My Name is Loh Kiwan Summary, Detailed Analysis, Captivating Scenes with Screengrabs, Plot Synopsis, Themes and Review

My Name is Loh Kiwan
My Name is Loh Kiwan - A Korean Film

“My name is Loh Kiwan” is a Korean film that premiered on March 1, 2024. It is both written and directed by Kim Hee-jin, with a genre of Romance.

  • Duration: 2 hours 13 mins
  • Rating: IMDB 6.8/10
  • Watch On: Netflix
  • Cast: Song Joong Ki portrays the role of Loh Ki Wan, He is the main male protagonist of this movie. Choi Sung Eun portrays the role of Marie, She is the main female protagonist of this movie. Jo Han-Chul portrays the role of Yoon Seong, He is the father of Marie.


The movie begins with Loh Kiwan, a depressed individual with a difficult past, seen scrubbing blood stains from a street. He later boards a plane with others, instructed on how to avoid detection upon arrival. Loh Kiwan nervously navigates immigration, eventually reaching a new destination where he encounters challenges. Flashbacks reveal his bond with his hardworking mother and his decision to leave home due to a troubling incident. As Loh Kiwan adjusts to his new life, he faces hardships including homelessness and theft. Meanwhile, he forms a bond with Marie, a troubled woman involved in dangerous activities. Their relationship deepens as they navigate their respective challenges together. Loh Kiwan’s past catches up with him during legal proceedings, where he receives unexpected help from Seon-ju, a colleague. However, betrayal and danger loom as Marie’s involvement with criminal elements escalates. Despite challenges, Loh Kiwan and Marie find solace in each other’s company, eventually parting ways for Marie’s safety. In the end, Loh Kiwan chooses to pursue happiness with Marie, symbolizing his journey towards a better future.

Detailed Analysis of “My Name is Low Kiwan”

Introduction: A Glimpse into the Character’s Struggle

Scene 1: A glimpse into Low Kiwan's Struggle
Scene 1: A glimpse into Low Kiwan’s Struggle

The movie opens with a poignant scene depicting the protagonist, Loh Kiwan, navigating through the challenges of a bleak existence. Walking along a congested street, he scrubs blood stains from the ground, hinting at a troubled past and a life marked by hardship. This initial glimpse sets the tone for a narrative that delves into themes of migration, survival, and personal redemption.

A Desperate Journey Begins: The illegal Exodus

Scene 2 - Loh Kiwan's Desperate Journey Begins
Scene 2 – Loh Kiwan’s Desperate Journey Begins

Transitioning to an airplane setting, Loh Kiwan finds himself among a group of men instructed to maintain anonymity and evade authorities upon landing. The tension is palpable as they prepare to embark on an uncertain journey, hinting at the clandestine nature of their endeavor. The leader’s strategic instructions underscore the risks involved, shedding light on the illegal activities unfolding.

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Scene 3 - Loh Kiwan Faces Immigration
Scene 3 – Loh Kiwan Faces Immigration

Upon arrival, Loh Kiwan faces the daunting task of navigating through immigration checkpoints, grappling with fear and uncertainty. His encounter with the authorities underscores the precariousness of his situation, as he grapples with the consequences of his actions. The scene paints a vivid picture of the challenges faced by immigrants seeking refuge in unfamiliar lands.

Flashbacks: A Glimpse into the Past

Scene 4 - Loh Kiwan gets Flashback of his Past
Scene 4 – Loh Kiwan gets Flashback of his Past

Interwoven with the present narrative are poignant flashbacks to Loh Kiwan’s past, offering insights into his motivations and struggles. Scenes depicting his humble upbringing, his bond with his hardworking mother, and the sacrifices they made together add depth to his character, enriching the storytelling with emotional resonance.

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A New Beginning: Striving for Redemption

Scene 5 - Loh Kiwan gets help from Translator
Scene 5 – Loh Kiwan gets help from Translator

As Loh Kiwan navigates the complexities of his new life, he encounters individuals who offer him support and guidance. From a compassionate translator to a kind-hearted coworker, these characters play pivotal roles in his journey towards redemption, highlighting the transformative power of human connection.

