‘Joko Anwar’s Nightmares And Daydreams’ Plot, Characters And Ending Explained: The Truth Behind Agartha & Antibodies Unveils

Joko Anwar's Nightmares and Daydreams Cast, Characters, Plot and Ending Explained
Joko Anwar's Nightmares and Daydreams Cast, Characters, Plot and Ending Explained (2024)

Are you a fan of horror? If yes, then Netflix’s latest release, ‘Joko Anwar’s Nightmares and Daydreams’, is a must watch for you. This Indonesian series premiered on June 14, 2024. It is created by the prominent Indonesian writer-director, Joko Anwar. It is an anthology that consists of classic seven mind-bending fictional tales filled with dreaded jump scares. The director has rebuked Indonesian society through this series. The use of the supernatural element is on point and will definitely send chills down your spine. 

Cast With Characters

Besides having an intriguing plot, ‘Joko Anwar’s Nightmares and Daydreams’ also comes with a stellar cast featuring 65 actors. Every actor gave an outstanding performance. Here are a few stunning actors: 

  • Ario Bayu plays Panji, the taxi driver in Episode 1, ‘The Old House.’
  • Marissa Anita plays Rania in Episode 3, ‘Poems and Pain.’
  • Fachri Albar plays Ali in Episode 6, ‘Hypnotised’
  • Asmara Abigail plays Valdya in Episode 7, ‘P.O. Box’ 
  • Nirina Zubir plays Ipah in Episode 2, ‘The Orphan.’
  • Yoga Pratama plays Ipah’s husband in Episode 2. 
  • Sita Nursanti and Kiki Narendra play the couple, Dewi and Bandi in Episode 5, ‘The Other Side’.
  • Niken Anjani as Dara in Episode 7, ‘P.O. Box.’

Plot Summary

Joko Anwar’s Nightmares and Daydreams draws a parallel between a set of stories. Each episode explores the adversities of a working class person in a corrupt Indonesian society. It shows how people are drawn to supernatural beings for power and wealth.  Episode 1 of the series is named ‘The Old House’ and introduces us to creepy creatures who suck blood out of humans. The second episode, titled as ‘The Orphan’ revolves around the story of a demonic child who brings with him disaster when a destitute couple adopts him thinking he would make them wealthy. The third, is called ‘Poems and Pain’, it is about a prominent author who learns about her twin when she teleports mysteriously into her world while completing her novel. Things start to get intense when she actually bears the scars and the pain of her sister who is a victim of domestic abuse. Episode 4, ‘Encounter’ is also based on a similar theme. It tells the story of a fisherman whose life changes when he encounters the spirit of her mother. He is blessed with a superpower and saves his village. In Episode 5, ‘The Other Side’ the story focuses on the life of a man called Bandi who gets unconsciously trapped in a demonic movie theatre for years, unaware of the separation from his family. Eventually, when his wife comes to his rescue, she fails in her attempt to save her husband. Episode 6, ‘Hypnotized’ tells the story about an electrician who is colour-blind and gets hypnotized by a lady whom he tried to rob. He is then transported into another world, far away from his family. Episode 7, ‘P.O. Box’, speaks about the present year in Jakarta. 

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What Did Panji Discover?

Panji and Nurse
Panji and Nurse

The first episode of ‘Joko Anwar’s Nightmares and Daydreams’ is called ‘Old House’. It explores the topic of the belief of today’s generation’s in staying away from their parents. They either move into a different house or send them into an old-age home, where they are often not kept in good hands. The plot narrates the story of a taxi driver named Panji and his ailing mother who is in her 70s. She is suffering from dementia. The things take an unexpected turn when Panji’s mother unintentionally forgets their son on the terrace of their building, risking his life. Panji decides to leave his mom at an old age home. However, He regrets his decision later when he learns that it was not a normal place. He comes to know about a cult indulged in some diabolical practices. Panji learns that they are using two evil creatures who sucks life from a youth and transfer it into their parents. A nurse who is Panji’s regular customer and also a part of the cult tries to save his life by warning him about the dungeon but Panji insists on rescuing his mom and stays back until he burns the place to ashes. 

What Was Bothering Rania?

Rania's life mirrors the events of her Novel
Rania’s life mirrors the events of her Novel

Rania Dewi is an acclaimed author who is basking in the success of her latest novel. When she starts working on the sequel, she learns that her life is mirroring the events of her novel, taking her as the main protagonist. Scars begin to appear on her body as she describes her character as the victim of domestic abuse. Her condition worsens when she starts to receive severe bruises and feels excruciating pain while completing her novel. One day, she sees that the person she is observing during her telepathic connection is her twin, Laras, who is suffering at the hands of her husband trapped in a basement. Rania decides to rescue her twin but till the time she reaches the place, it’s too late. Laras tells Rania that her husband and his family are not human but something sinister. When Rania decides to call police to arrest him they are unable to find the CCTV footage of the man and his family, leaving us to think who were they actually? 

How Does Valdya Meet the Antibodies?

Valdya meets Antibodies
Valdya meets Antibodies

Valdya worked as a diamond appraiser. One day she encounters a mysterious woman at her shop who compliments her eyes and tells her that they will meet someday again. Valdya feels shaken by her meeting with the strange woman. She sets out to find her sister who went for a job interview five years ago and never returned. She applies for the same company. On her way to her interview, she meets an accident and is brought to a dark place. She sees weird people devouring some human’s fingers. They are then served to another man’s brain while he is still alive but lost consciousness. Valdya smells something sinister. She learns that they are a lot worse than cannibals who were also responsible for killing her sister. When she was just about to be killed, a team of saviours arrived. She is saved by the same woman who met her at the shop and was also part of the team. They introduce themselves as the antibodies who are on a mission to drive the evil from our world for the good of humanity. The antibodies comprise each protagonist from every episode of the series who defeated the evil. Valdya also learns about Agartha and how the inferior resided in it which was much below the earth’s surface. The people who were part of the Agartha were similar to the evil shown in every episode.