Did The Sexual Predator History Teacher Get Caught? Raising Voices Ending Explained

Raising Voices Ending Explained and Plot Summary
Raising Voices Ending Explained and Plot Summary (2024)

“Raising Voices”  is a Spanish teen drama mini-series based on a book by Miguel Sáez Carral. It started on Netflix on May 31, 2024, and has 8 episodes. Each episode is about 48 minutes long. The show was written by Miguel Sáez Carral and Isa Sánchez, and directed by Eduard Cortés, David Ulloa, and Marta Font. The series was announced in September 2022, and filming began in October 2022. Therefore, it took roughly 1 year and 8 months to complete the series.


  • Nicole Wallace as Alma: A 17-year-old student whose life changes dramatically after she hangs a banner at school saying, “Careful: Rapist hiding here.”
  • Clara Galle as Greta: One of Alma’s close friends who supports her through difficult times.
  • Aïcha Villaverde as Nata: Alma’s friend who goes through the challenges alongside Alma and Greta as they deal with the fallout from revealing the secret. She is in a toxic relationship with her boyfriend, Alberto. 
  • Teresa de Mera as Berta: Someone at the school who is the root cause of the reason why  Alma hung the banner.
  • José Pastor as David: His actions and decisions become part of Alma’s story.
  • Gabriel Guevara as Alberto: He is the boyfriend of Nata. His reasons and connections add complexity to the story, making him important.
  • Iván Massagué as the History teacher: He accused of sexual abuse.

Plot Summary

The series follows Alma, a high school student who exposes the school’s hidden secrets by hanging a banner accusing a teacher of sexual misconduct. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that Alma’s actions have far-reaching consequences, affecting her friends, family, and the entire school community. Berta, a classmate of Alma’s, struggles with her own traumatic experience, while others grapple with their own secrets and lies. The series explores themes of trauma, power dynamics, and the importance of speaking truth to power.

Will the voices of these young people be heard, or will they be silenced by those who seek to maintain the status quo?

What Happens On The Night Alma Sneaks Out While Grounded? 

Alma in Netflix series 'Raising Voices'
Alma in Netflix series ‘Raising Voices’

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After sneaking out, Alma’s night becomes tense and scary. She misses her bus and gets picked up by two guys who ask her a lot of uncomfortable questions. When they stop, she takes the chance to run away and barely catches the bus in time. On the bus, she sees messages from her mom, begging her to come home and talk.

When Alma gets off the bus, her friend tells her that her mom has been trying to contact her a lot, with 200 missed calls showing she’s really worried. At home, Alma’s mom talks to her dad, expressing how scared she is about Alma being gone. The dad tries to find Alma but can’t. They call Alma’s friends but don’t get helpful answers. They realize they haven’t talked to Alma about anything except what she needs in a long time.

Alma’s return home the next morning reveals a fragmented recollection of a troubling night. She struggles to piece together unsettling memories of a man taking advantage of her, leaving her deeply troubled. This revelation adds a new layer of complexity to Alma’s character, exposing her internal turmoil and the fears she grapples with following the incident. 

What Are Alma’s Hazy Recollections?

Alma’s Hazy Recollections
Alma’s Hazy Recollections

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Alma’s night out was frightening. She went to a party even though she was grounded. At the party, she drank alcohol, which made her feel strange. Alma liked a boy named David and tried to kiss him, but he said no. This made her feel sad, so she left the party with her friend Hernán instead of her best friend Greta.

Alma doesn’t remember everything clearly from that night. She only remembers bits and pieces, especially the scary parts when something bad happens to her. These unclear memories make her feel confused and blame herself for what happened. Alma feels like she needs to remember everything quickly. She wants to understand what happened that night and feel better about it.

As memories start to come back, Alma realises that her friend Hernán and her went on physical. On the night of the party, she was already not feeling well, so her friend Greta took her out and went back in to get the coats. Someone showed up, and Alma, feeling confused, didn’t want to see Greta’s brother or Greta. Another guy who turned out to be Hernán, offered his hand to Alma, and she took it. She didn’t want her parents to see her like that, so she asked him to take her to his place, and ended up sleeping with him. 

How Is Berta Taken Advantage Of By Her History Teacher?

