5 Erotic Web Series on OTT That Should Be Watched Alone with Headphones

5 Erotic web series to watch on Ott alone with headphones

Watching these 5 erotic web series on Ott without headphones can put you in an embarrassing situation.

Erotic Web Series: Month of October is full of new and exciting web series releases. However, these web series on OTT are full of bold and erotic scenes which can embarass you in front of your family. Therefore make sure to watch these web series alone with headphones.

1) Sabak Ishq Ka (Released on Sep 19, 2023)

The first web series that should be watched alone with earphones is Sabak Ishq Ka which was released on Sep 19, 23.

The series features Love Preet Kaur, Anita Jaiswal and Alendra Bill in the main lead. The series is about a boy ‘Mayank’ who gets infatuated with her teacher Shikha (played by Love Preet Kaur). Therefore, he reaches at her home and requests for a private coaching, which Shikha denies. Afterwards, Mayank decides that he will get Shikha’s love at any cost. He records her daughter’s video and blackmails her.

The web series has a lot of bold and intimate scenes. Do watch this series alone and with headphones. Sabak Ishq ka is currently streaming on Ullu Ott app.

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2) Andar Ki Baat 2 (Released on Oct 6, 2023)

The Ullu recently released its second installment of Andar Ki Baat. Andar Ki Baat 2 is a story of three boys and their fantasies for their favourite Sadhana Bhabhi (played by Ridhima Tiwari). However, Sadhana Bhabhi is least interested in them. Later the boys try their luck on Deepa bhabhi (played by Suraiya) who is not happy with her married life.

The main cast of this web series are Surariya Shaikh and Ridhima Tiwari. The duo is playing the role of sultry bhabhis. Watch this super entertaining erotic drama series on Ullu. It has 5 episodes each of approximately 22-28 minutes long. The series released on Oct 6, 2023 and available in 3 languages: Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

The web series is directed by Bhomik, and produced by Ullu Digital.

3) Maa Ka Naka (Released on Oct 3, 2023)

Maa Ka Naka series is a story of mother daughter duo, Barkha and Pallavi, who runs a travel company together. Barkha is seperated from her husband while Pallavi is in love with a guy who works in her office. Soon a new employee joins in whose presence created a split between the two. The web series involves a lots of sensual scenes and moans therefore, it is recommended that you put on your headphone if watching at home.

The main cast includes Jayshree Gaikwad and Suraiya Shaikh, the series is written and directed by Raifee.

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4) Kitty Party (Releasing Soon in Oct 2023)

Kitty Party is an upcoming web series on Ullu which is slated to release in October 2023. This web series is intended for adults and should be watched with caution at home. The series features 4 top erotica actresses such as Payal Patil, Pooja Poddar, Samita Paul and Poonam Rajput, which means that there will be huge amount of skin show.

The series is about 4 ladies who tell their version of fantasy stories in order to compete with each other.

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5) Misti (Releasing Soon in Oct 2023)

Misti features one of the finest and boldest actress ‘Bharti Jha‘ in the main lead. The actress has given several bold appearances in the past. Which guarantees the presence of hot scenes in Misti too. The story of Misti is about a man who rented out a house possesed by a hot witch. What happens when he comes to stay in the haunted house? Watch Misti on Ullu to know the full story.

The series is projected to release in October 2023, however exact date of the release is not announced yet.