Splitsvilla 14 Contestants, Elimination List, Written Update [January 2023]

Splitsvilla season 14

MTV has come up with yet another exciting season of Splitsvilla 14 which is shot in an exotic location where 10 girls and 10 boys are contesting against each other to win the task and mingle with each other. In this show, a lucky couple will win the title while others will be evicted from the show.

In Splitsvilla season 14, Arjun Bijlani replaced the much loved Rannvijay Singla while Sunny Leone retained her position as a host. The show telecasted it’s first episode on 12th November 2022 on MTV at 7pm. Alternatively, it streamed on Voot App for free.

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Splitsvilla 14 Contestants List (November 2022)

1Hamid BarkziSoundous Moufakir
2Kashish ThakurSaumya Bhandari
3Sohail Shaikh (Sohail D)Sakshi Dwivedi
4Rishav JaiswalSakshi Shrivas
5Honey KambojKashish Ratnani
6Amir HosseinShrea Prasad
7Justin DcruzAradhana Verma
9Aagaz AkhtarPema Lenani
10Joshua ChhabraAkashlina Chandra
11Dhruvin BusaOviya Darnal

Splitsvilla 14 Elimination list & Written Updates (Dec 2022 – Jan 2023)

[19th November 2022 Written Update] : In the third episode of Splitsvilla 14 we saw that Sakhi Shrivas and Justin Dcruz were asked to open the envelope of the evicted/eliminated candidate. The first person to evict from the show is Dhruvin Busa whose journey ended on 19th November 2022.

[26th November 2022 Written Update] : Both the queens Urfi Javed and Soundous Moufakir wins the couple task performed with Kashish Thakur and Hamid Barkzi respectively. Therefore, they got the immunity and saved from the elimination.

[27th November 2022 Written Update] : The second contestant who was dumped in the dumping ground was Oviya Darnal, she gave her immunity to Sakshi Dwivedi as she felt other participants are more deserving than her. She got evicted from Splitsvilla 14 on 26th November 2022.

[3rd December 2022 Written Update] : The third contestant dumped from the Splitsvilla season 14 is Rishav Jaiswal. His name was chosen by Honey Kamboj and Akashlina Chandra. He had a connection with Sakshi Dwivedi. During eviction he advised Sakshi to not trust anyone in the game.

[11th December 2022 Written Update] : The fourth contestant who got evicted from Splitsvilla season 14 is Saumya Bhandari.

[17th December 2022 Written Update] : The fifth contestant to get evicted from Splitsvilla 14 is Joshua Chhabra.

[18th December 2022 Written Update] : Shivam Sharma gets wild card entry in Splitsvilla 14. He paired with Akashlina Chandra and performed a dancing task with her but could not win.

[1st January 2023 Written Update] : On Sunday, Akashlina Chandra and Kashish Thakur performed a task together and beaten Soundous and Hamid which gave them the power to present them in front of the oracle where they were declared as the perfect match. Which turned Kashish Thakur in shock as he had an ongoing connection with Mehek. In the end three contestants named Shivam Sharma, Sakshi Dwivedi and Aradhana Verma got evicted from Splitsvilla 14.

Boys Eviction listGirls Eviction List
1.Dhruvin Busa – evicted on 19 Nov 2022Oviya Darnal – Evicted on 26 Nov 2022
2.Rishav Jaiswal – evicted on 3 Dec 2022Saumya Bhandari – Evicted on 11 Dec 2022
3.Joshua Chhabra – evictedSakshi Dwivedi – Evicted on 1 Jan 2023
4.Shivam Sharma (Wildcard) – evicted on 1 Jan 2023Aradhana Verma – Evicted on 1 Jan 2023

Splitsvilla Season 14 contestants with their photos and brief introduction

Soundous Moufakir (Appeared in Roadies Season 18)

Soundous Moufakir

Oviya Darnal (Social Media Influencer)

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Oviya Darnal bio

Kashish Ratnani (20 Year Old Fashion Designer from Mumbai)

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Kashish Ratnani

Hamid Barkzi (25 Years Old Model and Athlete)

Hamid Barkzi

Kashish Thakur aka Kashish Mukesh Pundir (Mtv Roadies Winner, Actor, Dancer and Athlete)

Kashish Thakur aka kashish mukesh pundir

Rishav Jaiswal (Model and Actor)

Rishav Jaiswal

Honey Kamboj (Artist)

Honey Kamboj

Justin Dcruz (Choreographer)

Justin Dcruz

Aagaz Akhtar (Fashion Model)

Aagaz Akhtar (Fashion Model) in Splitsvilla 14

Joshua Chhabra (Actor and Gladrags Mr. India)

Joshua chhabra

Saumya Bhandari (Fashion Model and Architect)

Saumya Bhandari

Sakshi Dwivedi (Travel and Fitness Influencer)

Sakshi Dwivedi

Shrea Prasad (Owner of Cosmetic Brand – POSH NAILS & LASHES)

Shrea Prasad

Aradhana Verma (Fashion Designer)

Aradhana Verma - Fashion Designer - Splitsvilla 14

Sakshi Shrivas (IITian, Software Engineer, Ex Google Employee, Bachata Dancer)

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Sakshi Shrivas

Akashlina Chandra (Make Up Artist and Owner of Akashlina Cosmetics)

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Akashlina Chandra

Pema Lenani (Fashion and Beauty Influencer)

Pema Lenani

Dhruvin Busa (Beat Boxer and Host at Clubhouse App)

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Dhruvin Busa

Sohail Shaikh aka Sohail D (Owner of Sohail Fitness)

Check Sohail Shaikh Biography only on Wikibiotv

Sohail Shaikh

Splitsvilla Season 14 Release Date, Show Timings & Location

The show will start premiering from 12th November 2022 on MTV and VOOT every Saturday and Sunday at 7pm.

TV ShowSplitsvilla 14
PlatformMTV and Voot App
Release Date12th November 2022
TimingSaturday-Sunday 7 PM
Splitsvilla 14 HostArjun Bijlani and Sunny Leone

MTV Splitsvilla 14 Official Promo

The promo features Sunny as mermaid and Arjun appears in a pirate’s costume. While the contestants seem to appear from the soil. The tagline of the show is ‘Apna Pyaar Paana Hoga Aur Bhi Mushkil Iss baar, Kuki Apka Pyaar Hai Samandar Paar‘.

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