IF Movie Plot And Ending Explained In Detail 

If Movie Plot and Ending Explained
If Movie Plot and Ending Explained (2024)

“IF” is a 104-minute fantasy comedy film written and directed by John Krasinski. Released on May 17, 2024, in the United States, the movie blends elements of comedy, fantasy, family, and animation. It is currently available to watch in theatres and can also be streamed on a website called Tiny Zone TV.

Plot Summary

The movie “IF” follows the story of 12-year-old Bea, who moves into her grandmother’s apartment in New York while her father waits for heart surgery. Bea meets Cal, a man who can see imaginary friends, and joins him on a journey to place these imaginary friends with new children. However, Bea decides to test the idea that imaginary friends don’t need new kids, but rather to reunite with their old ones. Along the way, Bea and Cal encounter various imaginary friends, including Blue, who they help reunite with his original kid, Jeremy. As Bea’s journey progresses, she realises that Cal is actually her own imaginary friend, forgotten after her mother’s death. With this newfound understanding, Bea regains her ability to see imaginary friends and reunites with Cal, leading to a heartwarming conclusion where imaginary friends are reunited with their original kids, now grown up.

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The Adventure Begins: Cal And Bea’s First Meeting 

Bea’s first meeting with Cal is initiated by a mysterious animated character named Blossom, who leads her to a building and then to a specific room where she hears Cal’s voice. Intrigued, Bea follows Blossom and peeks into a room where her eyes meet Cal’s, startling her. An old lady appears, prompting Bea to run off, feeling a mix of curiosity and unease. Despite this, she can’t shake the feeling that there’s something special about Cal and the mysterious world he inhabits. The next  late evening, Bea sees the same animated character, Blossom and follows it. She was with Cal and they were heading to a building apartment to a little girl’s bedroom.

Bea stood in the street watching carefully, then Cal came out of the window sneaking out alongside with a big looking fur monster who turned out to be blue. Bea was shocked and scared and in turning around to leave, Blossom meets her eyes, overwhelmed by fear Bea faints. She wakes up into an antique-looking room filled with music and strange objects. Blue approaches her, and despite her terror, she tries to communicate with him but ends up falling onto a rolling chair, panic-stricken.

Blue attempts to talk to her, but she remains frightened until the other animated character apologises, relaxing her somewhat. Cal then appears, meeting Bea for the first time. However, he is angry at Blue for the mess on his table and leaves the room, while the two animated creatures try to explain things to Bea, leaving her even more confused as she tries to understand the situation.

How Bea Reconnects With Her Imaginary Friend Blue

As it turns out, Blue was actually Bea’s imaginary friend from her childhood! She had forgotten about him over the years, but Blue had been waiting patiently for her to remember him again.

When Bea encountered Blue in the antique-looking room, he was overjoyed to see her again and eager to reconnect. However, Bea’s fear and initial reluctance made it difficult for Blue to approach her.

Cal, sensing the situation, helped facilitate their reunion, and eventually, Bea began to remember her fond memories with Blue. This reunion marked a significant turning point in Bea’s journey, as she began to rediscover her imagination and her connection to the world of imaginary friends.

Rekindling The Spark: Uncover Bea’s Treasure Of Her Imagination  

As it turns out, Bea had a very vivid and active imagination as a child, and she created many imaginary friends to cope with the challenges of growing up. Unbeknownst to her, these imaginary friends took on a life of their own and continued to exist in the imaginary world, even after she forgot about them.

As Bea grew older, she lost touch with her imagination and forgot about her imaginary friends. However, they never forgot about her! They continued to watch over her and wait patiently for her to remember them again. When Bea encounters Cal and the other imaginary friends, they already know her because they were once a part of her own imagination. They have been waiting for her to return to the imaginary world, and they are overjoyed to see her again.

This connection explains why all the animated characters seem to know Bea – they are all part of her own forgotten imagination, come to life!

The Heartwarming Moment: Benjamin Meets His IF

Bea, determined to help Benjamin find his imaginary friend, takes him on a journey to meet various imaginary friends. She hopes that one of them will resonate with Benjamin, but despite their best efforts, each introduction ends in failure. Benjamin rejects each imaginary friend, leaving Bea feeling discouraged and unsure of how to help him.

As the movie progresses, Bea continues to support Benjamin, and they develop a strong bond. In the final scene, we see Benjamin sitting on a couch, looking happy and content. Suddenly, a green dragon with glasses appears beside him! This is Benjamin’s imaginary friend, and the two share a heartwarming moment, looking at each other with joy and understanding.

The scene suggests that Bea’s efforts ultimately paid off, even if it wasn’t through the conventional methods she tried earlier. The green dragon’s arrival represents the power of imagination and the importance of finding one’s perfect companion. The scene ends with a sense of hope and happiness, as Benjamin has finally found his imaginary friend, thanks to Bea’s unwavering support and belief in him.

The Father-Daughter Connection: A Journey Of Hope 

Bea is visiting the hospital because her father is a patient there. He’s been struggling with a heart condition and is awaiting surgery. Bea’s mother passed away when she was young, so her father is her only living parent, and she’s very close to him.

Bea’s visits to the hospital are a way for her to cope with the uncertainty and worry she feels about her father’s health. She’s trying to stay strong and supportive for him, but it’s clear that the situation is taking an emotional toll on her.

The hospital visits also serve as a contrast to the imaginative world Bea discovers with Cal and the imaginary friends. While the hospital represents the harsh realities of the adult world, the imaginary world offers a sense of freedom, wonder, and escape. Bea’s journey is, in part, about finding a way to balance these two worlds and find hope and resilience in the face of adversity.

Bea Meets Imaginary Friend, Lewis

Lewis is a significant character in the movie “IF”. Lewis is a kind and wise imaginary friend who was introduced to by Cal to Bea. He plays an important role in the story, serving as a mentor and guide for Bea as she navigates the imaginary world.

Bea and Lewis meet at a critical point in the story, when Bea is struggling to understand her connection to the imaginary world and her role in it. 

Their meeting is a heartwarming and poignant moment in the movie. Through Lewis, Bea gains a deeper understanding of the imaginary world and the power of imagination, and she begins to uncover the secrets of her own connection to this magical realm.

Throughout the movie, Lewis provides valuable insights and advice to Bea, helping her to understand the imaginary world and her place in it. He is a beloved and trusted character who adds depth and warmth to the story.

Cal’s Secret Revealed: A Heartwarming Surprise!

At the end of the movie IF, Bea discovers that Cal, her trusted companion and guide, is actually her own imaginary friend, Calvin. She learns that Cal has been helping her find new homes for the other imaginary friends and supporting her through difficult times, making her feel seen, heard, and happy. As Bea prepares to leave New York City with her father, she shares an emotional goodbye with Cal, but the movie leaves the possibility of a future reunion open. Ultimately, Bea’s journey with Cal and the other imaginary friends teaches her valuable lessons about the power of positivity and imagination, and the movie concludes on a hopeful note.