Dua Lipa at CWC 2023

Pop sensation Dua LIpa will perform at the Men's Cricket World Cup 2023 ceremony.

Dua Lipa at NMS

Dua Lipa's live performance will be held right before the match at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahemadabad.

Dua Lipa Interaction

Dua Lipa interacted with Indian and New Zealand Cricketers.

Cricketers Session with  Lipa

Dua Lipa interacted with Kane Williamson, Daryl Mitchell, KL Rahul and Shubhman Gill.

Shubman asked Dua Lipa

Shubhman Gill asked Dua Lipa which song does she want to sing during Cricket World Cup 2023 opening Ceremony .

Dua Lipa to Sing these Songs

Dua Lipa told Shubhman Gill that she will sing either 'One Kiss' or...

Dua Lipa to Sing according to the Event

She might sing 'Physical' since it will go well with the nature of the sport.