Betrayal and Redemption: Navigating Moral Dilemmas

Scene 6 - Loh Kiwan faces betrayal
Scene 6 – Loh Kiwan faces betrayal

However, amidst moments of camaraderie and hope, Loh Kiwan faces betrayal and moral dilemmas that test his resilience. The revelation of deceit and manipulation forces him to confront the darker aspects of human nature, challenging his beliefs and principles.

Forging Connections: Love and Compassion

Scene 7 - Loh Kiwan Bonds and Romance with Marie
Scene 7 – Loh Kiwan Bonds and Romance with Marie

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Amidst the turmoil, Loh Kiwan finds solace in unexpected places, forming deep connections with individuals who offer him love and compassion. His bond with Marie, a fellow struggler, blossoms into a tender romance, underscoring the human capacity for empathy and resilience in the face of adversity.

A Journey Towards Closure: Seeking Meaning and Purpose

Loh Kiwan on a journey of self discovery
Scene 8 – Loh Kiwan on a journey of self discovery

As the narrative unfolds, Loh Kiwan embarks on a journey of self-discovery and redemption, seeking closure for the traumas of his past. Through acts of courage and sacrifice, he confronts his demons and finds the strength to forge a new path forward, guided by the lessons learned from his experiences.

Conclusion: Finding Hope Amidst Adversity

In the poignant conclusion, Loh Kiwan’s journey comes full circle as he finds a sense of purpose and belonging in the embrace of love and companionship. Despite the challenges and setbacks, he emerges as a symbol of resilience and hope, offering a poignant reminder of the human capacity for transformation and renewal even in the darkest of times.

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Plot Synopsis

The plot synopsis of this drama is exceptionally realistic, focusing on the struggles of a North Korean defector as they navigate life in a new country. The portrayal of their hardships and encounters with adversity is deeply moving. The storyline revolves around themes of struggle, the challenges of immigrant life, perseverance, love, drugs, abuse, betrayal, and relationships. It vividly depicts the harsh realities faced by immigrants, including financial difficulties. Over time, the protagonist finds someone they can rely on and ultimately discovers true happiness.


There are numerous themes explored in this movie, but perhaps the most significant is the harsh reality of immigrant life, as depicted through Loh Kiwan’s struggles. He spends half his life in hiding, fighting for survival, losing his mother, and resorting to desperate measures like selling his own body to fund his journey to another country. Another central theme is love: despite the challenging circumstances, Loh Kiwan and Marie find solace in each other and eventually reunite despite being apart. Love is portrayed in various forms throughout the movie, including a mother’s love for her son (Loh Kiwan), the bond between Loh Kiwan and his uncle, the relationship between Marie and Seon-ju, and even Marie’s family dynamics with her parents and her father. Despite the darkness and hardships, love ultimately triumphs and prevails throughout the narrative.

6 Captivating Moments: Scenes That Leave a Mark

Loh Kiwan Sells Glass Bottles for His Survival
(19:19) Loh Kiwan Sells Glass Bottles for His Survival

(19:19) Surviving as a North Korean Defector: Loh Kiwan’s Year of Collecting Glass Bottles : In his struggle to make ends meet during his stay, not even being able to afford a proper meal, he is driven to desperation by the lack of even the most basic necessities. Walking down the street, he spots a man selling empty glass bottles. An idea sparks in his mind, and he decides to do the same for several days, trying hard to make ends meet. Although he couldn’t earn much, it was enough to at least provide him with food and water for the day with the coins he earned.

Loh Kiwan's mother dies
(26:48) Loh Kiwan’s mother dies

(26:48) Loh Kiwan’s Mother’s Death Sparks a New Struggle: As Loh Kiwan and his mother try to escape from the Chinese police, tragedy strikes when his mother is shot in the head during the chaos. The gunfire from the police leads to her being fatally wounded in the street. Devastated by his mother’s death, Loh Kiwan almost attempts to take his own life out of grief, but his uncle intervenes. His uncle provides him with money, obtained by selling his mother’s body, to help him flee to another country for safety. However, this escape marks the beginning of a new struggle for Loh Kiwan. In the unfamiliar territory of the new country, he faces numerous challenges as he tries to make ends meet. He encounters dangerous individuals and is forced to fight hard to survive.

