“Musica” Plot and Ending Explained, The Love that started with a note

Musica 2024 Movie Ending Explained
Musica 2024 Movie Ending Explained

“Musica” is a 2024 romantic comedy film, directed by Rudy Mancuso, available to watch on Amazon Prime. Starring Rudy Mancuso and Camila Mendes, this movie is about a young man and how he balances love, family and his love for music and puppetry.

Plot Summary

Rudy is a young college student who is plagued by music in his head which also makes him sometimes lose contact with things that are happening right in front of him. Rudy, on the other hand, has a deep love for puppetry and performs in the subway and has no constructive plans for the future, which makes his girlfriend Haley angry, and she breaks up with him. Later on, Rudy comes across Isabella in the fish market and starts to like her. What will happen between the love triangle?

Background to Rudy’s life

Rudy and his subway puppetry show
Rudy and his subway puppetry show

Rudy is an upcoming creator who can transform everyday noises into beautiful musical numbers in his mind. Rudy seems to think of it as a blessing and also as a curse. Rudy is a good boyfriend and a son and eats dinner with his girlfriend so that she does not have to eat alone. He also saves room to eat with his mother again because she has nobody else to eat with her other than Rudy. But nobody in his life understands his love for puppetry and ridicules his dream of playing with ‘dolls’. Haley breaks up with Rudy because she thinks that Rudy is not serious about their relationship and future.

Why is Rudy’s mother trying to set him up for a date?

Rudy's mother set him up for a date with her friend's daughter
Rudy’s mother set him up for a date with her friend’s daughter

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Rudy’s mother believes that Brazilian girls are far better than any American girl he will come across. Just when she heard Rudy and Haley had broken up she tried to set him up with one of her friend’s daughters. She wants him to finish school, work and start a family as soon as possible because Rudy is not making any decisions in his life. Rudy’s mother thinks that she has every right to come in between her son’s personal and love life. 

Is Isabella the only one who can understand Rudy?

The scene from Musica where Rudy and Isabella goes on a friendly date and he asks Isabella to hear melodies and sounds.
Rudy and Isabella goes on a friendly date

Rudy and Isabella go on a friendly date and near a park they sit tall. Isabella notices that Rudy sometimes gets lost in his thoughts, and he explains that in his mind he can turn everyday sound into rhythm. Isabella can only hear traffic, footsteps, and birds, while Rudy can hear e-flat, melodies, and scales. When told how he does that, Rudy tries to explain it to Isabella. She cannot hear what Rudy hears, but she does not ridicule Rudy and calls this ability a gift and wants him to make his art big. Rudy feels that he is slowly falling for Isabella. 

Why is Haley trying to go back with Rudy?

Haley gets back to Rudy to sort out their relationship and take it further
Haley gets back to Rudy to sort out their relationship and take it further

Haley understands how she has been insensitive about Rudy’s art and that breaking up in a fit of anger was wrong. Haley says that she wants to support his passion for puppetry. She wants to take their relationship to the next level and wants to spend some time together before graduation. Rudy likes Isabella but is skeptical about breaking up with Haley.

Is Rudy double-dating?

Rudy double dates, Haley and Isabelle
Rudy double dates, Haley and Isabelle

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Rudy ends up going out with both Isabella and Haley. He couldn’t bring himself to talk to Haley about his feelings or to Isabella. Rudy is indecisive and hesitant. On his first date with Haley, they go on a truck ride which he lends from his friend Anwar and ends up in Monreo, the sketchiest part of Newark and Rudy is shot, and their date ends in a hospital. Isabella helps Rudy with calming the music notes he keeps hearing. Rudy goes on a date with Haley and tries to explain to her how he hears the music notes in his head, but she is not interested in those things. Rudy goes on consecutive dates with Isabella and Haley and tries to maintain a balance alongside being with his mom.

Why did Haley lie to her parents about Rudy?

Haley lies to her parents about Rudy
Haley lies to her parents about Rudy

Eventually, Haley takes Rudy to meet her parents where they ask him about his mother, his upbringing and plans. Rudy comes to know that Haley has lied to her parents that he already has a few job leads in the city, and they are already looking for a place to shift together. This conversation makes Rudy feel overwhelmed by everything and realizes what they both want is different. Rudy tries to talk to Haley but can’t because, before Rudy can speak, Haley invites him out to talk and drink. Rudy makes up his mind to talk to Haley about his feelings tonight when they meet.

“Musica” Ending Explained

Rudy and Haley go out for a drink and dinner and whenever he tries to talk to Haley, he can’t muster up the courage to talk to her about breaking up. On his way to the toilet, Rudy sees Isabella in the same restaurant waiting for her takeout. She notices something is weird about Rudy, and Haley feels the same too. Rudy lies to both of them and keeps juggling between two tables. His mom Maria, comes to the same restaurant. Eventually, all of Rudy’s lies and juggling between dates are disclosed.  

Rudy confesses to his mother that he likes Isabella, and she asks him to go and talk to her. Rudy comes to the fish market and apologizes to her for his mistakes and for not being honest with her. But Isabella is headstrong about not accepting his apologies. She leaves and advises him to find himself. 

Rudy goes back to his monotonous life of class and subway puppetry and soon does a puppet skit about his own life, which turns out to be a big hit and a turning point in Rudy’s life. One day, Rudy gets a dinner takeout with a smiley mark and a note “You took it higher” and it doesn’t take much time for Rudy to realize that this message is from Isabella.

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