Suhana Khan

Most talked Celeb and Shahrukh Khan's daughter will arrive at KWK Season 8 ahead of her debut film 'The Archies'

Ranveer & Deepika

Ranveer and Deepika will spill the beans at KWK Season 8, they will reveal some life secrets that we never heard before.

Rohit & Ajay Devgan

Rohit Shetty & Ajay Devgan will also be the  part of the most controversial chat show.

Kiara & Siddharth

In last season Karan Johar manifested their marriage. Now the the couple is married they will be asked some tough questions.


Koffee with Karan will also feature some bollywood biggies like 'Kajol'

Rani Mukherjee

This will be the first time Rani is becoming a part of any chat show after her marriage

Sunny Deol

There are rumours that Sunny Deol will also be the part of the talk show.