Loh Kiwan gets a job through Marie's connection
(47:55) Loh Kiwan gets a job through Marie’s connection

(47:55) A Fresh Start: Finding a New Identity and Job through Marie’s Connection: Encountering Marie led him to secure a job in a factory, which provided him with a new identity under a Chinese name. Then, he meets a woman named Seon-ju, who becomes a sort of guardian to him, standing by his side, guiding, and teaching him. Through her support, he is now able to sleep comfortably in a room and eat well.

 (1:17) Seon-ju Betrays Loh Kiwan in Court
(1:17) Seon-ju Betrays Loh Kiwan in Court

(1:17:00) Loh Kiwan’s Initial Betrayal: A Surprising Revelation: Loh Kiwan asks Seon-ju if she could help him in court, to which she readily agrees. However, in court, tables turn against Loh Kiwan when a false statement is shared and agreed upon by Seon-ju and another man. They did have their reasons, but this strained the relationship between Seon-ju and Loh Kiwan. Seon-ju goes above and beyond, trying to help Loh Kiwan get his application accepted. Through an article that Seon-ju finds at her place along with her kids, Loh Kiwan’s application is saved. The article serves as proof and evidence that he is from North Korea, aligning with what was stated in his first interview and in the article about his mother, which Seon-ju helped him obtain. This also highlights Seon-ju’s kindness and determination to do what was necessary.

(1:34:35) Loh Kiwan Discovers Love: Finding Peace with Marie: Here we witness Loh Kiwan beginning to develop feelings for Marie, just as she did for him. They both found solace in each other’s company, sharing the common pain of losing their mothers. Understanding each other deeply, they formed a strong bond and complemented each other well. As their feelings deepened, so did their love, especially with Marie undergoing a significant change in behavior and attempting to leave her past behind. However, as circumstances shift, she is compelled to leave the country for her safety. Loh Kiwan vows to find her again, and true to his word, he succeeds in the end.

Loh Kiwan's Mother's Spirit Guides Him
Loh Kiwan’s Mother’s Spirit Guides Him

(2:03:11) Loh Kiwan’s Mother’s Spirit Guides Him: Letting Go of Pain and Resentment: Ever since his mother passed away, he has been filled with immense sadness, guilt, and grief, especially regarding the circumstances of her death and the sale of her corpse for him to escape to another country. In the end, we witness him being able to let go of that burden as we see him on the street, gazing at his mother. He attempts to hold her hand, and as he walks, his mother’s hand clasps his, but he eventually releases it. This scene is not real; instead, it plays out in his mind. Through this, we observe him truly beginning to move on.

Movie Review

This Korean movie teaches us about the tough life of an immigrant and the challenges they face. The characters and scenes make us feel like we’re experiencing it ourselves. The movie is full of tension and worry but has a satisfying ending. It’s also educational, showing us the legal processes immigrants go through and the struggles they face. It reflects the lives of many people who struggle to make ends meet. It reminds us to be thankful for what we have and where we are in life. If you like intense movies that keep you on the edge of your seat, this movie is for you. But if you prefer light-hearted movies with comedy, you might not enjoy them as much, as they focus more on heartfelt scenes.

Is this movie depicted from a true story?

No, this movie is fictional.

Is this movie taken from a novel?

Yes, this movie is based on a novel, “My Name is Loh Kiwan” 2019.

Is this movie appropriate for children, or is it intended for viewers aged 18 and above?

This movie may not be suitable for children under 18 due to some disturbing scenes, particularly those depicting violence and torture. Exposing young children to such graphic content could potentially have harmful effects on their mental well-being, as they may not have the maturity to process or understand the content healthily.

Is this movie worth watching?

 Yes, it is worth watching.