusuf got into a low-paying job where he kept thinking about his behavior but could not ask for forgiveness from Güliz.

The affair’s fallout destroyed their lives, making Yusuf and Asli face up to what they had brought upon themselves as Güliz pursued justice with an unyielding spirit.

In the end, Lale meets Yusuf and suggests him to do what he feels right
In the end, Lale meets Yusuf and suggests him to do what he feels right

Lale suggested to Yusuf that he should take a leap of faith and do what seemed right in his gut, so he didn’t say sorry to Güliz and joined a mediocre job with lesser pay. In the last part of “As the Crow Flies” Season 3, Lale found out that Asli had returned home. She met with her, and there was silence; she felt this conversation was still going on. They might even have another season for the series. Lale told Asli not to hide but to stand up and fight. It appeared from Asli’s face as if she agreed with her mentor. It is probable that Gül, Lale, Kenan, and Asli will come together for a season 4, which may also include Yusuf. The characters’ problems will be settled in the future, both within them and without, but we can only wait to see what happens next for them.