Through My Window 3: Looking at You (2024) Plot Summary and Ending Explanation in Detail

Through My Window 3: Looking at You (2024)
Through My Window 3: Looking at You (2024) Plot Summary & Ending Explained

Through my Window 3 : Looking at You (Spanish- A través de tu Mirada) is a 2024 Spanish teen romantic film, directed by Marçal Forés, available to watch on Netflix. Starring Clara Galle and Julio Peña, this movie is the third sequel to Through My Window (A Través de mi Ventana) and Through My Window: Across the Sea (A Través del Mar). These movies are based on a book trilogy by Ariana Godoy. The movie revolves around Raquel when she meets her star-crossed lover Ares again during Christmas. Even though they are with two different people now, they can’t forget each other and try to reconnect.

Plot Summary

The movie follows the story of Raquel Mendoza who works for a toy store and at the same time is working on the publication of her first book ‘Through my Window’. Although she is dating Gregory she can’t help herself from looking at Ares Hidalgo’s apartment right across her window. Although she shuts her window symbolizing that she’s ready to move on with her now boyfriend. It’s Christmas time and Barcelona and Ares is back in town with his new girlfriend Vera. The two couples encounter each other while shopping which creates awkwardness and it’s evident from looking at their faces. Soon after that on a stormy night, Raquel’s window is blown open which is also a metaphor and the audience also sees amidst the storm Raquel and Ares come closer to one another.

Background into Raquel’s Life

The scene where Raquel Mendoza looks at Ares' apartment through her window
The scene where Raquel Mendoza looks at Ares’ apartment through her window

Set during the holy holiday of Christmas, the movie starts with Raquel contemplating her life and looking at Ares’ apartment from her window. She is now busy with her job and the publication of her first book while her present boyfriend encourages and supports her with everything. The movie continues and Gregory decides to hold a Christmas party at Raquel’s mother’s son and invites some friends, Ares and Vera come to the party too. Ares gives Vera the key to the new house they are about to move in and from behind Raquel looks at them being lovey-dovey and imagines her encounter with Ares and the life she could’ve had and ends up starting to write a book about Ares which Gregory ends up reading, questions his relationship with Raquel and breaks up with her.

How the Sudden Stormy Night Affects the Raquel-Ares Dynamic?

Stormy night scene that brings Raquel-Ares closer
Stormy night scene that brings Raquel-Ares closer


Next, we see Raquel lying on her bed by herself after breaking up with Gregory. Suddenly a storm hits and we see her windows getting wide open, which also contains metaphorical meaning showcasing the condition of her heart. On the screen we see someone crawling into Raquel’s room, which ends up being Ares. On the stormy night, they get closer and rekindle their love and affection. Since that night they have never been apart although the world tries to keep them apart.

How Ares’ Family Shaped His Life?

Ares’ family business’ biggest investor is Vera’s family and he knows very well that her family would not accept a breakup with Vera. Finally, they have found a big investor in their Apollo 3 project. His father even taunts Armetis for having a girlfriend from a middle-class family who would not come in any help in their business. Ares’ father’s business is everything and for that he is ready to give up on his family’s happiness, the same way he never allowed Ares or any of his brothers to communicate their feelings and until the end, Ares did not get the opportunity to express himself.

Why Did Raquel Ask Ares To Choose?

The scene where Raquel asks Ares to choose between her and Vera
The scene where Raquel asks Ares to choose between her and Vera


The dilemma in the Ares-Raquel relationship escalates when Raquel starts to get insecure about their relationship when Ares buys her a present. She feels that she is having a secret affair, they are living a life of lies and that Ares is lying to the world about dating Vera and their relationship. Raquel further states that Ares has to decide with whom he would stay, either it would be Vera or Raquel because he can’t continue leading a double life of lies and make her feel insecure. 

Why is the Dinner Meeting Important For The Business Families?

During this dinner date, the audience gets to know how much of a broken family he has. This is a really important New Year Eve’s dinner party where both Vera and her parents are present and they talk about the business and Vera-Ares’ relationship. On the other hand, Armetis gets a phone call from his mother-in-law stating that his girlfriend Claudia has gone into labour and is about to give birth to their daughter. Armetis wants to leave but his father resists saying that the business should be more important to him as its next President. Armetis could not believe his father and left for the hospital. 

The scene moves on with Ares and Vera talking alone. Ares mentions that he knows about Vera’s boyfriend and wants to come clean to her family. Vera accepts Ares’ decision but later falls under family pressure and can’t bring herself to tell the truth to the family and lies. This shocked Ares and he left.

“Through my Window 3 : Looking at You” Ending Explained

The Movie still where Ares saves Raquel from drowning in Pool water
The Movie still where Ares saves Raquel from drowning in Pool water

Ares leaves the family dinner and leaves a message to Raquel to meet at the cemetery However, we see Raquel partying with her friends at the publisher’s party where she meets Ana and she drugged her with some medicine leaving Raquel unable to meet Ares that night. Ana regretted her act later on. The next morning before leaving for the airport Ares goes to Raquel’s mother’s house and leaves a parting gift for her, where he comes to know that Raquel has not yet returned from last night’s party. Ares, with the hope to talk to Raquel for one last time, calls her but Raquel is incapable of talking because of the effects of the drugs. Ares gets tensed, finds her location and sees Raquel drowning in pool water, Ares jumps in the water and saves her but faints because he is highly allergic to chlorine. Ares wakes up in a hospital five days later. The movie then shifts to Raquel’s book launch where she talks about her books and all her friends and also her parents are present. The movie lastly ends with a leap to five years later where we see Ares moving in with Raquel.

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