‘IF’ Plot, Release Date, OTT, Cast & Everything We Know So Far

If movie 2024
If movie 2024

John Krasinski is ready to bring alive your childhood fantasy with his next project, titled ‘IF’ which will soon be out in theaters. It is a live-action/animated fantasy comedy following the tale of a young girl and her imaginary friends. Krasinski has previously directed The Hollars and Brief Interviews With Hideous Men which was his directorial debut. However, he shot to fame with his 2018 film, A Quiet Place, a science-fiction film that was followed by its sequel, A Quiet Place Part II which released in 2020. 

What Is ‘IF’ About?

Written and directed by John Krasinski, the story of ‘IF’ revolves around a young girl who has the superpower to see people’s imaginary friends also known as IFs. They are in search of new friends as they are left behind by children who are now grown ups. She befriends her neighbour, a young man, who possesses the similar ability. Together they embark on a magical adventure to reunite these imaginary friends with the former kids who have forgotten them. 

Who All Are in the Cast?

The film has a stellar cast including Ryan Reynolds, Cailey Fleming, Steve Carell, Matt Damon, Louis Gossett, Phoebe Waller, Emily Blunt, Jon Stewart, John Krasinski, Awkwafina, Keegan-Michael Key. 

Ryan Reynolds stars as Cal, also known as The Man Upstairs in the film. She helps Bea in her mission. 

Cailey Fleming is Bea who is a young girl who starts seeing imaginary friends. 

Steve Carell has lent his voice for Blue.

Matt Damon has lent his voice for Flower. 

Louis Gossett Jr. plays Lewis, a Bear.

Phoebe Waller gave her voice for Blossom.

Emily Blunt gave her voice for Unicorn

Jon Stewart lent his voice for Robot

John Krasinski is Bea’s father/ Marshmallow

Awkwafina is Bubble 

Keegan-Michael Key gave his voice for Slime.

How Did the Fans React?

Ever since the trailer of IF has been released fans have been praising John Krasinski for his innovative storyline. Some wrote on YouTube that it has been long since we have got a live action kids movie in theatres. They are comparing it with the American cartoon series, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friend, which ran from 2004-2009. It was created by Craig McCracken. One user wrote, “This is giving me serious Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends vibes! Cannot wait.” Another wrote, “Wow. This looks WONDERFUL! The premise, acting, cinematography and animation look amazing so far! BTW, it’s rare to see a fantasy comedy made in the 1.85:1 aspect ratio these days, and I’m glad it’s being used here. I can’t wait for May 2024!”

Will It Get an OTT Release?

Produced and distributed by Paramount Pictures, ‘If’ will premiere in theatres on 17th May, 2024. However, it is not yet confirmed on which platform it will be streaming on.

What Can We Expect?

‘IF’ comes with a deadly combo of two excellent actors from the film industry including Ryan Reynolds and John Krasinski which makes it worth watching. Reynold and Krasinski are producers and actors in the film as well. Also, by the looks of the trailer, Ryan Reynolds’ character seems to be one of the ‘IFs’ too. However, to get the answer to that we need to watch the film. 

A Quiet Place actor, Emily Blunt has also lent her voice in the film. We will be treated to a live-action/ animated fantasy film after a long time. The film is a total family entertainer. 

People have been relating the film with the American cartoon series, ‘Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friend’ and are eagerly waiting for its release. They are able to resonate with it as most of us had an imaginary friend while growing up. 

Overall, the film seems to be a visual spectacle combined with a compelling storyline and a talented cast. 

So, will you be diving into the world of imagination this May?