The scene where History teacher takes advantage of Berta in Raising Voices
The scene where History teacher takes advantage of Berta in Raising Voices

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At 17, Berta faced significant challenges at home, which understandably affected her ability to concentrate and excel in school. Amidst this turmoil, her history teacher emerged as a beacon of understanding and empathy, forging a close bond with Berta based on mutual understanding and trust. This relationship seemed genuine to Berta, who felt seen and supported by her teacher in ways she had not experienced elsewhere.

However, what began as a sincere connection soon turned into a manipulation of trust. The teacher, aware of Berta’s vulnerability and reliance on him, gradually began to exploit her trust for his own gain. This exploitation took various forms, from subtle emotional manipulation to more overt boundary-crossing behaviours. By presenting himself as a caring and understanding figure, the teacher gained access to Berta’s innermost thoughts and emotions, the teacher exploited this trust.

Manipulation played a significant role, as he used his position of authority to gain access to her vulnerability. Teachers hold power over their students, both academically and emotionally. Berta’s teacher abused this power dynamic, making her feel trapped and unable to resist. Berta felt isolated, unable to confide in anyone about the abuse. There was a lot of fear of repercussions—such as damaging her reputation or jeopardizing her education—kept her silent. The assault left Berta emotionally shattered, struggling with shame, guilt, and confusion.

What Happens in Berta And Alma’s Fight For Truth?

Berta walks into the speeding traffic and dies
Berta walks into the speeding traffic and dies

The school administration does not handle the sexual assault case appropriately. Despite Berta’s report against the history teacher, he remains uncaught due to a lack of evidence. Thereby the two girls take this case on themselves. Alma, a rebellious girl, hangs a banner at the school entrance. The banner reads, “Beware, a rapist is hiding in there.” Alma’s courageous act immediately draws attention and sets the stage for unravelling the truth. She even creates a social media profile , Coleman Miller that gains widespread attention for speaking up about sexual abuse within the school.

However, the school administration dismisses it as fake, adding to the pressure on Alma. Berta eventually decides to go all out with the images exposing the history teacher. She includes the teacher’s car, determined to reveal the truth. Alma faces immense pressure from the school and feels isolated as everyone turns against her.

Unfortunately, in the midst of doing all that Alma could in her power Berta’s tragic death occurs as a result of emotional turmoil and the weight of the truth she carries. After Alma reveals her own experience with the history teacher, Berta’s mental health deteriorates significantly. Overwhelmed by the impact of Alma’s words, Berta walks into speeding traffic, leading to her untimely demise. Her death serves as a powerful reminder of the real-world consequences of trauma and the importance of seeking justice and support.

Why Does Alma Feel Brave Enough To Warn Everyone?

Raising Voices Ending Explained - Alma puts up a banner with warning message "Beware! A Rapist is Hiding!"
Raising Voices Ending Explained – Alma puts up a banner with warning message “Beware! A Rapist is Hiding!”

Alma’s decision to warn others with the message “Beware! A Rapist is Hiding!” is influenced by a series of events that unfold throughout the series. Though the trigger point of it all was the death of her friend, Berta. Alma stood under the banner and slowly, students and Alma’s friends stood by her side under the banner, showing their support and belief. The teachers called the police to arrest Alma, but when the police arrived, they arrested the history teacher instead.

Alma and her friends navigate difficult situations related to consent and abuse during their teenage years. The series sheds light on the challenges young girls face in confronting these issues and emphasises the importance of speaking out against abuse.

In the final episode, Alma is driven by a surge of emotions to take action after realising the severity of the situation at her school. Despite her fake social media profile being exposed, Alma remains determined to expose the truth about the history teacher accused of sexual abuse. 

Alma’s bravery is a direct response to the culture of silence and fear surrounding victims of abuse. The series highlights how young girls often blame themselves for the abuse they endure, and Alma’s actions encourage them to find their voice and seek justice.

The message Alma posts serves as a bold statement against the systemic issues that enable abuse to persist unchecked. It catalyses subsequent events, ultimately leading to a confrontation with the history teacher. Alma’s actions serve as a call to action for others to break their silence and support those who have been wronged.

Is This Series ‘Raising Voices’ Children Friendly?

No, the series “Raising Voices” is not children friendly. It deals with mature themes such as sexual assault, trauma, and dysfunction, which may be triggering or harmful for young audiences. The series is intended for mature viewers and may carry ratings or warnings regarding its content. Parental discretion is advised.